• Spirit Booster Meeting Thursday, 3/19 @ 630pm at ALHS Library
  • HAVE A CHEERY DAY!! Updated 3.17.15
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2015-16 Try Out Information!

Student Information Meeting: Friday, March 6, 2015 at 3:15pm in room 20

Mandatory Parent Tryout Meeting: Thursday, March 12, 2015 at 6:00pm in the Library

Optional Clinic (current ALHS Students Only): Friday, March 13, 2015 from 3:00pm to 5:00pm in the Quad area

Zero Period Practices: Monday, March 30th, 31st and April 1st, & April 2nd from 7:00am to 8:00am in the small gym.  Jr. High students will be let out 10 minutes early to go to their schools.

Mock Tryouts: Friday, April 3rd, from 7:00am to 8:55am. Jr High students will go first, since it is a High School late day, we will have a longer practice.  ALL PRACTICES ARE CLOSED.

Tryouts: Saturday, April 4, 2015 from 8:00am to 12:00pm in the small gym.  Please have candidate be there by 7:00am to register and get warmed up as we will begin at 8:00am SHARP! (Tryouts are CLOSED)

It is Mandatory for the student to be available on these dates (except for the clinic).  Permission must be obtained from the Advisor in advance if the student cannot fulfill these obligations.




Game is Sunday, Feb 22 at 3pm

top sellers will preform dance routine on the ice!

All cheerleaders that will be performing must have tickets purchased by Monday, February 2nd. Edith Villar is heading up the sale of the tickets. Her contact# 909-772-0293
The last day to be eligible to perform on the ice is Friday, February 7th at 7:00pm.  At that point the top sellers will be determined. 


Barboni's Fundraiser on Thursday, January 29th, please see handout on handout tab!


Hi Everyone!

Please make sure your cheerleader brings the Applebee's Fundraiser money and/or unused tickets to zero period TOMORROW, 8/22!!  Dianne will be there to collect for you!!!


Next week there are parent nights on Tue & Thur for each class... So our Spirit Booster meeting will be held on Wed, 8/27 at 630p in the library. Hoping you can still all join us!  If you ordered Spirit Wear, we will have your order at the meeting!





Hi Families!!  8.19.14

Reminder that the breakfast is this Saturday from 8a-10a!! We're going to have 6 Varsity Volunteers & 6 JV Volunteers.. Which I believe have already been recruited at zero period yesterday. 

Dianne (our board treasurer) will be at zero period on Wed, 20Aug & Fri, 22Aug to collect money and/or any unsold tickets!! Very important to get them turned in Wed or Fri!!  We have to turn everything in to Applebee's by Friday night.. So need it all collected from cheerleaders We'd or Fri at zero period!


Thank you all for your participation! See you at breakfast (well, back to school night tomorrow first :-)!!







Hello Squad and Families!! (7/16/14)

Hope your summer is terrific!  Can't believe it's almost time to head back to school! 


Varsity:  Jordan Centeno and Taylor Vals

JV: Jenna Cruz and Elissa Perez

Now for some reminders!  For our upcoming Booster meeting on Tue, 7/22 we will have a guest coming with some great new "Spirit Wear" items!  This will be the only opportunity to get these items, so please send someone from your family to the meeting to see what there is... I have attached a flyer that gives some more details. There will be samples available and they will take the orders and money at the time of the order... again, this is the only time this is available... so bring in some $$ if you want a blinged out shirt for mom.. hoodie... backpack..

Our Discount Card fundraiser is also coming to an end on 7/22.  Please make sure you bring in the money or any unsold discount cards to return to the Booster meeting!

Thank you all and Cheers!



Hello Cheer Families! (resent 7.3.14)

I talked a little about this new function for email and text alerts via our website last night at the booster meeting... I have it all set up now, you will just individually have to go in and create a free account to verify you belong on our website.  I just created my account and it was pretty easy.  I have some other instructions below, but if you just click the icon on the right of the website welcome page for "Alerts", it will take you through the process.  There are 4 different groups you may be able to join... ALL SQUAD (so everyone, squads, parents, coaches), JV SQUAD (JV Squad, parents, & coaches on JV), VARSITY SQUAD (varsity squad, parents, coaches), and our SPIRIT BOOSTER BOARD (this is for board members and coaches)... so please select all that apply to you & your cheerleader.  I'm going to have my 2 cheerleaders set up accounts as well.

