Last Updated: April 15, 2014

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Barberton Youth Football and Cheerleading

2014 Season Registration

Saturday: April 26th, May 3rd and May 10th from 10:00am-2:00pm

at Barberton Active Adult Center 500 W. Hopocan Ave.


    Varsity (11 and 12 year olds & 7th grade 12 year olds)*

    Junior Varsity (10 year olds)

    Sophomore (9 year olds)

    Freshman (7 and 8 year olds)


    Minimum age of 7 (6 years old to be a Mascot)/Maximum age of 12

      1. All registering participants must be in attendance and accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.  Fittings/measurements will be done at time of sign-up.

      2. A birth certificate copy & a current small picture are required at registration.

     3. Registration fee for all participants, new or returning, is $125.00.  If there are two or more participants per family, the fee is $115.00 per person.

      4. Cash or checks only are accepted; checks payable to: Barberton Youth Football.    Payment is due at time of sign-up.

    5. Our 2014 BYF season starts in July: 7/15-7/17:  Cheer & Football Camp, 7/19: Cheer & Football Equipment & Uniform Pick-up and Parent Meeting, 7/23-7/25: Football only Conditioning and 7/28: Cheer & Football Practice begins.

   6.  Registration forms will be available for completion at the time of sign-up.

   7. Physicals are required for all cheerleaders and football players; due prior to first day of Conditioning (football players) or practice (cheerleaders).  NO EXCEPTIONS.


*All Ohio Youth Football Association Age/Grade/Weight Football Requirements:

Varsity: 11 year olds and 6th & 7th grade 12 year olds; cannot turn 13 before August 1st.  Line-only players: 135 lbs. and above.  Junior Varsity: 10 year olds.  Line-only players: 130 lbs. and above.  Sophomore: 9 year olds.  Line-only players: 115 lbs. and above.  Freshman: 7 and 8 year olds.  Line-only players: 100 lbs. and above.

Please note: Your child will be placed by the age they are on August 1st, 2014.  Every participant who registers is guaranteed a position on their corresponding team providing age and registration requirements are met.

For additional information and/or questions, please contact BYF Director  BYF Secretary Rachel Sager at

 *******This information is subject to change.*******



Below is a list of (football) dates from the AOYFA league.  If the league revises any information, we will post it as soon as available.  Dates are also available on our calendar.  If you have any questions, please call our Director or email our Secretary.  Thank you.

July 23rd-Conditioning begins.

July 24th-Conditioning-helmets, shoes and shorts permitted.

July 25th-Conditioning-helmets, shoes and shorts permitted.

July 28th-First team practice-helmets, shoulder pads and shorts.  NO CONTACT.

July 29th-Team practice-helmets, shoulder pads and shorts.  NO CONTACT.

July 30th-Team practice-full pads permitted.  NO CONTACT.

July 31st-First full day of contact.

August 10th-Coach's meeting (TBD).

August 11th-Final day to declare number of squads.

August 16th-First scrimmage.

August 20th-Schedules available.

August 23rd-Second scrimmage.

August 28th-Final rosters for Certification due.

August 30th-First game.

If you or anyone you know is interested in being a cheerleading or football coach and/or being a sponsor for our 2014 season, please call BYF Director Mark at 330-696-9246 or email BYF Secretary Rachel at  Thank you.


     For those of you that have not heard, our former AOYFA League Commissioner, Allen Boswell, passed away this past November.  Allen was a huge part of our organization as well as an inspiration, mentor, friend, business associate and supporter.  We were deeply saddend to hear of his passing and will remember him fondly.  We will miss him greatly.

     With Allen's passing, the AOYFA League had to appoint a new Commissioner.  So we'd like to take this opportunity to welcome, Jerald Scott!  Jerald has served previously within our league as an assistant commissioner as well as a referee for several years.  He brings a lot of experience and knowledge to this position and has already dedicated his best efforts to maintain a well-run organization.  Congratulations and Good Luck, Jerald!


We would like to thank Rocci Ratay for his years of coaching our youth football players and all of his dedication and support to us.  Rocci assisted us in so many ways and was a great asset to us!  We truly appreciate all the work you've done for us and hope you the best!  Rocci, please know that you're always welcome to come and watch a practice or help out at a game!!  Again, thank you Rocci!


We would like to thank our 2013 Cheer Director and Coach, Briana Moran, for all of her hard work and dedication for last season.  Briana was with us only this one season but stepped up to a big challenge and made a positive difference in our cheer organization.  Briana and her fiance are moving out of the area and we would like to wish them both the best and good luck!  Thank you again for all that you did for us!  We appreciate everything and will miss you.



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Did you also know we have a Guest Book you can sign?  It's a nice way to show your support and participation!


If you have any pictures you've taken from any of our games and/or practices and would like them shared on our site, please email them to BYF Secretary, Rachel Sager.  Rachel's email address is available in the "Contact Info" section.  You can email directly from the site!


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BYF spectators-you have a responsibility!  That player over there is young and courageous.  He went through practices, camps and conditioning.  He gives up his Saturdays for months to do something he loves.  He is someone’s son. He is an individual with heart.  He doesn’t need nor deserve to hear you scream at him from your seat.  He knows when he makes a mistake without you yelling it out to him.  He has coaches.  He doesn’t need to be upset hearing his name and the name of his teammates screamed with negativity.  He does not need to hear the words forfeit or quit.  He needs your encouragement, praise and support!  He needs silence from you during the tough times.  He needs you to rush to the field during the best times.  He is a hero just for the courage to be on that field.  Be kind to him and pray to keep him safe.

WE are Barberton Youth Football and Cheerleading!


Mission Statement: As a Non-Profit Organization, Barberton Youth Football and Cheerleading strives to educate and develop the youth of our city to be an important and progressing member of their team while maintaining good sportsmanship, respect and a sense of community in an enjoyable and safe environment.



Disclaimer: "Barberton Youth Football and Cheerleading" and its entities are not to be used without our sole permission for advertising, marketing, personal use, social media, etc.  As a Non-Profit Organization that has specified authorizations as well as regulations, use of the name and/or any materials are prohibited.  Please contact us for additional information or requests.  Thank you.

Upcoming Events

Saturday,  Apr 26
Registration 10:00am Active Adult Center (Barberton Parks & Rec. Dept.)
Saturday,  May 3
Registration 10:00am Active Adult Center (Barberton Parks & Rec. Dept.)
Saturday,  May 10
Registration 10:00am Active Adult Center (Barberton Parks & Rec. Dept.)
Tuesday,  Jul 15
Cheer & Football Camp 6:00pm Decker Park
Wednesday,  Jul 16
Cheer & Football Camp 6:00pm Decker Park
Thursday,  Jul 17
Cheer & Football Camp 6:00pm Decker Park
Wednesday,  Jul 23
Football Conditioning 6:00pm Decker Park
Thursday,  Jul 24
Football Conditioning 6:00pm Decker Park
Friday,  Jul 25
Football Conditioning 6:00pm Decker Park
Monday,  Jul 28
Football Practice Begins 6:00pm Decker Park

For a complete calendar listing, click here!

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