Picture Day will be February 4th at Benfiled according to the schedule below. Even if you do not plan to purchase pictures, please have your child there for the team picture.


Nets               8:30AM                       

Suns              8:35AM                        

Hornets          8:40AM                       

Celtics            8:45AM                        

Bulls               9:00AM                        

Magic             9:10AM                     

Raptors          9:20AM                                                                        

Lakers            9:30AM                       

Thunder         9:35AM                       

Knicks             9:40AM                       

Timberwolves  9:45AM                       

Warriors          9:50AM                       

Spurs              10:30AM                        

Clippers          10:40AM         


The form with picture options can be downloaded here:


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