Last Updated: March 14, 2016
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2015-2016 MAHA Dates to Remember

December 8, 2015


Here are some important dates to remember for the 2015-16 season:




March 2016

     11 – 13            High School “A” State Tournament – Billings, MT

     11 – 13            High School “B” State Tournament – Miles City, MT



April 2016

1                Grant Receipts due to Sean Morris (Please copy Amanda)

     8 – 10    Montana Development Camps – Boys & Girls – Bozeman, MT


May 2016


   6 – 8        Northern Plains District Camp 







The following are the daily Cash Frenzy winners:

11/1 – Don Zimbelman

11/2 – Jason Baker

11/3 – Terry Thompson 

11/4 – Emily Warpness 

11/5 – Krista Smith

11/6 – Rees Kinsey 

 11/7 – Nancy Hewitt 

11/8 – Judy Petley

11/9 -  Joelle Marko 

11/10 -  Vann Arvanetes  

11/11 – Toad Bleskin 

11/12 -  Bonnie Stober 

11/13 – Donella Thompson  

11/14 -  Ron Davis

11/25- Kathy Wegner

*11/26*- Mike Jenkins---$500 winner!!

11/27- Nancy Martin

11/28- Chris Grisak

11/29-  Kelly Treviso   

 11/30-  Brian Belderain  

12/1-   Nicky Johnson  

12/2-  Jessica Vlasie  

12/3-  Staci Manraska 

12/4- Colleen Green  

12/5-  Don Rivera  

12/6-  Adam Hewitt

12/7- Brian Christaens

12/8 - Erling Juel

12/9 - Sarah Carper 

 12/10 - John Anderson 

 12/11 - Shawna Miller 

12/12 - Linda Olson 

12/13- Jennea Morris

12/14 - Janis Driscoll

12/15 - Kevin Darko

12/16 - Dorothy Tilleraas

12/17 -  Eva Laroque

12/18 -  Andrew Scollin

12/19 - Sue Harpine

12/20 - Matt Kosanda

12/21 - Lynn Mickolio

12/22 - Doris Kimmerle

12/23 - Mike Settera

12/24 - Pat Robertson

*12/25* - Tyrell Davis     *$500 winner!!

12/26  - Jen Lorenz

12/27 -  Cora Davies  

12/28 - Devin Stewart  

12/29 - Richard Steffy  

12/30 - Ken Jeppesen  

12/31 - Laura Hart  


*1/1* - Adam Hewitt    *$500 Winner!!!




GFAHA Hockey practice schedule 2015-16


GFAHA Practice starts the week of October 26! Practice times are as follows:


Monday 515p-615p - Pee Wee
Monday 630--730p - Bantam
Tuesday 630p-730p - Squirt/Mites
Tuesday 745p-915p - High School
Wednesday 530p-630p - Squirt/Mite
Wednesday 645p-815p High School
Thursday 630p-730p PeeWee/Bantam


Learn to Play will be on select Tuesdays and Sundays from 515p-615p; dates will be published later. Registration will be 7 Nov at the rink during the Try Hockey for Free Day! 1215p-115p




    Some new changes have been made by USA Hockey regaarding helmets and helmet certification. ALL helmets used on the ice during USAH sanctioned events must be in good working order and  HECC certified. Each certified helmet must also have a current certification sticker affixed in plain view to the back of the helmet. Each sticker will have and expiration date on them. Helmets with expired stickers will not be allowed on the ice. This includes all USA Hockey members--player helmets, referee helmets, and goalie helmets as well. Please check your equipment prior to the season starting to make sure you are in compliance with the new change. Below is an excerpt from the new rules and regulations book and photos of the HECC stickers that should be located on each helmet.


  "... (c) It is mandatory that all players (except Adults) wear a HECC approved helmet (including ear protection) with chin strap properly fastened.

       *(Note) HECC certification includes an expiration date on the sticker and a helmet that has an expiration date that hasexpired is no longer considered certified. The player may notwear a helmet that does not have a valid and current certification sticker. Players in the Adult classification must wear a hockey helmet (including non-HECC approved) with chin strapproperly fastened. "



January 22, 2014

A quick reminder to all ice users and lockeroom guests, that it is YOUR responsibility to maintain the cleanliness, order and general appearance of your lockerooms! There have been several instances and complaints about these rooms being left in a desheveled condition with trash and other items left on the floors and in the showers. Please be cognizant of ALL users of these facilities and our guests, and keep them clean!! Let's take pride in our IcePlex! Parents and coaches can help by maintaining a presence in the lockerooms and reminding players to pick up after use. Thanks everyone for your help in this!