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About Middletown Men's Softball


About Middletown Men's Softball League: We are a slow-pitch, NSA league that has been a mainstay of the Middletown, CT area for a number of years. We play our games at the fields behind Moody School on Country Club Road. We play mainly on week nights with make-ups played during the week if a field is open OR on weekends.

The Men's Summer League plays from late April to mid-August in Middletown, CT and is open to men ages 18 and over. We have A, B, C & D divisions for all competition levels, from highly competitive to recreational. We are using the same ball as last year for 2018

The Men's Fall League starts the end of August and goes through mid-October.  


Contact us for more information - middletownscores@yahoo.com 


2018 Team Registration and Info Meeting @ Moody School

April 11, 2018 – 05:00 PM

The 2nd 2018 league meeting is set for Wednesday, April 11th, 2018 at Moody School parking lot on Country Club Rd in Middletown.

Ill be there from 5pm-7pm to test bats, collect roster/team sheets and collect entry fee of $875 or remaining balance owed.

If you plan to play in 2018, you MUST be at this meeting.

I need the entry fee to order softballs, pay the town for fields and get you into the divisions and make the schedule. 

Please send someone to Moody School with a check if you cant make it. Or call me 203-427-5377. 

Season will start April 23rd or 30th depending on how the fields look and weather.  

We are using the same ball as last year.

If you have ideas to make the league better this is the time to share them.


Key changes:

- Limited to 2 roster shares and they must be noted who they are when you hand in your roster sheet.

- Play with 9 ok, you CAN use roster shares to make 10.

- New Board members - Earle Francks VP of league operations and Dan Forlenzo Web site coordinator and game scheduler

- Established a Rule Enforcement Committee lead by Earle with Dan and myself as members.


We are asking for division winners to play Meriden division champs after season is over at Moody School

Charity fund raiser with Meriden and Middletown FD/ PD



Fall Ball Winners



NSA Approved Bats Only

Our league allows only the bats listed on the NSA Approved Bat List
All bats will be tested prior to the first week of the season at Moody School or at my home. Also during the first week or league play in most cases. After that, by appointment only.
Once passing a sticker applied that MUST remain in plain view on the bat. If a bat doesn't have the sticker- it can NOT be used til it is tested and passes. 
Leave the wrapping on all new bats til it passes, some bats WILL fail from the manufacturer as they try to make them as lively as possible -- so save the receipt.
All bats MUST have the NSA LOGO stamped on them or they wont be tested.
Any cracked, dented, scraped, peeled or unpainted, or altered end caps bats will NOT be allowed for safety reasons.
If a bat is deemed unfit for play at anytime during the season, including playoffs, it can be removed by the umpire, so make sure they are in good working condition please.
That includes grips, tape, end caps and we can see the sticker!! 

Game Balls

Each team receives game-balls for the regular season, and additional ones will be provided for the play-offs.

***If the team rep with the new softballs is going to miss any games , please give new balls to someone and the scorebook if possible.****

Home team to provide 2 new balls per game and carry any extras over to the playoffs.

Must use the approved ball, No other balls can be used for game play unless approved by both teams and umpire prior to game starting or if no other used game balls are on hand.

Score Submissions

Scores should be sent to middletownscores@yahoo.com by the winning team.

The standings will be updated periodically.

Be accurate with the score as a possible tie breaker is 'runs allowed' if two teams have the same win loss record and have played each team the same number of times. 

A forfeit prior to the game starting is recorded as 7-0 win for team not forfeiting.

A forfeit on the field for ejection, illegal player, etc leading to not enough players to continue at anytime is recorded as a score of 7-0.



Rules for City Owned Fields

****CITY-OWNED FIELD RULES • Team representatives, players, spectators, and umpires must respect and obey city-owned complex field rules.

Please note the the league has a full list of league rules available. The following is a quick overview of the town's rules regarding use of their fields.

• The following rules must be obeyed:

A. No destruction of any kind.

B. All players, spectators and umpires must park in approved designated areas. No motorcycles, motor scooters, etc are allowed on the playing fields at any time. Motorcycles can be parked in parking lot or upper lot near the school only. Owners who bring their motorcycles onto the field will face a $250 fine and their bike will be impounded. Team Representative and Individual Player/s will be ineligible to play until fine is paid.

C. No littering.

D. Possession and/or consumption of alcoholic beverages is not allowed on city-owned property or any field used by this league. Any player or coach who is caught drinking before or after a game and is arrested for it, will be removed from the league for the remainder of the season. If your team chooses to remain in the parking lot after the game, all garbage must be placed in the receptacles provided. If a problem persists, the Middletown Police will be called.

• Not abiding by the above rules may result in teams forfeiting games, suspensions and fines.

• The above rules will be strictly enforced to the fullest extent.

Middletown Parks & Recreation Weather Line

For more information on Middletown fields, including game cancellations due to weather, contact Middletown Parks & Recreation or call 860-638-4529 after 3pm. If no update from P&R, games are ON.

Please listen for the date of the message, old dates and messages are left on til a new one is added.

Regular Season Tie-Breakers

The tie-breaker rule for regular season standings is as follows:

- (1) Head to head record against the team (or teams) you are tied with

- (2) Runs allowed against the team (or teams) you are tied with

- (3) Coin Flip

 Unfortunately our website does not allow us to program it this way, so all tie-breakers will be confirmed manually after the regular season.