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2016 May Board Meeting Information:

We strongly invite parents and coaches to please attend our board meetings.  The next meeting will be held:

Tuesday, May 10th, 2016 at 7:30pm at the Beachwood First Aid Squad, located at 4 Beachwood Blvd in Beachwood.


Individual Pictures - Individual pictures will be taken Sunday April 24th.  Players have received order forms with division times.

Snack Shack

NOTE:  Snack Shack work rule checks will be available at board meetings.  All meetings are announced on website and are usually held the second Tuesday of each month. Parents can pick up thier snack shack check at the board meeting after they complete their work rule.

Field Clean up

All field clean up checks will be deposited.  If you have participated but have not received your check back, contact Tess Jackson 



All players will be given the Player and Parent Code of Conduct along with the acknowledgement signature form.  All forms MUST be returned to coaches on or before your first outdoor practice.  Players will not be allowed to participate until signature form is received.

If you need a copy of the Code of Conduct and Signature form, please go to our "Download Online Forms" section and print a copy.

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Safety Rules & Code of Ethics

To ensure the well being of all players, listed below are some of the key safety rules and ethics that must be adhered to by all players:

Jewelry – Players are not allowed to wear any jewelry during practice or games (including jewelry intended to be permanent). Please make sure to have your child remove earrings, necklaces, bracelets, etc. before they leave home. Be aware that officials and supervisors on duty have the authority to disallow any player from participating when they feel it necessary for the safety of the player, her team or opponents. The league is not responsible for theft or loss of property.
NOTE: Medical Bracelets/Medical Medals – Any player required to wear a medical bracelet or medical medal will be permitted to do so, however, they must be taped to the body with medical data visible.

Food – Eating of food, snacks or gum is not allowed during practice or games. However, players are strongly advised to bring a beverage to each practice and game to keep them properly hydrated.

Poor Conduct – Players that willfully intimidate or harm another player will be under immediate review for dismissal from the league by the Board. This is necessary to give our girls an environment that is free from bullies and fear of getting intentionally harmed.

Equipment – Players are permitted and encouraged to bring their own equipment, however, that equipment must meet the standards of the ASA (2004 issue or newer). Helmets must be worn when batting and must have a ASA face mask attached. Cleats are not allowed to have metal spikes and bats must be Softball (not baseball) and be proper size for the player. If you have questions regarding your child’s equipment, please speak to your coaches. Be sure to mark your child’s equipment with their name.

Be Alert – It is important players be alert and pay attention during practice and games. Not doing so leaves our girls with the potential to be harmed by a stray ball. Also, being aware of what is going on during practice and games helps to strengthen the team as a whole and creates trust amongst their teammates.

*** Parents are NOT ALLOWED in the dugout or inside the fenced area ***

If you have questions or concerns, be sure to speak to your coaches.


Please find our Business Sponsorship Form to the left under "Download Online Forms" if you or someone you know would like to sponsor a team for $150 or would be interested in purchasing a sign for $250.

More sponsorship levels are available, please refer to our Business Sponsorship form.

For any questions, contact Tess Jackson at 732-691-1007 or

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