Last Updated: March 23, 2015

2014 Beaver Cheer
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Baseball Registration for 2015  NOW OPEN!
2015 Spring Baseball Online Registration Form <----Click this link to register
Registration deadline February 27th, 2015
This year Beaver Baseball will be competing in the newly formed Valley Baseball League. Opening day is tentatively set for April 18th.

The total registration fee for this year is $100.00. This includes the basic registration fee of $50.00 and the fundraiser portion of $50.00 which can be recouped. The fundraiser portion is per family, so for example if registering two children from the same family the total cost would be $150.00.

There is also a $40.00 concession stand buy-out fee. If you work at the concession stand for one game this check will be returned to you. You may also choose to "buy-out" your concession duty and the check you write will be cashed before the season begins. A separate check is required for this fee even if you plan to use the buy-out option.

There will be a registration DEADLINE of Friday, FEBRUARY 27th.  All payments (current and past due) must be made BEFORE your child will receive a uniform. Players without a uniform will not be allowed to practice or play in games.

All checks should be made payable to "BEAVER BOOSTERS" and can be payed at the clinic or  sent to:

Attention: Baseball Registration
Beaver Boosters
PO Box 186
Beaver, PA 15009

An evaluation clinic will be held on March 1st in the College Square Elementary School gym from 12:00-5:00 for Farm, Minor and Little League players ONLY. More details on specific time schedule to follow.

More information will be posted on the website and/or through the Beaver Booster Baseball Facebook Page.
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 2015 Softball Registration is NOW OPEN


2015 Softball Spring Registration


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Registrations are now open for the 2015 Cheer Season.

Beaver Area Cheerleading 2015 Form 


COMPETITIVE SQUAD: Girls that wish to be on the competitive cheerleading squad are required to

TRYOUT. If said girl does not make the competitive squad, she can elect to cheer for the Football

Squad. The number of competitions varies but can be estimated at 2-4 competitions per season. These

competitions are hosted at various locations and will involve moderate travel. Cheerleaders that are selected

for the competitive squad are strongly encouraged to enroll in a tumbling class at a local gym.

Cheerleaders that wish to try out for the competitive teams must meet the following squad criteria.

PeeWees must have mastered at least three of the following skills: FORWARD ROLL,


Mitey Mites must have mastered all of the above skills and two of the following: FRONT


Midgets must have mastered the following: FORWARD ROLL, CARTWHEEL, ROUNDOFF, BACK

WALKOVER, FRONT WALKOVER or FRONT OR BACK HANDSPRING. Additional consideration will be

given for FRONT or BACK TUCKS and further skill sets.


SEASON ENDS: October/November

PRACTICE OBLIGATION (days/week by month):

April and May: 2-3

June: 3-4

July/August: 3-6 (August dates are MANDATORY)

Sept/Oct: possible 1-3

FOOTBALL SQUAD: This squad will be comprised of girls that have chosen not to try-out for the

competitive squad or otherwise do not meet the competitive squad requirements and still wish to cheer, as

well as cheerleaders from the Competitive Squad that would also like to cheer for football.

SEASON BEGINS: May for the competitive squads, July for football squads

SEASON ENDS: October/November

PRACTICE OBLIGATION (days/week by month)

May and June for comp squads: 2-3 

July: 2-3

Aug: 3-5 (practices are mandatory)

Sept/Oct: possible 1-3

FINANCIAL OBLIGATIONS: In addition to the annual registration fee for cheerleading of $60, there are additional

financial obligations. The following items are required and prices are estimates based on previous years. Prices

are subject to fluctuation. (*Additional items are available for purchase but are not required)

Camp Week: $75

Shoes: $60

Slimmer: $20

Briefs: $10

Bow: $20

Warm Up Suit: $70

Raincoat: $15


PomPoms: $25