• Happy New Year from all of us at Belpre Soccer Club **spring season coming soon**
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  • Registrations are now open!!!


There will be a class for NEW referees held in Marietta on March 3 and March 17 (choose one).  This is an ALL DAY class for NEW referees only.  The cost is $40 and you must be 14 years old to certify.  Referees that want to re-certify, if you haven't already received your email please contact me at belpresoccer@yahoo.com.

Player registrations are NO OPEN!!!!!!!!!!  Teams will be picked March 16-17th, with the season starting Saturday, April 7 and running thru Saturday, May 26. 

U6- will range 2012-2013. 
U8- will range 2010-2011. 
U10- will range 2008-2009. 
U12- will range 2006-2007. 
U15- will range 2003-2004-2005. 
U18 will range 2000-2001-2002. 

for questions on age groups, email me at belpresoccer@yahoo.com.

Coaches volunteer form is activated now as well.  


Please remember there are no pets permitted, and no smoking at the fields.  



If your child is interested in continuing soccer beyond the recreational side, please take a moment to fill out the Belpre Fireballs travel form on the website.  We are always looking to add teams and/or talented players that want to develop and play year round.  For information, just fill out the form or email belpresoccer@yahoo.com for information.



Coaches-Please click on this link

http://nfhslearn.com/courses/38000to complete the required concussion training course



Please refrain from open carrying at the fields.


BSC By-laws