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  • The 2015 Baseball Season is coming quickly
  • The Baseball Legends Qualifiers
  • 2015 Cecil Fielder World Series June 3-7, 2015 in McAllen, Texas
  • Cecil Fielder will be present @ our World Series
  • All teams must comply with New Age Rule Requirements to PLAY...


BRACKETS are posted under HANDOUTS!!!

All TEAMS must submit TBL Official Roster and Entry Fee prior to 2nd Game.  Any teams that fails to submit TBL Roster will go by the Line Up Card used on Saturday.  We will not tolerate any CHEATING....

TBL Official Roster can be printed at or I will pass out prior to first game at check in. 





C&C Sports Tournament Series will continue to host tournaments sanctioned by The Baseball Legends (TBL) & Cecil Fielder.  The TBL Staff has been working all summer to bring the Newest and Hottest Tournament Series in the Country to South Texas in 2014-2015.  We will host the 1st Ever TBL World Series in the Rio Grande Valley June 2-7, 2015. 


We will stay in conjunction with ALL youth sports organization in reference to age qualifications which is set at April 31st, 2015.


*An official Baseball Legends roster will be given to each coach before game.  The official roster must be turned in to the tournament director before their 2nd pool play game. 

*Roster players can only play on one team during the tournament.

*Legal birth certificates must be accessible by the event director should it become a questionable during any tournament.  Any player's age that cannot be verified through legal documentation will be suspended from the tournament until documentation is provided.  The manager is also suspended for the remainder of the game.

For more information on TBL please visit