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Wilsonville Boys and Girls programs join forces to launch the Wilsonville Lacrosse Foundation

October 12, 2010
Varsity Coaches from the Girls and Boys High School Teams will Lead Youth Programs Under Management of the Newly Formed “Wilsonville Lacrosse Foundation”

In a unanimous move, both girls and boys youth lacrosse programs in Wilsonville have moved their management to the newly created Wilsonville Lacrosse Foundation (WLF). The goal of WLF is to grow lacrosse in the community of Wilsonville at all levels for both boys and girls. As part of this goal, the WLF will assume management of Wilsonville Youth boys and girls Lacrosse that will now have oversight and direct communication with the High School Coaching Staffs, improving the on-field experience of players at every level.

“Due to the nature of the sport, and the ‘newness’ of lacrosse here in the northwest, everyone involved agreed it would be best for the youth players to have better synergy between the high school programs and staff,” said Dave Sanford, Wilsonville High School’s boys varsity lacrosse coach.

Girls youth lacrosse has been available in Wilsonville for more than five years, and boys youth lacrosse has been in Wilsonville for three years. Both directors of the girls and boys youth programs, along with their committees of volunteers for these youth programs, decided that growth would best come from a stronger presence and management from the high school coaches and leadership. In addition, compliance with both the Oregon Youth Lacrosse Association and US Lacrosse, governing bodies of all lacrosse in this state and nation, will be more easily regulated and implemented by the high school lacrosse staff.

“This is such a win-win for both the youth and the high school programs,” added Scott Chase, varsity coach for the girls program at Wilsonville HS. “Being able to have our high school talent help nurture the upcoming youth, well, who can argue that kind of development? It is such a great scenario for all the players.”

As well as creating synergy between the youth and high school, the Wilsonville varsity coaches have plans to increase awareness of lacrosse and create year-round opportunities and travel options for those wanting additional off-season lacrosse experience.

“There are hundreds of places we can take our teams, figuratively and literally,” Sanford stated. “Being able to maximize lacrosse for boys and girls is what other clubs are doing, and we want our Wilsonville lacrosse kids to have those experiences too.”

Effective immediately, the newly formed Wilsonville Lacrosse Foundation, serving boys and girls lacrosse ranging from grades 1-12, will be managed by an executive board headed-up by Sanford and Chase.

“We have a lot of experienced lacrosse people available to us, and we are going to reach out to these lacrosse people and build an incredible program for Wilsonville kids,” Chase stated. “We are so thankful for everyone who helped get the momentum going, our kids are truly benefiting.”

Both information on the high school programs and youth programs will be communicated via school newsletters, newspaper and email during the next few months. Both the high school and youth programs will begin late winter/early spring.

Wilsonville Lacrosse Foundation: 2010-2011 Important Dates

WHS boys and girls HS lacrosse non-mandatory conditioning starts

Youth boys and girls registrations information will be announced

Parent/Player meetings to be announced

SEASON KICK OFF EVENT: both girls and boys, youth and HS lax families (K-12 grades) will celebrate the start of the season with fun and a fundraiser! Date to be announced!

February 28: HS practice begins

March 7: youth practice begins

For more information contact:
Dave Sanford – Executive Director, Boys Lacrosse –

Scott Chase – Executive Director, Girls Lacrosse -