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Welcome to the home of the Bradfordville Buccaneers Pop Warner Football & Cheer located in the beautiful city of Tallahassee. 

The Bradfordville Buccaneers Pop Warner Football & Cheer Program is a non-profit organization interested in building leadership, learning skills, teamwork and discipline. We take pride in bringing together boys and girls from across Leon County to learn important life lessons through playing organized football and participating in cheering. We encourage good sportsmanship, respect for our community and each other, strong team unity and we are focused on keeping youth sports in its proper perspective. All our volunteers are dedicated to making your child's experience a positive one.

The Board of Directors, headed by President Matt Cronley, welcomes all players, parents and fans. Bradfordville Buccaneers Pop Warner embraces the Pop Warner philosophy that scholastic and athletic achievement should go hand in hand.
Big Bend Pop Warner is open to all who are interested in youth football and cheerleading.

Online Registration is Open!

2015 Registration
Pop Warner Tackle Football, Cheer & Dance

AGES 5 – 15 (AGE AS OF JULY 31, 2015)


Online registration can be accessed by clicking the link below.
2015 Online Registration


Please remember that even if you registered online you still need to fill out and turn in the required paperwork listed below.

2015 Physical -Every participant must have a physical, filled out on the Pop Warner 2015 Physical form, prior to August 1st. Participants cannot start practice without this!

2014-2015 Report Card

2015 Big Bend Pop Warner Registration Form

2015 SE Region Media Release

2015 Participant Contract and Parental Consent Form

2015 Buccaneer Commitment



2015 Physicals


All Pop Warner participants must have a physical done this year in order to participate. These physicals must be documented on the attached 2015 Pop Warner Physical form.

CVS Minute Clinic is offering $5.00 off sports physicals for Pop Warner participants.

Click the link below for more information:

CVS Minute Clinc - Pop Warner Offer



Central Registration

Date:May 2nd

Location: Apalachee Regional Park

7550 Apalachee Pkwy

Time: 9am-1pm


5K Check in will begin @ 7am with race beginning at 8am



2015 Kids and Pros


We are excited to announce our partnership with Kids & Pros Camps. To celebrate this partnership we are having our 1st FREE Kids and Pros football camp. Kids & Pros along with the Atlanta Falcons have been at the forefront of the USA Football "Heads Up" program and we are excited that they are able to come out and instruct our kids and coaches on the techniques that are designed to take Head out of the game of football. In addition to this outstanding opportunity for our kids and coaches we will also be having our annual registration for the upcoming Fall Season. If that wasn't enough we are also kicking off our first "First String Family Fun 5K Run"


To register for the Kids & Pros football camp please go to the following:


To Register for our "First String Family Fun 5K" please go to the following:






Message from the President

2014 marked a significant decline in the Buccaneers program; participant numbers are down by more than 50%. My belief is that this decline is due to more than just concussion/injury concerns. I believe we have lost a large number of participants due to issues specific to the Buccaneers association itself.

The past is behind us and it’s time to move the program forward. My plan is to make 2015 a rebirth of the program. To that end there are several initiatives the board of directors will be implementing.


1. The "WE ARE ONE" message. We are one. One Heart, One Team. Anyone that wears a Bradfordville Buccaneer shirt, football or cheer uniform is a sister or a brother. We have too many involved in Pop Warner that only want to win games. Don't get me wrong, I want to win games! However we must foster a better sense of community.

2. Market the academic program. We must find a way to better communicate with our community and educate them that this is not just a football or cheer program.

3. Sponsorship Program - If we can raise more funds we can provide a higher standard of equipment, facilities and additional services to our participants.

4. Modified Draft - In the past several years team formation has become the single biggest complaint program administrators have received.


1. Foster a better sense of comradeship between programs (football, cheer, dance), divisions, coaches, players, parents

2. Grow the program. I want 500 participants by the end of the 2016 season.

3. Improve participant retention.

Rest assured that myself and every other board member is commited to providing the best experience for EVERY participant in the Buccaneers program.

Matt Cronley


Bradfordville Buccaneers



Sponsor & Business Partner Information



Tallahassee is proud to offer girls and boys opportunities to participate in the Pop Warner Little Scholars programs. Pop Warner exists to use football, cheerleading, dance and a respect for education to develop strong, smart, responsible, healthy young men and women. We give them experiences that build their appreciation for and understanding of leadership, teamwork, and discipline.


The mission of Pop Warner Little Scholars is to enable young people to benefit from participation in team sports and activities in a safe and structured environment. Through this active participation, Pop Warner programs teach fundamental values, skills and knowledge that young people will use throughout their lives. 


The Big Bend Pop Warner league of Tallahassee is home to several area associations based on geographical areas of Leon County. One of the area leagues is the Bradfordville Buccaneers locally referred to as “the Bucs”. This year the Bucs have over 150 football players and 30 cheerleaders ranging in age from 5 to 15 years.


In order to keep this program running, we are currently looking for business sponsorships or individual donations. Each area association stands alone and is required to fund our own program including buying helmets, shoulder pads, game equipment, rental of field space, officials, security at games and even emergency medical services.  The price tag to run an organization like this for our children has a very high price tag. It costs over $30,000 annually to run and organize a safe and successful youth football and cheer program. Much of this expense goes towards equipment purchase and/or reconditioning, field expenses, safety certification, and scholarship programs.


At $125.00, our registration fees are among the lowest in the country. However the annual cost is $300 per football player and $200 per cheerleader.


