The "reason" we get to play on Friday nights...

This past Friday night we all enjoyed homecoming in Dysart with great weather, a tremendous crowd, and a win. After the game two of our players, Matt Schmitz and Dylan McLaughlin, were interviewed by the Press Box Radio crew (Union's David Reisner and Ryan Moody). Dale Wambold, teacher at UHS, really deserves a great deal of recognition for coordinating this spectacular opportunity to air our games. In addition, the National Guard came up to make this a special broadcast.

Due to the feedback from the last broadcast we needed to rent another lift to get the Press Box crew high enough to see the game and give feedback to the 100+ fans listening in live every week. We would like to thank Kendall Havran (Altorfer), Rob Roettger (RJR Enterprises), and Gloria Hadachek (AdvoCare) for being kind enough to donate money to cover the fee for the lift.

With the National Guard being present it is only fitting to thank all those out there serving our country both past and present. Without the freedom we all sometimes take for granted we do not get to play, get to watch, or get to listen to a football game. Hard to imagine life without football if you are football fan. However, it is even harder to imagine life without the freedom that we have in this country.

The picture above is Union's own Garrett Gingrich hugging his wife Angie before departing to serve one more time to protect this country this past August. We (Union football) have named our annual leadership award the Garrett Gingrich Leadership Award in his honor. He has come back the past two years, this past year with his wife Angie, to support our banquet and say a few words. While our players and coaches get hugs like this after a game we really don't know what a hug like this would feel like unless we have served.

Matt Schmitz was allowed to say "hi" to a member of his family serving overseas via the live broadcast and I was able to say "hello" to Garrett too. Don't know if you were able to listen G-man but we love you and support you...GO KNIGHTS!

If you want to listen to any broadcast or rebroadcast of the Union Knight varsity football games all you have to do is click here and save it as a favorite on your browser.

Press Box Radio

Thanks to all our sponsors who make it happen!

Coach Hadachek and Staff