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Last Updated: July 29, 2015
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Our Field Maintenance Team hard at work.  Steve Thomas, Chuck Oliver and Mike Kelsey are three of our hardest working volunteers in the League.  Please take a minute to say hi to them when you see them around the Ball Park. 



The Matheny Manifesto  
  St. Louis Cardinals Manager, Mike Matheny, was asked to coach his son’s baseball team. Believing the biggest problem in youth sports is overbearing parents, he decided to write a letter to them, addressing his concerns and expressing conditions he required from his team’s moms and dads. The long, detailed letter was initially meant for only those with children on his team, but it eventually became the Matheny Manifesto, an impactful, direct, and honest message parents everywhere can learn from. With many baseball and softball seasons just beginning, we encourage you to watch the Matheny Manifesto Video which appeared on ESPN during the 2013 Little League Baseball® World Series. The video features Little League’s president and CEO, Stephen D. Keener, and provides important ways you can best support your Little Leaguer®. Click on the below image to watch the Matheny Manifesto.







Volunteer Umpires Needed!!

Welcome to Oceanside American Little Leagues site.  With a new season on the horizon it is time for our umpires to shake off the rust and get ready.  OALL uses a combination of Adult volunteer umpires and paid youth umpires.  For adults this is an opportunity to learn about another aspect of the game, give back to the league and enjoy the best seat in the house.  For our youth umpires this is an opportunity to stay involved with the game, earn some money as well as develop the character and poise needed to be an umpire.

The league will be hosting an umpire informational night and we encourage anyone who is interested in umpiring this year (including past umpires) to come and learn more about what it takes to be an umpire and what is in store for next year.

Requirements for being an umpire
Umpiring is hard work, the parents, fans, players and coaches all have their eyes on you and expect nothing but the best from you.  You need to know the rules, know the fundamental mechanics and manage the game in a positive and fair way.   That said there are some mandatory requirements for being an umpire:

- Interest in umpiring
- Little league 12 years old or older
- Have taken the basic (level 1 and rookie umpires) or advanced (level 2 and up) umpiring mechanics training
- Have participated in the rules clinic

Chief Umpire     

VP of Baseball  

Volunteer Umpires are one of the most important positions in Little League.  If you are interested in becoming a Volunteer Umpire, or if you have any questions about umpiring please contact our Chief Umpire or the VP of Baseball listed above.  Training Clinics are typically held in November or December.

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Upcoming Events

Monday,  Aug 3
OALL Board Meeting 6:00pm Jolly Roger Restaurant
Monday,  Sep 7
OALL Board Meeting 6:00pm Jolly Roger Restaurant
Monday,  Oct 5
OALL Board Meeting 6:00pm Jolly Roger Restaurant

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