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  • Atom A/B, Peewee B or Bantam B All Star Fees Due October 31st.

Schedule Last Updated, 11/01/2017




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Team Managers Meeting

November 14, 2017


We will be having a Team Manager Meeting this Thursday November 16th @7pm at the CBS Arena to give managers an opportunity to ask questions that they would like answered or to voice concerns. 


Atom C/D Tryout Groups

November 10, 2017


Players registered for the Atom tryouts have been grouped into 4tryout groups below. Tryouts will consist of 3 games each. Please check the website schedule for the dates/times/location, look under the division atom_tryouts. Tryouts will begin November 27. Goalies are asked to please follow the separate schedule below.............read more


Bantam C/D Tryout Groups

November 9, 2017


Players registered for the Bantam C/D tryouts have been grouped into 3 tryout groups below. Tryouts will consist of 3 games each. Please check the website schedule for the dates/times/location. Tryouts will begin tomorrow Friday November 10th and Saturday November 11th.  Due to an odd number of groups trying out, the...........read more


Peewee C/D Tryout Groups

November 9, 2017


Players registered for the Peewee C/D tryouts have been grouped into 3 tryout groups below. Tryouts will consist of 3 games each. Please check the website schedule for the dates/times/location.  Goalies are asked to please follow the separate schedule below. If you can not attend a game please let.........read more


CBR Minor Hockey To Begin a Blind Hockey Program

November 7, 2017


CBR Minor Hockey is proud to announce we will commence a Blind Hockey Program this November 26th.  This program will be the first of its kind in this Province.   CBRMHA would like to thank Stephen Joy, The Lions Club, The Canadian Blind Hockey Association, and Hockey Newfoundland and Labrador for their help, dedication, expertise, and support in starting this program.

The program will run over 12 one hour sessions this season on Sundays and will be open to all school aged children, who are legally blind, 10% vision to totally blind. Further information can be found on the website https://www.blindicehockey.com/

In an effort to help these new players learn to love the game we are looking to our members to donate any gently used gear you may have, that your own player may have grown out of.  We will have gear drop off times at the CBS Arena from 2-4 on Saturday, November 11th for those who wish to donate.



Female Provincial Teams Pre-Tryout Signup

November 2, 2017


CBR are looking for each FU12, FU15, and FU20 eligible player who are interested in trying out for a CBR Renegades Female Provincial Team to complete a Pre-Tryout Signup Form through our Online Form.   The deadline to signup is Sunday, November 5th, 2017.   If you haven't completed the signup sheet on our website yet please click here. to compete the form.

Tryouts dates, fee and official registration will be announced after the deadline. 


IHL Format for the 2017/2018 Season

November 2, 2017


Click Here to Download the IHL Format for the 2017/2018 Season.  Our Atom, PeeWee, Bantam, and Midget House League Teams participate in the IHL (Interlocking House League) Program.


Jersey Notice - Reminder to Parents

October 19, 2017


Reminder to Parents with players in Peewee HL, Bantam HL, Female Under 15 & Midget HL.   Midget players are asked to please bring their cheque to the Friday October 20th in house game. For Peewee, Bantam & FU15, we will have Coordinators available to collect the post dated cheques for the House League jerseys at each teams practice time this Saturday October 21st.  Jerseys will in turn be handed out prior to the games on Sunday October 22nd by the coaching staff. All other CBRMHA house league teams do not require a post dated cheque.  When our Development teams come online, we will require a deposit for those teams as well.

Attention Volunteers

October 19, 2017


We are looking for parents from all divisions that would be interested in being part a volunteer group. This group would help with all the tournaments and events that CBR host, allowing parents with kids involved in the tournaments to sit and watch their kids play and not have to worry about the hospitality room, etc. Anyone interested please contact the Special Events/Tournament Coordinator Jodi Dawe in the contact us section.


