Last Updated: October 22, 2014

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  • Home of the All Sports Youth Association Summer League at Allen Fields
  • What you are as a person is far more important than what you are as a basketball player-John Wooden
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Fall 2014 Blueprint Preseason Skill Training & Development & Training Classes



All Sports Youth Association Presents

The Blueprint "Fall Sessions"

with Sam Sutton



***PLEASE NOTE: ALL sessions will be held at HILDA GOODLING IMPACT ACADEMY (formerly known as NEW HOPE)***


Whether you are trying to make a travel team, earn a starting position on your junior high school team or attempting to break school records, we have the basketball preseason training & development program for you. 


Our 10-week Preseason skills sessions are 90 minute classes dedicated to intense skill development with a healthy amount of conditioning, with focus on basketball-related speed, jumping, agility and quickness. The goal is to not only have you ready for winter tryouts, but to have you steps ahead of the competition and an all-around better basketball player. These intense group sessions will focus on ball handling, shooting, defense/lateral movement, passing, offensive moves, conditioning, quickness and agility.  These classes also add a competitive aspect that will ensure each child is ready for winter tryouts.


For our YOUNG LEARNERS (Grades 1-3), we offer a Fundamental Skills & Drills Class that will introduce a strong fundamental foundation in all aspects of basketball.


In addition to the Preseason Training & Development series, we offer specialized skill sessions that focus on shooting and ball handling. 

Our goal is to introduce you to a training program that will have you excelling in tryouts and the upcoming season. Upon completion, you will have acquired an increased confidence in your skills & abilities, giving you an edge up on the competition. 



*Sessions begin Saturday, September 13, 2014 & Sunday, September 14, 2014





The Ball Handling class stresses the fundamentals of dribbling. In this class, we strive to fully equip players with a multitude of dribble moves & skills while raising the comfort level for each player in game situations. 



This class focuses on establishing good shooting mechanics (Balance, Hand Placement, Footwork and Releases) along with shooting off the dribble, off screens, spot up shooting and free throws.  Repetition is heavily emphasized, and small group sizes allow for hundreds of repetitions and personal attention.  We understand that a consistent amount of game shots in game spots at game speed will lead to positive results. Repetition is key!


Offensive Moves/Finishing

This session will focus on a variety of offensive tools that will allow you to read defenses, attack them properly and finish. Creating off the dribble and from the triple threat position is a major focus, along with equipping most players with tools that will help them be successful on the offensive end of the court.


Elite Position Training (Point Guard, Wing Scoring & Post Man)

In these workouts, players will have the unique opportunity to work directly on the skills that willl increase their Player IQ at their desired position. Instructors are experts at their respective positions and will teach players the mental and physical aspects of their role in those positions.


J.A.Q. Training

J.A.Q. stands for Jumping, Agility and Quickness as related to basketball. This is in addition to some of the other classes and will consist of drills that will enhance players' J.A.Q. skills in relation to basketball related movements. 


*Saturday Conditioning Sessions**

(Held at York College Track)

Greatness doesn't just happen!



Sign up below to register your child for the The Blueprint "Fall Sessions"!


Please Register Online or Via Phone

Call (717) 793-2125 or Email:


Blueprint Training Call 717-758-1625


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