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Coaches Newsletter 11/28/2010

Hey Folks,

Hope you've had a great holiday weekend. As the season draws near I'll try to put a message once a week with what's going on. I'll do my best to keep it to one message per week!
The last item here is the most important, we're having a meeting on Thursday, please spread the word... also look for a lot of new content on the website between now and the meeting!

Boys HS Team Calendar
Easy to use google calendar. It can send you text messages to remind you where to be. And you can see changes in real time on your phone.
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Team Training Gear now available...
it's not required, but it would be great to see everyone on the varsity squad having one of these shooter shirts, and for all of the HS kids to purchase the practice shorts. Apparel is available for boy players of all ages, fan gear will be coming after the new year.
Go to: -> click to enter. Case sensitive password is 5SWVHSLC. You'll find DEEP discounts on Nike cleats, sweats, etc that we'd love to see the kids wearing on the field. 10% of the proceeds will benefit the team and be put aside in a special account which is going to go towards paying for warm up jackets for the varsity team.

This Week's Lacrosse Activities

Coach's Sanford, Falor, Virding and Hamburger take the field as part of team Jurlaxsic Park in the Rhino Turkey Bowl at Hazalea Field in Lake Oswego. Feel free to come watch your coaches play.

Weight training with Coach Falor, weight room at 3:30pm

Open Field (player led) 3:30 to 5:30 at JV baseball field

Open Field (player led) 3:30 to 4:30 at JV baseball field
Conditioning - (running / pliometrics) with Coach Sanford - 4:30- 5:30 at JV baseball field

BOYS High School Lacrosse Information Meeting - 6:15pm in WHS Cafeteria
topics to be covered include: goals for the season, introducing coaches, conference realignment, expectations, how practice will work, style of play, spring break / weekend scheduling, conditioning, fund raising, youth program integration, open questions...