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U14 Boys Schedule - Updated April 24 (9 pm)  Contact Steven Morihara ( for any schedule questions.
U14 Boys Coaches List

U14 Girls Schedule - Updated May 22  (7 pm) Contact Tyler Chan ( for any schedule questions.
U14 Girls Coaches List

U16-19 Boys Schedule - Updated May 22 (7 pm) Contact Andrea Farleigh ( for any schedule questions.
U16 & U19 Boys Coaches List

U16-19 Girls Schedule -  Updated May 19 (4 pm) All changes highlighted in orange.
ontact Steven Morihara ( for any schedule questions.

U16/19 Girls Coaches List

Note:  No games will be scheduled at Waipio on June 1.

Once the region has completed the EAYSO roster, a game card .pdf file will be provided to the head coaches to print.  No handwritten changes can be made.  Any game card changes must be submitted via the registrar, updated by the SSD, and an updated .pdf file will be sent to the head coch.

The game card will be given to the center referee before each game from the head coaches.

After each game, hand the game cards to each center referee.  The last center referee will mail the cards to:
Steven Morihara
2056 Halekoa Drive
Honolulu, Hawaii 96821

Any red / yellow card require the Referee Incident Form to be filled out and sent to Steven Morihara ( by Tuesday following the game.  Click here to download the Referee Incident Form.

2013 Select Season - Field Locations

Go to this link to find locations of the select season fields:

Kaneohe - Souza Dairy Field


All coaches must bring their preprinted game cards to their games.  The rosters are created in EAYSO by your region.

Regions: Please click here to download the instructions to creating the eAYSO roster.