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Congratulations to our Crusader and Spartan team!!

Both teams are Super Bowl Champions for their divisions.

Great job players and Coaches!!!!



Equipment Return
We have set up equipment return times for Tuesday 11/7 and Thursday 11/9 4:30-6 PM.
All equipment must be returned on one of these days! Game, practice jerseys and pants must be washed before being returned. Remove mouth guards from helmets.
Please DO NOT bring equipment to the field outside of these times, there will not be someone at the trailer to receive it outside of these times. If you are not properly marked off for returning your equipment you may be billed for missing gear.

Please note that all players MUST return their games jerseys!! Holding on to them to use the following year is not allowed. There are no guarantees you will be assigned the same team color next season and also there is a numbering system that we must follow. Missing jerseys/numbers makes things difficult for us when assigning player numbers in the future.

Please remember that you all initialed the Equipment Policy at time of registration:

EQUIPMENT RESPONSIBILITY CONSENT:​ Please Initial For Full Consent [ ]

Your child will be issued equipment and uniforms for the upcoming season. This equipment has been
thoroughly inspected and is in good condition. At the end of the season, all equipment must be returned in
the condition that it was received. Football equipment shall be cleaned and returned and placed in a bag
ready for return. Cheerleader’s uniforms shall be cleaned and returned on a hanger. Any equipment not
returned, not cleaned as prescribed above, shall be the responsibility of the parent/guardian to reimburse
Beverly Youth Football for the cost of cleaning and/or replacement of damaged or non returned equipment.
Replacement cost is $350.00 for football equipment and $200.00 for Cheering uniforms.