Upcoming Games/Practices

Saturday, Nov 18
Timbit Chargers @ Timbit Swords10:00amCBS Arena /Game
Timbit Crushers @ Timbit Rebels10:00amCBS Arena/ Game
Timbit Warriors @ Timbit Flames10:00amCBS Arena/ Game
Timbit Sharks @ Timbit Blades11:00amCBS Arena/ Game
PRACTICE Tim Horton Red Wings4:00pmRobert French /Practice
Tim Horton Leafs @ Tim Horton Ducks4:00pmRobert French /Practice
PRACTICE Tim Horton Bruins5:00pmRobert French /Practice
Tim Horton Penguins @ Tim Horton Jets5:00pmRobert French /Practice
Tim Horton Canucks @ Tim Horton Senators3:00pmCBS Arena /Practice
Tim Horton Oilers @ Tim Horton Canadiens3:00pmCBS Arena /Practice
CBR Atom AtoMC Red Wings @ CBR Atom AtoMC Blackhawks7:00amCBS Arena /Practice
CBR Atom AtoMC Rangers @ CBR Atom AtoMC Canadiens6:00pmRobert French /Practice
CBR Bantam Blackhawks @ CBR Bantam Senators7:00pmRobert French /Practice
@ CBR Purple8:00amCBS Arena /Practice
@ CBR Tigers8:00amCBS Arena /Practice
CBR Renegades PRACTICE9:00amCBS Arena /Practice
CBR FU20 Flyers @ St. John's Caps6:00pmTwin Rinks
Female Bantam AAA Tournament
Eastern Ice Breakers @ Western Warriors12:00pmCBS Arena /Game
Tri Pen Ice @ Central Ice Pac1:30pmCBS Arena /Game
Western Warriors @ Eastern Ice Breakers4:00pmCBS Arena /Game
Central Ice Pac @ Tri Pen Ice5:30pmCBS Arena /Game
Sunday, Nov 19
Tim Horton Oilers @ Tim Horton Canadiens12:00pmCBS Arena /Game
Tim Horton Canucks @ Tim Horton Senators12:00pmCBS Arena/ Game
CBR Atom AtoMC Maple Leafs @ AVA Atom Hickman's Tahoes10:00amBussey Arena /Game
CBR Atom AtoMC Red Wings @ MTP Atom AtoMC Lightning12:00pmGlacier 2 /Game
AVA Atom Hickman's Cruze @ CBR Atom AtoMC Bruins12:00pmRobert French /Game
PAR Atom Tigers @ CBR Atom AtoMC Rangers1:00pmRobert French /Game
CBR Atom AtoMC Blackhawks @ CBR Atom AtoMC Canadiens2:00pmRobert French /Game
CBR Atom A PRACTICE9:00amRobert French /Practice
CBR Atom B PRACTICE10:00amRobert French /Practice
CBR Pee Wee Canadiens @ GOU Pee Wee Pacers2:00pmGoulds Arena /Game
Paradise Pee Wee Jennings Auto @ CBR Pee Wee Bruins3:00pmRobert French /Game
CBR Pee Wee Senators @ CBR Pee Wee Blackhawks4:00pmRobert French /Game
CBR Peewee B PRACTICE8:00amCBS Arena /Practice
CBR Bantam Senators @ AVA Bantam Hickman's Impalas12:00pmBussey Arena /Game
AVA Bantam Hickman's Chargers @ CBR Bantam Blackhawks6:00pmRobert French /Game
CBR Bantam Canadiens @ CBR Bantam Bruins7:00pmRobert French /Game
CBR Bantam B PRACTICE7:00amCBS Arena /Practice
CBR Midget BMI @ CBR Midget Eastern Valve9:00pmRobert French /Game
CBR Purple @ CBR Tigers11:00amRobert French /Practice
St. John's Caps @ CBR Renegades8:00pmRobert French /Game
Female Bantam AAA Tournament
Central Ice Pac @ Western Warriors9:00amCBS Arena /Game
Tri Pen Ice @ Eastern Ice Breakers10:30amCBS Arena /Game
Monday, Nov 20
CBR Atom A @ Mount Pearl Blades7:00pmBussey Horwood Arena /Game
St. John's Caps @ CBR Peewee B7:00pmCBS Arena /Game
Northeast Eagles @ CBR Bantam B8:00pmCBS Arena /Game
CBR FU20 Flyers @ CBR FU20 Predators9:00pmRobert French /Game
Group 3 @ Group 16:00pmCBS Arena /Game
Tuesday, Nov 21
Mount Pearl Blades @ CBR Atom B6:00pmCBS Arena /Game
St. John's Caps @ CBR Atom A7:00pmCBS Arena /Game
CBR Pee Wee Senators @ CBR Pee Wee Canadiens8:00pmCBS Arena /Practice
Paradise Midget United Brotherhood of Carpenters & Joiners @ CBR Midget BMI9:00pmCBS Arena /Game
Green @ Teal9:00pmRobert French /Game
Wednesday, Nov 22
@ CBR Purple5:00pmRobert French /Practice
@ CBR Tigers5:00pmRobert French /Practice
Green @ White9:00pmCBS Arena /Game
Thursday, Nov 23
CBR Atom B @ St. John's Caps6:00pmTwin Rinks (1) /Game
CBR Peewee B @ Avalon Celtics7:30pmBussey Horwood Arena /Game
CBR Bantam B @ Paradise Warriors8:00pmParadise Arena (B) /Game
CBR Midget Eastern Valve @ Paradise Midget United Brotherhood of Carpenters & Joiners8:30pmParadise A /Game
CBR Renegades @ Paradise Warriors6:30pmParadise A/ Game
Mount Pearl Blades @ CBR FU20 Predators9:00pmCBS Arena /Game
@ Group 26:00pmRobert French /Practice
@ Group 17:00pmRobert French /Practice
Friday, Nov 24
CBR Atom AtoMC Rangers @ CBR Atom AtoMC Canadiens5:00pmRobert French /Practice
CBR Atom AtoMC Red Wings @ CBR Atom AtoMC Blackhawks6:00pmRobert French /Practice
CBR Atom AtoMC Bruins @ CBR Atom AtoMC Maple Leafs7:00pmRobert French /Practice
CBR Renegades PRACTICE8:00pmRobert French /Practice

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