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About the Rounders Academy

The Team's Names, Colors, Motto & Mascot:


   Honshu is the biggest island in the Japanese chain of islands. The "Hon" Chinese character is used to represent Japan itself, as in Nihon. The hon was not chosen in a flight of fancy for our baseball caps as well, and points to our desire for our players to not have to choose between baseball and a serious education.

Many serious little league teams in Japan demand staggering levels of time, I kid you not; from as early as a wake up call of 6:00 in the morning to often a return home of 8:00 (20:00) at night for Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.

Thus hon has a meaning that shows our target in that it also means "book", as in reading lots of them for their education.

The last meaning, I'm aware of, is that the hon character means homerun, and is used on all scoreboards here in Japan to keep track of the homeruns in a baseball game.

So for these many reasons I thought it fitting to use it for our team.


  Rounders was the original name of the baseball when it first developed in England, and is still played today in quite a few countries. It has some small differences, like bases called "posts", a small bat that is used with one hand, and like in cricket there are no gloves for the fielders. Being a history buff, combined with the fact that we need to attract the international community here in Japan to have as many potenial players as possible (which includes many commonwealth countries) I went with this name to give the team a less exclusive appeal.

Uniform Colors

  The colors were chosen by the team as well, but I placed it forward as a tribute to the Irish community in the history of the game. From the Canadian hall of famer Tip O'Neil to many others there has not been much in the way of one team giving tribute to all the players of Irish decent, at least as much as they are due.


  The motto (Oak, Maple & Shamrock United) goes along this line as the "Oak" represents the American national tree (historically regarded as strong & wise), the "Maple" (the substance of many baseball bats, and so light & sturdy) for the Canadians and the "Shamrock" (lucky) for the Irish. These countries stand out in the history of the game and we couldn't do better in singling out these nationalities in some way for their early acceptance and play of the game.


  A Border Collie is known in English speakings nations worldwide and can be found in many other nations too. It is a herding breed that moves around cattle & sheep constantly, rounding them up with a purpose and surely loves to work. It is considered in many circles to be the smartest dog breed in the world. This collie comes in many colors for the dog is chosen for its character and not its looks. This fits well with our mixture of international citizens. Like many dogs this one also fetches foul balls with a passion and so can make a very useful addition to any practice, though some ball boys will find they might have a lot less work to do.