email from Coach Miller

Coach Hadachek,

I wanted to wish you, the staff, and the team as a whole luck against the Vikings of Decorah. I have been keeping close tabs on you through coach Brus, and optimism is the feeling that fills me. The opportunity that you have in front of you is enormous. The potential is limitless. Being with Union athletics, especially football, was a dream that I have only recently woke up from. I have no doubt that the players will be ready to play, coaches ready to lead, and the fans ready to cheer. Car Pei Diem: Latin . seize the day; enjoy the present, as opposed to placing all hope in the future.

I want to say that I still feel apart of the Union football family. It has followed me to my farthest endeavor. When those lights go on, the smell of cut grass, the adrenaline rush, and overwhelming euphoria hits I know that the Union Nation will prevail. I will be listening and will have no doubt that a victory is ahead of you. Good luck again, and now that there are Union Knights that are pulling for you from afar.


Landon Miller

2009 student assistant coach