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Rules of the Park - Including No Smoking and No Dogs

Some county park rules and other items:

1). No pets allowed (any size) within the spectator area/fields/etc. There is a dog walk area on the perimeter area of the park that is designated for pets. If anyone needs clarification you can read the sign at the entrance to the park.

2) No scooters, skateboards, bikes, roller blades, roller thingies, etc. around spectator areas, buildings, etc. We will ask anyone that is not obeying this park rule to discontinue the use of these items. This is for your safety.

3) No playing ball around the meeting room/concession building or bleachers. Make sure each family controls this. This is for safety of all park patrons.

These rules are in place for the safety of our families and children in visiting the park.

Some general rules and items for Baseball and Softball are listed below:

1) Only registered team managers, coaches and team moms are allowed to be on the fields or in the dugouts during practices and games.

2) Do not allow children to dial 911 from the payphone at concessions, unless in the event of an actual emergency.

3) If you lose any personal property, visit the meeting room to see if it has been turned in. Only take what is yours.

4) If you find something, please turn it in so the rightful owner can claim it.

With the season almost in full swing; all participants, players, coaches and spectators will be expected to abide by these guidelines. The county allows us to play at these fields; we must remember to abide by their guidelines. 

Parking Rules:

In the past we have received warnings from the Sheriff’s office on some parking violations that have happened in our park. Please remember to follow the rules listed below to prevent your vehicle from being towed.

NO ONE may park in the County Parking Spots at the bottom of the fields.
NO ONE can park on the grass down by the football fields.
NO ONE can block the turn-around at the bottom of the park by the football fields.
NO ONE may park their personal vehicle on any walking path or sidewalk.

Emergency vehicles need to be able to get through.
Violators will be towed at their expense.

Thank you,
WCAA Baseball and Softball Committee

WCAA Baseball/Softball League

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