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Welcome to the official website of Abington Youth Lacrosse, Inc.,
a non-profit organization located in Abington, Massachusetts
dedicated to the development of the sport of lacrosse.
Our philosophy is based on fostering a positive, supportive atmosphere
where every member of a team will see playing time no matter what program we operate.
We believe playing opportunity at the youth level should be based
on each child's desire to play, not necessarily their ability.
Regardless of ability, every member of a team will be treated with
encouragement and respect by the coaching staff.

Please send all mail to:
Abington Youth Lacrosse
P.O. Box 2296
Abington, Massachusetts 02351

Parents and players, we have some important information regarding 2 popular helmets that no longer meet the standards set by NOCSAE. Rules written by US Lacrosse, NCAA & NFHS mandate that all helmets meet NOCSAE standards or be ruled as non compliant equipment-hence, no longer an approved helmet. Cascade has come out with some steps for owners of their R helmet. Both Cascade and Warrior are working with NOCSAE to identify corrective steps to certify future production and recertify already manufactured and sold helmets. If your child uses one of these helmets, please see the links below for further information.

 Abington Youth Lax