Once you set up your email alert (have email account nearby because they will send you a verification code) and "save", you can then sign up for text as well (and you need to have your cell nearby for that verification code too)... they will ask you to select a "division 4 team".. it gives a division 4 drop down menu with a lot of "teams", (because I had to add those in order to do the football schedules).  You can pick whichever team you are on... "JV CHEER SQUAD" or "VARSITY CHEER SQUAD" as your "team" to get started.

Here are the instructions League Line Up sent me to pass on to you:

Have your members Subscribe to these Alerts
1. They must have a verified MyLeagueLineup Account.  They can register for a free account using the Signup link in the MyLeagueLineup box that appears below the main menu on your site.
2.  Once the account is verified click on that "Get Text Alerts" link.
3. This will take them to the MyLeagueLineup account page.
4. Click on the Profile->SMS Phone Setup link to add their Phone number(s) and phone carrier.
5. Enter the validation code for each phone to validate the phone number
6. Go to the Sites link and click on the Alerts icon on the Sites page in their MyLeagueLineup account.
7. Select the Alert Group and click the "Save" button

Also, I found parent volunteers available to take pictures of the squads when we get uniforms!  I'm sending a "fun facts" paper to practice today with Morgan for the squads to complete for their profiles, so please have them get those back to Morgan or Madi as soon as they can.

Thank you all!

Any questions, let me know!




Hi Cheer Families!

Hoping your cheerleader has recovered from 3 long days of a very productive cheer camp!!  A HUGE thank you to the coaches and parent volunteers for making this a FANTASTIC experience for everyone!

Just a quick note if anyone has ended up with anything "extra" from camp that they don't know who it belongs too or how they got it, please bring it to practice on Monday!

Also, Coach Frances sent out a few emails regarding the cheer box designs and one of those emails had an attachment that I have put on the website "handout" tab.  Also, if you did not receive the email from Coach Frances about the cheer boxes (sent Saturday), please let me know and I will forward it to you, and make sure she gets your email.  I send my emails through the website, so it might be a little different.

Please make sure you attend our Spirit Booster Meeting on Tuesday night in the library at 630p... going to have some photos from camp to show you! 

Like I said on the site, I'm hoping to get everything updated on the website this week at some point with our new board, squad, coaches, etc... sorry for the delays!

ENJOY the rest of your afternoon!




Good Afternoon Cheer Families!! 6-19-14

Apologies for not getting any pics up just yet...I didn't get home from helping at the Centeno home until 12a and now i'm heading out the door to work.  They all seemed to have a FANTASTIC time last night... they were all very tired!  Coaches were there until 11p!  They had all their blankets/sleeping bags spread out all over the house.. looked like fun and they all seemed to be bonding!

I wil try to get some pictures posted as soon as I can.  Also, if you want some examples of the cheer boxes, there is some pictures on the Photo Album tab, and just use the drop down menu to select the box you want to look at.  I will have the new board, cheerleaders, game info up by next week.

Also, very important.... if you would like to see the final performance from camp, please be at the Frequent Flyer Gym in Ontario by 3pm on Friday afternoon.... The address is 5300 Ontario Mills Parkway, Suite 200, Ontario, CA 91764 (909) 477-2600

See you there!



Hello Cheer Families!

Coach Sam will need your parent district release forms turned in on Monday, 6/15.  Please note she is still missing Kara Dunn, Manny Morales, Sam Shed, Taylor Val's, and Erin Villar... those were passed out at practice last week.

Please make sure you bring your completed NCA Release form with you at 145pm on Monday, 6/15.  Also practice is from 2p-5p on Monday to prepare for camp!

Cheerleaders recieved the NCA form last Wednesday at practice.

Please make sure you have everything turned in at 145pm on Monday, 6/15.

Thank you from Coaches!

(Missy, webmaster)


Please note on calendar, practice on Monday is from 2p-5p!


Hello all cheery families!
Congratulations!  What a great fundraiser - we raised roughly $4500!!!

And our gift card flower winner was..... ANNA SMITH
I have updated the portal with all fundraising payments.
Please check the portal and make sure your account is paid. 


Once again - super important... No one's uniform will be made until all payments are completed!  Production time runs about 7 weeks and our first event is in 7 weeks, so we really have no wiggle room! 
Please complete portal payments by Tuesday, June 10th!!!!

Any questions, please contact Cindy Vals at 951-212-1081 or cvals20@hotmail.com

Please view the News/Information tab for all the things going on!  So much happening!  Thank you for your support!

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