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  • "The Two Most Important Things in Life Are Good Friends and a Strong Bullpen"
  • - Bob Lemon
  • “A coach is someone who can give correction without causing resentment.” - John Wooden
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Saturday, January 27, 2018  



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A Letter from the G.A.L.L. President

Snack Bar Deposit

Glendora American Little League families, my name is David Gerber and I am the President for the upcoming 2018 season.

As you all are aware, Glendora American is a non-profit, volunteer-run, league. It takes many people and lots of support from the many parents and families within our community to organize and execute a league for 400 plus boys and girls in an efficient way. 

Over the past few years we have encountered many times where we were short of volunteers to facilitate the many operations and services we provide to have a fun, successful, year. The most notable service that has been affected is the snack bar.

I know everyone enjoys visiting our snack bar when at the fields, with our guests enjoying the many items we offer. Some of you may not know, but at the end of last year we had to shut down completely or shut down a portion of the operation due to not having volunteer support. There were many times when we paid teens and adults just to stay open.  The Board will also be working  with the team managers and team moms to try to coordinate scheduling within their respective teams.

Due to the shortage of volunteer help, the Board has voted to increase the snack bar deposit from $50 to $100 per player for working a single shift per child. As registration is just around the corner, I wanted to let everyone know about the increase so it is not a surprise once you begin the process of signing up.

It is our hope that we will gain more volunteers and return the deposit than that of buyouts and no shows allowing us to have a full service operating the snack bar throughout the year.

As a parent and volunteer, I can attest that working a shift can be quite rewarding. Meeting new parents and families, along with seeing and talking with all my kid's friends and many others I have coached over the years makes for a quick few hours. It allows you to be a part of your kid’s lives beyond just the games. I hope that we can count on all your support and help this coming year, as it truly takes an army of great people to have the success we do.


If you have any questions please send your correspondence to


David Gerber



Batting Lessons by  Scott Hurst

          • Private Batting Instruction
          • Lessons will be at GALL batting cages
          • Cost | $20 \ 30 minutes
          • Call Scott Hurst to schedule your weekly batting lessons
          • 626 | 926 - 2111


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