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****AC League Practice Schedules & Scrimmages****

Week of 10/05/15



 Tuesday & Thursday, Add'l TBA
    Time:  5:45-8:00pm Practice

    Location:  Russell Field



Tuesday (All), Thursday (A Team), & Friday (All)

Time:  5:45-8:00pm Practice

Location:  Cheshire School Field


Jets (B-TEAM) Scrimmages

Wednesday vs Pittsfield Saints

Time:  4:45pm Arrival (5:30pm Game Time)

Location:  Taconic High School, Pittsfield


Thursday vs Pittsfield Browns

Time: 4:45pm Arrival (5:30pm Game Time)

Location:  Renfrew Field, Adams



Tuesday, Thursday, & Friday

Time: 5:15- 7:30pm Practice

Location:  Cheshire School Field




Please remember that if you are going to miss a practice, game, scrimmage, or any scheduled event that you MUST contact your head coach by phone/text.



Mark Harrington - 281-0697(c) or 743-0247(h)



Brian Carlow - 822-8362(c)



Pete Tatro - 652-4660(c)


Thank you and good luck AC Football!!



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And while you are there sign up for cancellations/updates.  There are two ways of doing it.  If you would like text messages and emails letting you know that a game or practice has been cancelled, etc. then go to the "Text/Email Alerts" box or you can go to the "Join our Email List" it is recommended for players and parents to register through the "Text/Email Alerts" box to receive all current updates.  Get a head start on the upcoming season by being registered and prepared for all upcoming events!!




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