Last Updated: May 21, 2015 
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Bartholomew County Little League

Summer Baseball Camps @ Franklin College

Franklin College has a few summer baseball camps coming up in early June.  You can save on fees by registering early (by May 29th).  Click here for additional information.

Support Bartholomew County Little League this summer with the Indianapolis Indians!

Interested in volunteering?

If you are interested in helping with various league activities such as fundraising, events such as Opening Day activities, or our annual all-star tournament to be held next summer, please go to Online Forms and complete the form to let us know.  We appreciate your help!!

Support BCLL through the United Way!

Did you know BCLL is on the approved list of the United Way? A great way to help out the youth of Bartholomew County is by having your United Way donation marked for BCLL.  If it is not on your list, you may write in: Youth Baseball of Bartholomew County.   Thanks for your support!!

BCLL Positions and Responsibilities

With the growth & success of the BCLL, we are in need of Board Members & volunteers. If you would like to help out, or would like more specific information about an individual position, please let us know. Update As an added bonus, CERAland, is offering 1/2 price memberships to all BCLL Board Members!
BCLL Board

BCLL Positions and Responsibilities

President and Vice-president- Amy Craft and Jeremy Emmitt

- Oversee daily operations of BCLL, uphold Little League rules and BCLL supplemental rules, work with Ceraland on facilities, schedules, and major purchases

Treasurer- Amy Wetherald 

- Responsible for budget, balance bank account, taxes, and 501 c 3, pay bills

Secretary- Dave Murphy 
- Keep notes and provide minutes for meetings

Information Officer- OPEN
- Website and league information distribution

Safety Officer- Greg Lovins

- Responsible for ASAP (Board approval March 1), First Aid, lightning safety, and any other safety issues

Player Agent- Brian Siegman
- Responsible for securing coaches, running the draft and approving pre-season moves

Equipment Managers - Mike Hurt and Eric Cathcart
- Responsible for purchasing typical baseball equipment and supplies, distribute equipment to coaches, and inventory returned equipment

Proposed Committees

Fundraising Committee - TBD

- Responsible for securing banner ads, gathering items for raffles, securing photographer, and other fundraising ideas

All-Star Committee- TBD
- Responsible for All-Star program and BCLL tourneys

Event Committee- TBD

- Responsible for advertising, purchase trophies and appreciation plaques, and organize the BCLL fun day, post info and others

Facility Committee- Preset

- Members are Ceraland GM, BCLL president, BCLL vice-president, and one other BCLL representative
- Responsible for vision and direction of the Ceraland baseball facilities

County Park Diamond Scheduling

Per the county parks board, those responsible for scheduling the baseball diamonds at the county parks will be as follows:
Wayne Park:  Terrill Paradise - 812.764.2040 
Mt. Healthy: Brian Siegman - 812.350.4117
Petersville:  Brian Siegman - 812.350.4117
Rockcreek: Don Moss - 812.447.0602
Elizabethtown: Don Moss - 812.447.0602

Upcoming Games/Practices

Tuesday,  May 26
9/10 - PeeWee
Rayburn @ Eynon Law Group (Baty) 6:00pm Ceraland #1
B&H Electric (Hashman) @ Residence Inn by Marriott (Wetherald) 6:00pm Columbus Regional Health - Ceraland #2
Southern Indiana Orthopedics (McMullen) @ M&M Cards & Collectibles (Comer) 7:30pm Ceraland #1
Hoosier Sporting Goods (Luedeke) @ Warble Property Group (Witte) 7:30pm Columbus Regional Health - Ceraland #2
13/14 - Junior
Hoosier Sporting Goods (Paradise) @ Master Power Transmission (Rivera) 6:30pm ICT - Ceraland #3
Wednesday,  May 27
7/8 - Peanut
Coers Family Eyecare (Watkins) @ Cleanworks (Weatherford) 6:00pm Ceraland #1
Fastenal Blue Team Sports (Emmitt) @ The Tony London Co (Hilderbrand) 6:00pm Ceraland #4
Dunfee Farms (Rudd) @ Boyer Machine & Tool (Gearhart) 6:00pm Ceraland #5
Auto Glass Depot (Hammond) @ King 7:30pm Ceraland #1
11/12 - Midget
State Farm Insurance (Carlson) @ ReMax (Pollert) 6:00pm Columbus Regional Health - Ceraland #2
Columbus Carpet & Linoleum (Wehmiller) @ Malone Staffing (Babb) 7:30pm Columbus Regional Health - Ceraland #2
Thursday,  May 28
4/5 - TBall
Indiana Smokehouse (Moss) @ Dunfee Farms (Dougherty) 6:00pm Ceraland #7
Wayne Township Fire & Rescue (Gilbert) @ Richard Hawes Insurance (Weatherford) 6:00pm Ceraland #8
5/6 - Rookie Ball
Burger King - Red (Jessup) @ H & K Auto (Kleffman) 6:00pm Ceraland #6
Burger King - Blue (Dye) @ Country Chevrolet (Burton) 6:00pm Ceraland #9
9/10 - PeeWee
Eynon Law Group (Baty) @ Southern Indiana Orthopedics (McMullen) 6:00pm Ceraland #4
Warble Property Group (Witte) @ B&H Electric (Hashman) 6:00pm Ceraland #5
Residence Inn by Marriott (Wetherald) @ Rayburn 6:00pm Columbus Regional Health - Ceraland #2
M&M Cards & Collectibles (Comer) @ Hoosier Sporting Goods (Luedeke) 7:30pm Columbus Regional Health - Ceraland #2
13/14 - Junior
Master Power Transmission (Rivera) @ Hoosier Sporting Goods (Paradise) 6:30pm ICT - Ceraland #3

For a complete schedule listing, click here!