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  • Congratulations A-C Saints!! 2013 Season & Super Bowl Champions!!
  • Congratulations All A-C Teams on a GREAT 2013 Season!!
**** Bears Jacket Pick-Up ****
**** 2013 Booster Day - Televised Times ****
**** 2013 Raffle Ticket Winners ****
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Welcome to the home of
Adams Cheshire Youth Football

**** Bears Jacket Pick-Up ****




Sunday, December 8, 2013

11:30 - 12:00pm

@ Coach Todd's House

20 Overlook Terrace, Adams



 Congratulations Adams-Cheshire Saints...


2013 AC Saints Super Bowl Champion Celebration


The 2013 Adams-Cheshire Saints accomplishments:

1) Perfect 9-0 season

2) Every game was ended early by the Mercy Rule.

3) Most every game ended before the half. Here is the Mercy Rule breakdown:

    • 1 game - Forfeit before game even started 2 games - Mercy in the First Quarter
    • 1 game - Mercy on first play of the Second Quarter
    • 3 games - Mercy in the Second Quarter (including both playoff games)
    • 1 game - Mercy on first play of Third Quarter
    • 1 game - Mercy in the middle of Third Quarter

4) The only touchdown allowed all season long was in the Super Bowl.

5) Except for two fumbles, Adams-Cheshire scored a touchdown every time the offense touched the ball. In other words…

6) Never once did a team force Adams-Cheshire to punt the ball due to a loss of downs.

7) Adams-Cheshire allowed the opposing teams, in totality, to simply CROSS the 50-yard line just 4 times all season.

8) They allowed two first downs all season, the second time during the Super Bowl


**** 2013 A-C Saints Season - Senior Super Bowl Champions ****



  2013 Adams-Cheshire Saints 

**** 2013 Booster Day - Televised Times ****

****  2013 Booster Day - Televised Times  ****

 Local Channels 16 or 116.2 (digital).

 A-C Bears vs. A-C Storm

11/09/13  -  1:00 pm

11/11/13  -  10:00am

11/13/13  -  4:00pm

11/15/13  -  7:30pm

11/29/13  -  11:00am

A-C Jets vs. North Adams

11/16/13 - 1:00pm

11/17/13 - 10:00am

11/20/13 - 4:30pm

11/22/13 - 7:30pm

11/29/13 - 1:00pm

A-C Saints vs. North Adams

11/23/13 - 1:00pm

11/24/13 - 10:00am

11/27/13 - 4:00pm

11/29/13 - 3:00pm

11/30/13 - 7:30pm

Videos may be purchased through the local television station.

Contact - Joanne at 663-9006

Price - $10.00

Money raised from the sales of all videos goes to the Alma Riello Scholarship Fund.  This scholarship is given to a student in the local viewing area, Drury, McCann, Hoosac, Mt Greylock, etc. that is pursuing a degree in TV, Radio, and Fine Arts.

**** 2013 Raffle Ticket Winners ****

Congratulations to the winners of the 2013 ACYF Raffle


Wayne Fortier - $300

Bill Lavioiette - $200

Ashley Goodell - $100


All winners will be contacted or can contact Mark at 743-0247.



Welcome to the Adams-Cheshire Youth Football Web-Site!!  Get involved and stay updated!!



Don't forget to sign the "Guestbook" located on the new website in the upper right corner,  You can cheer on your favorite player, coach, team, or the entire league!!

Also check out the write ups under the "game results", on the left side of the website.  Choose the team, the game, and click on it.  From there you will see a nice write up along with the stats for that days game!!

And while you are there sign up for cancellations/updates.  There are two ways of doing it.  If you would like text messages and emails letting you know that a game or practice has been cancelled, etc. then go to the "Text/Email Alerts" box or you can go to the "Join our Email List" it is recommended for players and parents to register through the "Text/Email Alerts" box to receive all current updates.  Get a head start on the upcoming season by being registered and prepared for all upcoming events!!




2013 Adams Youth Football

2013 A-C Saints Team Pic
Adams-Cheshire Saints


2013 A-C Jets Team Pic 2013 A-C Bears Team Pic
Adams-Cheshire Jets

Adams-Cheshire Bears


2013 A-C Storm Team Pic
Adams-Cheshire Storm




2013 Adams-Cheshire Cheerleaders

2013 A-C Saints Cheerleaders Pic
2013 Adams-Cheshire Cheerleaders


2013 A-C Jets Cheerleaders Pic
2013 Adams-Cheshire Jets


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