Last Updated: June 27, 2015

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  • Congratulations to 2014 Group B Champions - Degenerates
  • Congratulations to 2014 Group A Champions - Pioneers

Results and Rainout Line

The phone for results and rainout information is 778-241-3372.
If a blanket rainout is in effect a message will be posted after 4 PM. If no message is posted then show up at the park and the umpires will make a decision. When phoning regarding rainouts, do not call before 4PM and do not leave a message because it will not be returned. Also, please have only one person per team call each night.

Posting Game Results

Game results can be posted by email at game results or texting 778-241-3372

Please click on "How To Post Game Results" for more information about submitting results and handling scoresheets.

Congratulations to Our New 2014 Champions

Congratulations go out to the Pioneers won the Group A Championship and the Degenerates for their Group B Championship. Congratulations go out to their worthy opponents, the Wildberrys and the Athletics.
Thank you to all the teams and umpires for another great ARMS season. See you in the Spring!

Playoffs - 2014 Finals

Monday July 28

Group A     KG2        Wildberrys 11 Pioneers 5 (Wildberrys lead series 1-0)

Group B     KG3        Athletics  2 Degenerates 15 (Degenerates lead series 1-0)


Wednesday July 30

Group B    KG2        Degenerates 12 Athletics 2 (Degenerates win Group B Championship 2-0)

Group A     KG3        Pioneers 17 Wildberrys 4 (Series tied 1-1)


Thursday July 31

Group A     KG2        Wildberrys 6 Pioneers 10 (Pioneers win Group A Championship 2-1)

Playoffs 2014 - Semi Finals

Monday July 21

Group A               KG2        Mits 9 Pioneers 15 (Pioneers lead series 1-0)

Group A               KG3        Mariners 13 Wildberrys 14 (Wildberrys lead series 1-0)

Group B               KG4        Dorns 6 Degenerates 21 (Degenerates lead series 1-0)


Tuesday July 22

Group B               KG2        Athletics 14 Bat Busters 9 (Atthletics lead series 1-0)

Group B               KG3        Degenerates 17 Dorns 7 (Degenerates win series 2-0, advance to B Final)


Wednesday July 23

Group A               KG2        Wildberrys 13 Mariners 1 (Wildberrys win series 2-0, advance to A Final)

Group A               KG3        Pioneers 22 Mits 6 (Pioneers win series 2-0, advance to A Final)


Thursday July 24

Group B               KG3        Bat Busters 9 Athletics 7 (Series tied 1-1)


Friday July 25

Group B               KG2        Athletics 13 Bat Busters 5 (Athletics win series 2-1, Advance to B Final)


2014 Playoffs - Week One

Monday July 14
KG2        Dorns 5  Pioneers 16 (Pioneers lead series 1-0)
KG3        Bat Busters 4  Mariners 5 (Mariners lead series 1-0) 
KG4        Mits 15    Degenerates 14 (Mits lead series 1-0)
Tuesday July 15
KG2        Athletics  8 Wildberrys 9 (Wildberrys lead series 1-0)
KG3        Degenerates 12 Mits 6 (Series tied 1-1)
Wednesday July 16
KG2        Mariners  18  Bat Busters 14 (Mariners win series 2-0, Mariners advance to "A" semi-final, Bat Busters to "B" semi-final)
KG3        Pioneers 22 Dorns 12 (Pioneers win series 2-0, Pioneers advance to "A" semi-final, Dorns to "B" semi-final)
Thursday July 17
KG2        Mits  1   Degenerates  0 (Mits win series 2-1, (Mits advance to "A" semi-final, Degenerates to "B" semi-final)
KG3        Wildberrys  1   Athletics 0 (Wildberrys win series 2-0, Wildberrys advance to "A" semi-final, Athletics to "B" semi-final)

Upcoming Games/Practices

Wednesday,  Jul 8
A's @ Mariners 6:45pm King George 2
Mits @ The Wild 6:45pm King George 3
Degenerates @ Pioneers 6:45pm King George 4

For a complete schedule listing, click here!