Last Updated: May 23, 2015
Last Updated: May 23, 2015
 Opening Day August 22, 2015 M.P.A.J.F.L. 50th Anniversary   [More Info]

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50th Anniversary Copy

January 30, 2015

 The Mt.Pleasant Area junior Football League will be celebrating its 50th Anniversary this year. We would like to cordially invite all former coaches,officers,players,cheerleaders who were involved in the league from 1965 to the present. We want this 50th Anniversary to be a very special and memorable occasion for all who attend, to reminisce about the teams, coaches,games and memories that they have about playing in the league. Opening day will be August 22nd starting at 1:00 p.m. at Hurst Stadium in Norvelt.

 Anyone that would be interested in putting an autograph block ad in the Anniversary book with your name, the team you played or cheered for and the years you were involved. The cost will be $3.00. This autograph block ad will help make the program book that much more special by recognizing all the people who were involved in the league.

 Anyone that would have any information,pictures, or other items about the league from the past 50 years, please contact one of the following league officers listed below. Access to any information,pictures, or other items that anyone would have from years past and would like to share them, that we may put them in our program book would be greatly appreciated. All items will be returned to you as soon as we are finished with them. All information must be submitted by July 6th.

                Rick Albright 724-331-6296

                 Ed Farzati    724-953-7040

           Chad Secosky   724-244-0321

               In conclusion, please come join us on August 22nd at 1:00 p.m. to help commemorate this special day where  all of the lasting memories and traditions started and will continue into the future of the league as we move forward.

The M.P.A.J.F.L.,Inc. will be holding SIGN-UPS for the 2015 football season on June 11 & 25; from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. and JULY 6th at the citizen's Club in Standard Shaft located along State Street a 1/4 mile south of the Mt.Pleasant Area High School. All these days are on Thursday evenings. The CUT-OFF Date for SIGN-UPS is July 6th. Make sure that you get signed up on one of the days that are left. The M.P.A.J.F.L. will not ACCEPT  any registrations after July 6th.  There will be NO EXCEPTIONS. All players who register must provide a copy of their Birth Certificate with the registration form. Even if you been playing before, the league needs a copy of your Birth Certificate. For more information go to the Face Book page for registration forms. Contact one of the officers or Head Coaches listed; Rick 724-331-6296, Ed 724-953-7040, Chad 724-771-6466. Head Coaches; Browns; Sal Nicotera 724-424-5181, Cardinals; Carmen Gillonardo 724-972-6573 / 724-547-8263, Colts; Chad Secosky 724-771-646, Packers; John Yester 724-771-3405 / 724-542-7702, Steelers; Brad Harkcom 724-600-5457. Registration fees are $85.00 / player and $105.00 / family in district and out of district $95.00 / player and $110.00 / family. The ages of the players are 6 to 14 years old. All NEW out of district players will go into a draft. The draft will be set-up by the League Commissioner/s, Administrators, and Head Coaches. The player/s will be notified of the TIME, DATE, AND PLACE of the draft. If you mail in registration form/s, make check or money order payable to; M.P.A.J.F.L. and put attention Ed on the envelope. Please remember to send a copy of your child's / children/s BIRTH CERTIFICATE with the registration form/s. The address is M.P.A.J.F.L. P.O. Box 515 Norvelt, Pa. 15674-0515. If anyone has any questions please contact any of the administrators, officers, or coaches listed.



April 9, 2015 – 11:42 PM

We're very excited and proud to be sharing with you all, that for the football season,the coaches,officers and administrators of the Mt.Pleasant Area Junior Football League, Inc.,(MPAJFL) will be taking strides to become the LEADER in the way football will be coached and played now and in the future. MPAJFL pride ourselves in leading the way in the surrounding area when it comes to the safety of our players. Instructing players on proper techniques to make sure the game is played as safe as possible and to help prevent injuries is ensured,one requirement is that every coach must have a current certification from USA FOOTBALL. This will continue into this season and beyond. All coaches will need to have a certification or (re-certification) from USA FOOTBALL, before the season begins, in order to coach and further provide a safer environment and a place for the players to play,learn and grow.We will be conducting background checks for all coaches, assistant coaches,officers and administrators of the league through NCSI an affiliate of USA FOOTBALL,before any of the coaches,officers and administrators are able to be on the practice or game day fields. Safety is a two way street, and to support this, MPAJFL requires that all players must have their BASELINE TESTING and PHYSICALS completed before they can practice. MPAJFL provides the opportunities for the BASELINE TESTING and PHYSICALS during pre-season. It will be up to the parent/s to ensure that these requirements are met and completed before their child or children are allowed to practice. Through MPAJFL and USA FOOTBALL working together, we assure you that the game of football will be coached at the highest level expected by the league. The league has initiated these changes and will continue to move in the direction of becoming the LEADER in the way football is coached and played among the other leagues in the area. It's the goal of the M.P.A.J.F.L. to provide the youth a recreational sport that they can be proud to be a part of, now and into the future. These changes are not only beneficial to the cheerleaders,players, and parents, but to all the coaches,officers and administrators of the league. As we head into our 50th anniversary of the league, the coaches,officers and adminstrators would like to take this opportunity to say; THANK-YOU to all you, for your support,cooperation and understanding as we continue to make changes for the betterment of our league for the 2015 season and beyond.

         Some succeed because they are DESTINED to, but most succeed because they are DETERMINED.

    If we all work together, we can make our league; BIGGER, BETTER, and GREATER than it has ever been.

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Saturday,  Aug 22
Opening Day Ceremony 12:30pm Hurst Stadium
1:00pm Hurst Stadium
1:00pm Hurst Stadium
OPENING DAY 1:00pm Hurst Stadium
OPENING DAY 1:00pm Hurst Stadium
OPENING DAY Ceremony 50th Anniversary 1:00pm Hurst Stadium

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