WPYB is looking for energetic and patient adults to manage a team in 2018!

It's never too early to start thinking about next season and we are currently seeking managers for

the Rookie and American League level!


We are looking for adults who love baseball and enjoy working with kids, teaching them baseball skills while helping develop into healthy young adults. Being a manager with WPYB is rewarding and while it can seem overwhelming at first, the league offers all the guidance,
help and support that you will need. 
Don't think you have the time but have another parent (or friend) on your current team who has passion for baseball as well?
Contact us about co-managing a team next season. 
Spread out the responsibility but still reap all the rewards of helping a young ball player improve over the course of the season.   
Contact us via email or phone at this link and get started early.
Managing a team is one of the most rewarding thing that an adult can do!
The memories last a lifetime!