Last Updated: March 27, 2015

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Opening Day
20 Days


 Coaches please rake the mounds and homeplate area after each practice.


Upcoming Events

Saturday April 18th Schedules are up to date there was some changes so please check your game times.

April 11th and 12th Independent Baseball Tournament for more info go to

April 18th Opening Weekend DoubleHeaders Gate Fees Adults$4 Students$2

April 18th Picture Day & Raffle Drawing

May 16th Kickball Tournament/Movie in the Park

 Raffle Drawing Info

Each player in our league is selling raffle tickets they are $1 a ticket we are giving away a choice of a $500 Walmart gift card or a Playstation4.Also the player that sells the most tickets will get 2 Texas Rangers Tickets on the 2nd row by the Rangers dugout.All Money and tickets need to be turned by 3pm Saturday April 18th if your player needs more tickets please get ahold of any board member.

Kickball Tournament/Movie in the Park Info

Each team must have 9 players and at least 3 women on each team

Entry per team:$125.00

KickBall Champs will win T-Shirts

To sign up contact David Cornelius @903-603-3545 Entry Deadline is 5-11-15      5pm

After the Kickball Tournament we will have a 10x8 Movie screen playing the Sandlot so come on out for a lot of fun with your family and enjoy the day and night.

Practice Schedule 2015


Field 1 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday  
  Mudcats- CP-6pm Astros-Cp 6pm Grasshoppers-Tball 6pm Rangers-Tball-6pm Mets-AAA 6pm Littles-9 RubberDucks  
  Open Twins-AAA 7:30pm Astros-AAA 7:30pm Rattlers-Cp-7pm Scrappers-AAA 7:30pm Littles-10-Blue Tornadoes  
Field 2 River Cats-Cp-6pm Padres-Tball-6pm Pirates-Cp-6pm Indians-Tball-6pm Express-Tball-6pm Littles-9 Paw-Patrol  
  Open Open Open Braves-Tball-7pm Rivercats-Tball-7pm Littles-10 Lil Rangers  
            Littles-11 Bright-Lights  
Field 3 Open Marlins Ranger-6pm Open Marlins-Ranger-6pm Open Open  
  Rangers-Ranger 7pm Open Grasshoppers-Ranger 7pm Indians-Ranger-7:30pm  Rangers-Ranger Open  
Field 4 Royals-6pm Express-AAA-6pm Padres-CP-6pm Rangers-Ozone-6pm Open Open  
  Open Rockhounds-Ozone-7:30pm Padres-Ozone-7:30pm Reds-Ozone-7:30pm Rangers-Open Open