Just to clarify a few things:


         Slide tackles are not allowed. A direct kick will be given to the opposing team if the referee calls the infringement. It DOES NOT necessarily mean a penalty kick if it occurs in the penalty box.


Example 1: I slide for a ball in the penalty box and no foul occurs to the other player then it is a direct kick from the spot. However if I foul the opposing player during the slide it is a penalty kick for the opposing team.


Example 2: A player slides to retrieve a  loose ball and no other player is around- NO FOUL


This rule DOES apply to goalkeepers. A keeper must NOT make the save attempt by sliding feet first on an opposing player. It does not mean that a foot save is considered an infringement on the slide rule. This is a discretionary call by the referee. This rule is to protect all players safety in our league.


         Age requirement to play: Any player who turns 30 within 1 year of their first game can play.


Example: Player A turns 30 on 10/20/2018, they would NOT be able to play until 10/22 of this season.

                  Any team who is up by 6 points, must drop a player. They will have to continue dropping a player for every point differential thereafter until they only have 5 players on the field, including a goalkeeper. When a point differential of 9 is achieved, the game will end. The only exception to this rule is the game must have completed 40 minutes of play.


Example 1: Team is up 13-0 after 30 minutes of play. That team will have only 5 players fielded and the game must continue until halftime.


Example 2: Team is winning 9-1 in the 2nd half of play. They should only have 5 players on the field and if they score another goal, the game will be ended.


        Guest playing  on another team is allowed so long as Deanna, Phil or myself have advanced notification. Teams using guest players may only use guest players to achieve a 10 man squad.


Example: Strikers have 9 players and request 1 guest player- ALLOWED. Strikers have 8 players and request 4 guest players- NOT ALLOWED.



Please be reminded it is your teams responsibility to clean up your bench area after each game.