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Boys HS Parent Meeting Notes

January 17, 2012
To develop young men of character and teach life lessons through the game of lacrosse.

Action items:
Go to Click Online Forms. Pre-Register for spring lacrosse.
Buy a helmet if you have not already done so. Cost is $135 for a reconditioned helmet with a chrome mask or $120 for a reconditioned helmet with a black mask. Coaches will be able to collect funds and sell helmets at conditioning sessions.

Preseason Conditioning:
Every Monday and Wednesday leading up to the season if school is open.
3:30-4:30p - open field sessions with full gear
4:30p-5:30p - conditioning led by HS coaches (weather permitting)

Important Dates:
Saturday February 11. Colton Holly Scholarship Fund Dinner / Auction @ 5pm. Please attend and wear lacrosse stuff. More info at

Practice Starts February 27. Practice times will usually be between 5:30pm and 9pm depending on field availability. Practice is not optional at any level. Players are expected to balance their commitments and school work to attend practice every day. Missing practice will have a direct effect on playing time at ALL levels.

Varsity plays Friday night before spring break. JV does not.

Game schedule is online for Varsity and JV. Placeholders are set for JV2

Nike Order Form is online and attached to this email. Deadline is the 23rd. Questions for this can be sent to Kristen Town . If you don't own the practice shorts, PLEASE order them.

We will also have an order coming from Harrow in the next few days for custom bags and gloves. These are OPTIONAL items.

Players must supply ALL equipment. Varsity players MUST have gloves that are white and blue ONLY.

Players with lower grades who are at risk of losing eligibility will be required to attend study hall before practice.

Wall Ball:
Do this as much as possible. There will be a routine posted online soon.

Varsity and JV will be split after three days. JV and JV2 will be split after 6 or 7 practices. If you were not on the varsity team last year, you must pre-register online and speak with the coaches prior to tryouts to be considered.

You will need to be IN SHAPE for try outs. The first few practices will be very physically draining.

Fundraising is required. Stay tuned for more information.

We do not have buses for contests.

Parents should send questions / concerns to During season parent concerns should go to Coach Virding. Player concerns should be addressed directly to their head coach. If you don't receive our emails, send an email to

This is an important part of our program. Contact for more information.

Parent Behavior
All positive, all the time. Keep it classy. Cheer for skillful play, not violence. Do not yell at the officials.

JV vs JV2
Max contests per player is 18
JV has a 13 game schedule and JV2 has an 8 game schedule. As needed players will be swung to balance teams, but JV caliber players will not lose JV playing time to fill out the JV 2. At the end of the season higher level JV players will have the opportunity to practice and potentially dress for varsity contests.