Last Updated: October 22, 2017
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We hope you are enjoying the season so far.  Please remember there are no pets permitted, and no smoking at the fields.  



Tournament Schedules are posted on the bottom of this page.


If your child is interested in continuing soccer beyond the recreational side, please take a moment to fill out the Belpre Fireballs travel form on the website.  We are always looking to add teams and/or talented players that want to develop and play year round.  For information, just fill out the form or email for information.



Coaches-Please click on this link complete the required concussion training course



Please refrain from open carrying at the fields.


BSC By-laws 

U8 Tournament Bracket

U10 Tournament Bracket



U12 Tournament Bracket

U16 Tournament Bracket

Upcoming Games/Practices

Saturday, Oct 28
Donnie Earley @ Taylor Rowland9:00amU6 Field A
Melissa Graziani @ Jeff Bucy9:00amU6 Field B
Beamer Huss @ Jessie Brinkman9:00amU6 Field C
Tia Shackleford. @ Tara Swiger9:30amU6 Field C
Donnie Earley @ Beamer Huss10:00amU6 Field A
Taylor Rowland @ Jessie Brinkman10:00amU6 Field B
Melissa Graziani @ Tia Shackleford.10:30amU6 Field A
Jeff Bucy @ Tara Swiger10:30amU6 Field C
Donnie Earley @ Jessie Brinkman11:00amU6 Field A
Beamer Huss @ Taylor Rowland11:00amU6 Field B
Tia Shackleford. @ Jeff Bucy11:30amU6 Field C
Melissa Graziani @ Tara Swiger12:00pmU6 Field A

For a complete schedule listing, click here!