Last Updated: September 19, 2014 

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2014 11-12 Yr Old All Stars

Daniel Gaspar.  Dustin Allen.  Jeffrey Castillo.  Julian Eskridge.  Justin Chen.  Kevin Lima.  Nick Luchetta.  Tyler Quintero.  Shane Soares.  Jake Tedford.  Drake Jackson.  Preston Howey.  Leon Iwasaki. 

Remember those names.  Forever, together, they will be celebrated as Arcadia American Little League LEGENDS. 

These 13 remarkable boys comprised our league's 2014 Major League (11-12) All Star Team.  Our boys won the District 17 Championship, ending an AALL drought of 35 years at this level.  The 11-12 team beat East Altadena 11-1, Sierra Madre 14-4, Pasadena Southwest 18-1, and Pasadena American 9-7 to advance to the prestigious California Section 2 Tournament .  The boys put up a great fight in the Sectional tournament,  but ultimately lost to West Lancaster (9-5) and La Crescenta (9-8) in games that could have gone either way with a different bounce of the ball.

Our community witnessed "goose-bump" baseball.  Nine team members had a batting average of over .300.  Six boys had an on base percentage over .500.  We hit a record 15 home runs, of which two were grand slams.  Our boys scored 65 runs in six games and struck out 37 opponent batters. 

The boys benefitted from tremendous leadership and coaching from Manager Ted Tedford, Coach Jim Allen and Coach Edgar Quintero  With their skills, patience and dedication, Ted, Jim and Edgar guided the boys to heights not achieved since the late 1970s.  Coach Matt Luchetta and Coach Dan Gaspar also contributed significantly to the boys' achievements.  We could not have done it without ALL their help.  We could not have done it without all of the families being totally dedicated. 


We should be very proud of ALL the boys who played in Arcadia American Little League this year.  But now is the time to celebrate our 11-12 All Star boys!  Thank You!


9-10 Yr Old All Stars Honored in Arcadia Weekly Newspaper (click through to see the full article)



Roger L. Gewecke RIP

Arcadia American Little League celebrates the life of Roger L. Gewecke, who passed away on June 30, 2014 in Arcadia, where he had lived for the past 55 years.  Coach Gewecke and his wife Barbara supported Arcadia American Little League and its predecessor, Arcadia Coast Little League, with unrivaled passion.  With fervent backing from daughter Ellen (now 50) and wife Barbara, Coach Gewecke managed his three sons during their Little League years, starting with Roger Jr. (now 53) in 1972 and ending with Steve (now 47) from 1976-1979.  In between, Coach Gewecke also managed his son Robert (now 52) at the same fine fields we play on today.  Coach Gewecke’s son Steve remains active with our league, and Steve’s son (Roger Sr.’s Grandson) Kellen is a perennial all star player who will enter his twelve year old campaign next Spring.  Coach Gewecke won Tournament of Champion, District and Section titles for our league in the 1970s.  Many of the banners you see above the Windsor Field bleachers resulted from Coach Gewecke’s efforts.  Coach Gewecke left behind a long legacy of admirers, including current coaches in this league that played for Coach Gewecke more than 35 years ago.  Coach Gewecke taught that you could compete and play hard-nosed baseball with respect, dignity and class.  His lessons resonate loudly at Windsor Field 40 years later.

AALL management


Arcadia American Wins the 11-12 and 9-10 Tournaments!!

Congratulations to the 9-10 and 11-12 AALL All-Stars as they both bring home the District 17 Championship!  With the 10-11 team's 2nd place finish, it truly has been an outstanding All-Star campaign for AALL.  Good luck to the 9-10 and 11-12 teams as they play this weekend in the Section 2 tournaments.  The Section 2 tournament bracket for 11-12 team, which plays at Heasley Field in Sierra Madre, can be found here. The Section 2 tournament bracket for the 9-10 team, which plays at Sunrise Little League in Woodland Hills, will be uploaded once it becomes available.




It's All Star Time!!!


2014 11-12 Year Old All Stars Tournament

AALL 11-12 Team:

Dustin Allen

Jeffrey Castillo

Justin Chen

Julian Eskridge

Daniel Gaspar

Preston Howey

Leon Iwasaki

Drake Jackson

Kevin Lima

Nicholas Luchetta

Tyler Quintero

Shane Soares

Jake Tedford




2014 10-11 Year Old All Stars Tournament

AALL 10-11 Team:

Ace Belvoir

Joe Chung

Kellen Gewecke

Michael Gruppie

Mikey Hillier

Edward Jin

Kyle Lin

Nathan Mejia

Ryan Nguyen

Nicholas Patton

Ryan Rizzo

Jonah Tang

Brandon Williams



2014 9-10 Year Old All Stars Tournament

AALL 9-10 Team:

Nolan Anthony

Jacob Babakhanian

Elijah Davis

Actavius Dunson

Mikey Easter

Devon Eskridge

Jadon Fann

Guy Gruppie

Matthew McIntire

Brandon Nguyen

Deven Salazar

Brendan Weisinger

Lance Wong



 2014 8-9 Year Old All Stars Tournament

AALL 8-9 Team:

Raymond Baham

Anthony Brogan

Robbie Callahan

Nicholas Choy

Ben Cooper

Jackson Hisey

Dylan Ibrahim

Kylan Lin

Jaden Liu

Christopher Nurhadi

Parker Soares

Jimmy Wilcox

Evan Yn






Dodgers Sweep AALL Minors Championship Tournament

Winning pitcher Nolan Anthony slammed a three-run, inside-the-park home run, Guy Gruppie, Jr. hit a two-run triple and E.J. Davis scored the winning run on May 19th as the Dodgers edged the determined Cubs, 10-9, to take the AALL Minors Championship in two games. Earlier, the Dodgers, the regular season champions, defeated the Cubs, 14-1, behind E.J.'s stellar pitching effort. Congratulations Dodgers and good luck in the Tournament of Champions!  Good luck to our Cubs as they represent AALL in the Minors City Tournament (hosted at Windsor Field)!

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          The Mission of Arcadia American Little League is to support our children in a competitive environment that values and inspires integrity, leadership, character, accountability and sportsmanship. 


Our players, coaches, parents and league administrators pledge that:

·                    We will support all players and cheer only positively

·                    We will, as coaches, provide constructive guidance to all players

·                    We will laud excellent play by our team and the opposing team

·                    We will respect umpires.  We will act professionally when requesting clarification or expressing disagreement 

·                    We will teach sportsmanship, not gamesmanship.  Our coaches will not employ tactics intended to distract young children into mistakes

·                    We will not utter profanity

·                    We will promote fun, win or lose

·                    We will play together as a team.  We do not criticize or demean our teammates or players

·                    We will respect our community.  We leave our fields in a cleaner state than we found them.


Simply put, we have great pride in our community and we strive to do things with Character!



AALL's Junior League program for players age 13 and 14, a program run in conjunction with Santa Anita Little League, has its own webpage at  Please visit the site for schedules, standings, and other league information.  


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