Last Updated: April 17, 2014

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Jeffy's Field Baseball Complex

Please mark your calendar with the following dates for 2014 Spring Baseball:


    April 19 and 20 no games

    May 18 Sunday Hit A Thon and Pictures

    May 24 and May 25 No games

    June 7-14 Minors/Majors playoffs

    June 15 All Star Weekend


    Rec Tournament Team tryouts for Minors/Majors TBA


LOUYAA Baseball Club (LBC) is the Recreational, Select and Travel baseball program of LOUYAA. We are committed to a fun, developmental, educational and competitive environment to build character in our players and community. We are 100% based on volunteer coordinators and coaches, and rely on our parents to make each and every season a success. Our mission is to teach baseball fundamentals through explanation, demonstration, and practice.  LOUYAA’s recreational program strives to develop players for a higher level and takes all players .  When players are ready for more advanced development, they can try out for a LOUYAA select or travel team.  Select players split time between a recreational team and their select team, which also plays in a local travel league.  Travel teams play exclusively in a local travel league.  Select and travel teams also play in area age-group tournaments.  On average, recreational teams have activities two days a week and select/travel teams have activities four to five times a week.  

Keeping baseball FUN and SAFE, especially in the early stages of youth baseball, is a primary concern of the LOUYAA Baseball Club which is comprised of Senior, Major, Minor, Rookie, and T-Ball Divisions.


LBC Apparel

Get your LBC Apparell at the store link below.  All items are at distributer cost! 


Go to select school or organization and click on LOUYAA

Upcoming Games/Practices

Saturday,  Apr 26
Nationals @ Yankees 10:00am Kemptown 2
Orioles @ 10U Thunder 12:30pm Kemptown 2
Pirates @ Rays 3:00pm Kemptown 2
9U Thunder @ Red Sox 9:00am Kemptown 3
Marlins @ Orioles 11:00am Kemptown 3
Mariners @ Dodgers 2:00pm Kemptown 3
Tigers @ Cubs 10:00am Kemptown 1
Yankees @ Orioles 12:00pm Kemptown 1
Phillies @ Pirates 2:00pm Kemptown 1
Diamonbacks @ Angels 9:00am Kemptown 6a
Nationals @ Mariners 10:30am Kemptown 6a
Orioles @ Rangers 12:00pm Kemptown 6a
Dragons @ Giants 1:30pm Kemptown 6a
Saturday,  May 3
Rays @ Orioles 10:00am Kemptown 2
10U Thunder @ Nationals 12:30pm Kemptown 2
Yankees @ Pirates 3:00pm Kemptown 2
Mariners @ Nationals 9:00am Kemptown 3
Dodgers @ Red Sox 11:00am Kemptown 3
Orioles @ 9U Thunder 2:30pm Kemptown 3
Pirates @ Yankees 9:00am Kemptown 1
Cubs @ Phillies 11:30am Kemptown 1
Tigers @ Nationals 2:00pm Kemptown 1
Angels @ Dragons 9:00am Kemptown 6a
Braves @ Diamonbacks 10:30am Kemptown 6a
Nationals @ Rangers 12:00pm Kemptown 6a
Mariners @ Orioles 1:30pm Kemptown 6a
Saturday,  May 10
Orioles @ Yankees 10:00am Kemptown 2
Rays @ 10U Thunder 12:30pm Kemptown 2
Pirates @ Nationals 3:00pm Kemptown 2
Nationals @ 9U Thunder 9:00am Kemptown 3
Red Sox @ Orioles 11:00am Kemptown 3
Marlins @ Mariners 1:00pm Kemptown 3
Nationals @ Cubs 9:00am Kemptown 1
Yankees @ Phillies 11:30am Kemptown 1
Pirates @ Orioles 2:30pm Kemptown 1
Angels @ Mariners 9:00am Kemptown 6a
Dragons @ Braves 10:30am Kemptown 6a
Rangers @ Diamonbacks 12:00pm Kemptown 6a
Orioles @ Giants 1:30pm Kemptown 6a
Saturday,  May 17
Nationals @ Orioles 10:00am Kemptown 2
10U Thunder @ Pirates 12:30pm Kemptown 2
Yankees @ Rays 3:00pm Kemptown 2
9U Thunder @ Mariners 9:00am Kemptown 3
Red Sox @ Nationals 11:00am Kemptown 3
Marlins @ Dodgers 1:00pm Kemptown 3
Cubs @ Yankees 10:00am Kemptown 1
Tigers @ Orioles 12:00pm Kemptown 1
Nationals @ Pirates 2:30pm Kemptown 1
Giants @ Angels 9:00am Kemptown 6a
Diamonbacks @ Nationals 10:30am Kemptown 6a
Orioles @ Braves 1:30pm Kemptown 6a
Rangers @ Dragons 3:00pm Kemptown 6a
Monday,  May 19
Yankees @ Pirates 5:30pm Kemptown 2
Tuesday,  May 20
Nationals @ 10U Thunder 5:30pm Kemptown K1
Tuesday,  May 27
Pirates @ Cubs 5:30pm Kemptown 1

For a complete schedule listing, click here!

Upcoming Events

Sunday,  Jun 15
Recreational Team Tournament
Recreational Tournament
Monday,  Jun 16
Recreational Team Tournament
Recreational Tournament
Tuesday,  Jun 17
Recreational Team Tournament
Recreational Tournament
Wednesday,  Jun 18
Recreational Team Tournament
Recreational Tournament

For a complete calendar listing, click here!

LOUYAA Baseball Club