Last Updated: August 28, 2015
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Barberton Youth Football and Cheerleading

Cheerleading Information

***BYF Cheerleaders***

  • Our first game is scheduled for Saturday, August 22, 2015.  (We hope to have the schedules passed out the week of the 17th.)  ALL cheerleaders should be at the game at least 30 minutes prior to the game starting.  Uniforms and hair bows will be passed out before Saturday.
  • Please make sure that you have you white no-show socks and your lollies & cheer shoes from MC Sports.
  • ALL cheerleaders are to bring a bag of candy to their coach by the 20th.  NO chocolate or candy that can melt!
  • Cheerleaders will be participating in the 2015 Barberton Labor Day Parade.  The cheerleaders will be walking and will need to bring a bag of candy to toss out as well.
  • Gymnastics will be every Wednesday for those interested from 7:30pm-8:30pm at International Gymnastics located at 2653 Arlington Rd., Akron, OH 44319.  The cost if $5.00/week.  This will start-up within the next 1-2 weeks and additional information will be forthcoming.


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Upcoming Games

Saturday,  Sep 5
BYF-Freshman @ Cloverleaf (White) 10:00am Cloverleaf
BYF-Sophomore @ Cloverleaf (White) 11:30am Cloverleaf
BYF-Junior Varsity @ Cloverleaf (White) 1:00pm Cloverleaf
BYF-Varsity @ Cloverleaf (White) 2:00pm Cloverleaf
Saturday,  Sep 12
Wadsworth (Red) @ BYF-Freshman 11:00am Barberton High School-Sharkey Stadium
Wadsworth (Red) @ BYF-Sophomore 12:30pm Barberton High School-Sharkey Stadium
Wadsworth (Red) @ BYF-Junior Varsity 2:00pm Barberton High School-Sharkey Stadium
Wadsworth (Black) @ BYF-Varsity 3:30pm Barberton High School-Sharkey Stadium
Saturday,  Sep 19
BYF-Freshman @ Kent 10:00am Kent-Davey Elementary School
BYF-Junior Varsity @ Kent 11:30am Kent-Davey Elementary School
BYF-Varsity @ Kent 1:00pm Kent-Davey Elementary School
Saturday,  Sep 26
BYF-Freshman @ Black River 11:00am Black River
BYF-Sophomore @ Black River 12:30pm Black River
BYF-Varsity @ Cloverleaf (Green) 2:30pm Cloverleaf
BYF-Junior Varsity @ Black River 4:00pm Black River
Saturday,  Oct 3
BYF-Freshman @ Norwayne (Scarlet) 2:00pm Norwayne-Norwayne High School
BYF-Sophomore @ Norwayne (Scarlet) 3:30pm Norwayne-Norwayne High School
BYF-Junior Varsity @ Norwayne (Scarlet) 5:00pm Norwayne-Norwayne High School
BYF-Varsity @ Norwayne (Scarlet) 6:30pm Norwayne-Norwayne High School
Saturday,  Oct 10
BYF-Freshman @ Wadsworth (White) 10:00am Wadsworth High School
BYF-Sophomore @ Wadsworth (White) 11:30am Wadsworth High School
BYF-Junior Varsity @ Wadsworth (White) 1:00pm Wadsworth High School
BYF-Varsity @ Wadsworth (White) 2:30pm Wadsworth High School
Saturday,  Oct 17
BYF-Sophomore @ Wadsworth (Black) 11:30am Wadsworth High School
BYF-Varsity @ Wadsworth (White) 1:00pm Wadsworth High School

For a complete schedule listing, click here!