Players Only Information Update

Players Only:

We are ordering spring workout T shirts and the following guys have met at MINIMUM of 75% of workouts. Please submit your T shirt size ASAP as you have earned one:

38 Jacob Clark
38 Josh Clark
38 Trev Hadachek
38 Tedd Schmitz
38 Shay Fehl
38 Jon Porter
38 Cole Hinders
38 Will Crees
37 Wes Burnside
37 Brad Gallup
37 Tanner Heckt
37 Brenden Kuhn
37 Hunter Zempel
36 Bo Bader
36 Reid Monroe
36 Nic Peters
35 Eli Kautz
35 Jay Scheel
36 Chase Kruckemeyer
34 Logan Sallee
34 Justin Murphy
34 Chase Hansen
34 Ben Turner
33 Mitchell Brandhorst
31 Nick Weich
28 Andrew Osuna
28 Brian Dunkelberger

Anyone can order a spring 2011 workout T shirt. The cost is $10. Just email or text me your first and last name plus size.

In addition, next year's seniors have met on a couple of items in regards to this summer and next fall. Our team motto for the 2011 poster will be "Leave a Legacy, Defend the Title." Leave a legacy has more meaning than winning football games. You have set a high bar for future expectations for Union football.

We must continue to push to do better in the classroom. We are seeing that on our first grade check this 3rd trimester.
Start strong, finish strong. Shoot for the 3 Point Club if you have never been there. Do not get into a hole with missed assignments and homework. It is your responsibility to communicate with your classroom teacher. Find out exactly what you need to do to improve your grade when you fall into a "D" or "F" category.

Socially, we need to also be wise and leaders by example. I do not have the time to be the Facebook policeman. The seniors need to lead in this area. Don't be posting anything that could embarrass our school or program. Profanity is not cool, it is a sign of immaturity. The same with any pictures that could provide evidence to breaking school or team rules. For example, if you are at a party and alcohol or drugs are present, you are going to be guilty by association. Whether you did anything wrong or not is not the issue. If you are in the wrong environment you will get caught. Think about your teammates, think about your reputation, and think about "leaving a legacy." What type of legacy do you want to leave?

Coach Hadachek