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Barberton Youth Football and Cheerleading

BYF spectators-you have a responsibility!  That player over there is young and courageous.  He went through practices, camps and conditioning.  He gives up his Saturdays for months to do something he loves.  He is someone’s son. He is an individual with heart.  He doesn’t need nor deserve to hear you scream at him from your seat.  He knows when he makes a mistake without you yelling it out to him.  He has coaches.  He doesn’t need to be upset hearing his name and the name of his teammates screamed with negativity.  He does not need to hear the words forfeit or quit.  He needs your encouragement, praise and support!  He needs silence from you during the tough times.  He needs you to rush to the field during the best times.  He is a hero just for the courage to be on that field.  Be kind to him and pray to keep him safe.

WE are Barberton Youth Football and Cheerleading!




Disclaimer: "Barberton Youth Football and Cheerleading" and its entities are not to be used without our sole permission for advertising, marketing, personal use, social media, etc.  As a Non-Profit Organization that has specified authorizations as well as regulations, use of the name and/or any materials are prohibited.  Please contact us for additional information or requests.  Thank you.




We will be having "Pizza Night" at East of Chicago on Shannon Ave. on Wednesday, September 10th and Wednesday, September 24th.  Simply call in or go to East of Chicago and state that you're ordering for Barberton Youth Football and Cheerleading.  A portion of the sales will be donated to our organization.  Please feel free to tell your family and friends to order too!  Thank you for your support!!



Did you know our site has a Forum that you could participate in?  If you have comments, concerns and/or questions, this is a great place to put them!

Did you also know we have a Guest Book you can sign?  It's a nice way to show your support and participation!

 If you have any pictures you've taken from any of our games and/or practices and would like them shared on our site, please email them to BYF Secretary, Rachel Sager.  Rachel's email address is available in the "Contact Info" section.  You can email directly from the site!




Mission Statement: As a Non-Profit Organization, Barberton Youth Football and Cheerleading strives to educate and develop the youth of our city to be an important and progressing member of their team while maintaining good sportsmanship, respect and a sense of community in an enjoyable and safe environment.




You may purchase old BYF Cheer uniforms (shell and skirt) along with a set of pom-poms and new briefs at Flowers & Flops on Wooster Rd for $20.00.  Uniforms, shell and skirt only, are $12.00.  Pom-poms sold as a set are $5.00.  You may also purchase or make your own bow.  Please visit our "Links" page for Flowers & Flops store information.  Please remember, these are old uniforms and cannot be worn for this season to practice nor games.  All proceeds from the sales go to Barberton Youth Football and Cheerleading.




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Upcoming Games

Saturday,  Sep 20
BYF-Freshman @ Kenmore 10:00am Kenmore-Prentiss Park
BYF-Sophomore @ Kenmore 11:30am Kenmore-Prentiss Park
BYF-Junior Varsity @ Kenmore 1:00pm Kenmore-Prentiss Park
BYF-Varsity @ Kenmore 2:30pm Kenmore-Prentiss Park
Saturday,  Oct 4
BYF-Freshman @ Norwayne (Scarlet) 4:00pm Norwayne-Norwayne High School
BYF-Sophomore @ Norwayne (Scarlet) 5:30pm Norwayne-Norwayne High School
BYF-Junior Varsity @ Norwayne (Scarlet) 7:00pm Norwayne-Norwayne High School
BYF-Varsity @ Norwayne (Scarlet) 8:30pm Norwayne-Norwayne High School
Saturday,  Oct 11
BYF-Freshman @ Wadsworth (Red) 3:00pm Wadsworth-Art Wright Stadium
BYF-Sophomore @ Wadsworth (Red) 4:30pm Wadsworth-Art Wright Stadium
BYF-Junior Varsity @ Wadsworth (Red) 6:00pm Wadsworth-Art Wright Stadium
BYF-Varsity @ Wadsworth (Red) 7:30pm Wadsworth-Art Wright Stadium
Saturday,  Oct 18
BYF-Freshman @ Black River 11:00am Black River
BYF-Varsity @ Black River 12:30pm Black River
BYF-Sophomore @ Wadsworth (Black) 4:30pm Wadsworth-Art Wright Stadium
BYF-Junior Varsity @ Wadsworth (Black) 6:00pm Wadsworth-Art Wright Stadium
Saturday,  Oct 25
Rittman @ BYF-Freshman 10:00am Barberton Sports Complex
Rittman @ BYF-Sophomore 11:30am Barberton Sports Complex
Rittman @ BYF-Junior Varsity 1:00pm Barberton Sports Complex
Rittman @ BYF-Varsity 2:30pm Barberton Sports Complex

For a complete schedule listing, click here!

Upcoming Events

Wednesday,  Sep 24
East of Chicago Pizza Night 1:00pm

For a complete calendar listing, click here!

Barberton Youth Football and Cheerleading

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