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  • Arundel Jr. Wildcats/Now at API
  • Registration OPEN 2013
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  • API - Gambrills
  • Tournament 12/28/2013

Arundel Jr. Wildcats - NOW API Select Wrestling Club

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MSWA FUTURE CHAMPIONS TOURNAMENT on December 28, 2013 @ Athletic Performance INC (API)

740 RTE 3 North - Gambrills, MD 21054

Register for the tournament at or 

UPDATE 10/26/13 - Arundel Jr. Wrestling was sponsored by GORC and Crofton.  In an effort to improve the program and allow it to once again become one of the premier wrestling clubs in the State of Maryland - the program has moved to API and is now, "API Select Wrestling Club".

Registration is now available through API at -

Registration fee is $150 - this includes practices at API on Wednesday and Friday nights 5PM - 7PM and a Saturday morning wrestling league at API, and the "Official" API Wrestling Uniform.  Additional opportunities to wrestle will be through the Anne Arundel County Recreation Wrestling League so that API wrestlers can compete in County Matches & Tournaments.

Your wrestler won't find better Coaching than what will be offered at API - API Select Wrestling Club welcomes Corey Peltier former ACC Champion from the University of Maryland along with a group of experience wrestling coaches who have wrestled at all levels.

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