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Last Updated: January 26, 2015
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Over 50 Years of Quality Youth Hockey


"Cash Frenzy" Raffle ticket Winners!





Below are the weekly winners:

(This will be updated as new winners are added)--Please contact Matt Lynde to claim your prize at :


Week of:


11/3/14                            Betsy Cayer

                                     Roger Beargen

                                     Dee Seay

                                     Craig Nadeau

                                     Rickie Hayden


11/10/14                          Bruce Brubaker

                                     Pat Sletten

                                     Jeanne Vlasie

                                     Vivian Wilson


11/17/14                           Ron Simonchi

                                      Ryan Holcombe

                                      Jared Klingaman

                                      Sharey Morris

                                      Jen Lorenz

                                      Julie Pachek


11/18/14                           Jona Brown

                                     Bill Marceau

                                     Lorraine Brannon

                                     Mike Schmit

                                     Paula Walker

                                     John Kunz

                                     Max Smith

                                     Sherry Clark



                                     Tracy Howard

                                     Deva Pinski

            $500 winner-------->John Gedrasik

                                     Sonya Mahlum

                                     Jean Fayden

                                     Ann Miller


12/1/14                            Char Moltzan

                                     Lisa McKinney

                                     Kaleb Larson

                                     Danielle Chernoff

                                     Chris Carr

                                     Mike Henen

                                     Teresa Johnson


12/8/14                           Rickey Hayden

                                     Debbie Hoyde

                                    Mike Schwartz

                                    Jerry Linn

                                    Amy Gilbertson

                                    Amy Buchanen

                                    Shelley Rumney

12/15/14                         Deb Snipes

                                    Jugg Samoy

                                    Kaleb Kiddrick




Great Falls Americans Jr. Hockey Academy!

November 3, 2014


 Introducing The Junior Hockey Academy!  


American's Head Coach Jeff Heimel is introducing a Junior Hockey Academy that will run throughout the months of November, December, January and February. 


The Junior Hockey Academy will run two separate sessions throughout its 2014-15 season and will consist of a Monday night session from 4:00-5:00PM (session 1)  and a Tuesday night session from 4:00PM-5:00PM (session 2).  Players may sign up for Monday night, Tuesday night or both and enrollment will be on a monthly basis. 

Session 1 (Monday nights) will be based primarily on Power Skating introducing basic skating skills during Month 1 and gradually increasing difficulty from month 1 to month 4.  The power skating portion will Incorporate a variety of overspeed and resistance equipment such as skating belts,straps and bungee cords to aid in the development process. 

Session 2 (Tuesday nights) will incorporate the remaining technical skills such as shooting, passing, stickhandling, and checking into a balanced program designed to take a basic understanding of these skills in month 1 and evolve into more advanced techniques later in the program. 


Please Click on the link below for more details, cost,  and to register!!


Casey Cup 2014


 Below is the link for the 2014 Casey Cup.

Please visit the site below for more information.


To respond by email please send your message to:                 


or Contact one of the following individuals:


Gary Morris--406.788.2642

Cheyney Lorenz--

Tony Krattiger--

Sherri Morris--406.788.2524



    Some new changes have been made by USA Hockey regaarding helmets and helmet certification. ALL helmets used on the ice during USAH sanctioned events must be in good working order and  HECC certified. Each certified helmet must also have a current certification sticker affixed in plain view to the back of the helmet. Each sticker will have and expiration date on them. Helmets with expired stickers will not be allowed on the ice. This includes all USA Hockey members--player helmets, referee helmets, and goalie helmets as well. Please check your equipment prior to the season starting to make sure you are in compliance with the new change. Below is an excerpt from the new rules and regulations book and photos of the HECC stickers that should be located on each helmet.


  "... (c) It is mandatory that all players (except Adults) wear a HECC approved helmet (including ear protection) with chin strap properly fastened.

       *(Note) HECC certification includes an expiration date on the sticker and a helmet that has an expiration date that hasexpired is no longer considered certified. The player may notwear a helmet that does not have a valid and current certification sticker. Players in the Adult classification must wear a hockey helmet (including non-HECC approved) with chin strapproperly fastened. "



January 22, 2014

A quick reminder to all ice users and lockeroom guests, that it is YOUR responsibility to maintain the cleanliness, order and general appearance of your lockerooms! There have been several instances and complaints about these rooms being left in a desheveled condition with trash and other items left on the floors and in the showers. Please be cognizant of ALL users of these facilities and our guests, and keep them clean!! Let's take pride in our IcePlex! Parents and coaches can help by maintaining a presence in the lockerooms and reminding players to pick up after use. Thanks everyone for your help in this!