If you would like to make a donation to support the Bradfordville Buccaneers Pop Warner Little Scholars Association, our organization has been established as a 501(c)(3) not for profit tax exempt organization. Our federal tax identification number is 23-1582287.


We appreciate your support of the Bradfordville Buccaneers Pop Warner Little Scholars Association.  



Click here for the form

2015 Bradfordville Buccaneers Sponsorship

We would like to thank you in advance for considering league sponsorship with Bradfordville Pop Warner. Please attach this form when mailing in your sponsorship or item donation.


                  PLATINUM LEVEL - $1500 and up.

·         Team helmet

·         Custom banner on our BFPW Website with company logo and  link.

·         A 3’x 5’ banner displayed at our home field games.

·         Your business name or logo on BFPW practice T-Shirt.

·         Full Page Advertisement in our BFPW Program.

·         Verbal acknowledgment announcing your business as our sponsor during the start of season pep rally.


                  GOLD LEVEL - $1000

·         Advertising on our BFPW Website.

·         A 3’x 5’ banner displayed at our home field games.

·         Your business name on BFPW practice T-Shirt.

·         1/2 - Page Advertisement in our BFPW Program.

·         Verbal acknowledgment announcing your business as our sponsor during the start of season pep rally.


                  SILVER LEVEL - $500

·         Advertising on our BFPW Website.

·         ¼ - Advertisement in our BFPW Program.

·         Verbal acknowledgment announcing your business as our sponsor during the start of season pep rally.


                  FAN LEVEL – Any amount less than $500

                 I would like to contribute the following cash amount $_________________


                  SILENT AUCTION/RAFFLE DONATION (Event is held at our Pep Rally)

               I would like to donate the following item


               to BFPW for your annual auction/raffle.


              This item has a value of $______________.




Your Company/Family Name: ___________________________________________________________

Contact Name: _______________________________________________________________________

Address: ____________________________________________________________________________

City: _____________________ State: ________ Zip Code: ____________ Phone No.: ______________

Email: __________________________________ Website address: _____________________________


Please Make Checks Payable to:                                                                             Contact Information:

Bradfordville Pop Warner                                                                                   Matt Cronley, President

1400 Village Square Blvd. 3-105                                                  

Tallahassee, Fl 32312                                                                               

TAX I.D. 23-1582287                                                                                                Phone (850)509-1422

** Advertising details subject to change due to BBPW Conference Level Fundraising **



Meet your 2015 Bradfordville Buccaneers Board.


  • Matt Cronley         President
  • Jason Ouzts          Vice President
  • Kristi Aiken           Secretary
  • Natalie Zierden     Treasurer
  • Patrice Dawson    Scholastics Commissioner
  • Kyle Hires             Football Commissioner
  • Nicole Heath         Cheer Commissioner
  • Zack White           Equipment Coordinator

Please review the information below concerning the various volunteer opportunities and consider filling one of the vacancies. If you or someone you know are interested in filling a position, please contact us for further information! During the season, committee heads will always be needing assitance and we need YOU to step up and help! Be on the lookout for all "calls for help" and sign up for something fun to help this association be successful! Volunteers are the key component in providing our youth the opportunity to participate in such a fun and healthy activity.

General Board Member Information:

General Board Members. Any person actively interested in furthering the objectives of Bradfordville Buccaneers can become a General Board Member upon nomination and by election from all members in attendance at the annual meeting. After serving one (1) year/season, member shall be eligible to serve on the Executive Board if elected. If any elected member does not meet the criteria as follows, the Executive Board shall have the right and vote to overrule as deemed necessary.


• member must be in good standing;
• dues are current;
• member represents the Association in a positive manner at all times;
• member abides by the Pop Warner Code of Conduct at all times
• member has met their volunteer commitment.

Assistant Football Commissioner. Assists the Football Commissioner in fulfilling the duties of that position. This position is required to attend the monthly BBPW Football Commissioners Meeting at least two (2) times held on the fourth Monday of each month.

Assistant Cheerleading Commissioner. Assists the Cheerleading Commissioner in fulfilling the duties of that position. This position is required to attend the monthly BBPW Cheerleading Commissioners Meeting at least two (2) times held on the second Monday of each month.

Sponsorship Coordinator. It shall be the duty of the Sponsorship Coordinator to plan, organize, and solicit all sponsors and donations made to the Association. He/She will provide sponsorship and donation guidelines. He/She shall keep accurate records of such monies donated and deposits to be submitted to the Treasurer. He/She shall ensure the appropriate correspondence is presented to possible sponsors and donors. He/She shall obtain sponsors for the Association along with the ads for the game programs and signs for recognition on the home field.

Assistant Football Equipment Coordinator. Assists the Football Equipment Commissioner in fulfilling the duties of that position.

Grievance Coordinator. It shall be the duty of the Grievance Coordinator to receive, collect and handle all grievances made by any member of the Association. All grievances shall be investigated with proper witness accounts, interviews, data collection and review. All findings with suggested punishment shall be presented to the Executive Board for vote on sanctions to be made. The Grievance Coordinator shall hand-down sanctions as voted by the Executive Board.

Special Events Coordinator. It shall be the duty of the Special Events Coordinator to oversee special organization functions. He/She shall further be responsible to assist the organization with its immediate and pressing needs. i.e. Scholastics, Banquet, etc.

Spirit Merchandising Coordinator. It shall be the duty of the Spirit Merchandising Coordinator to oversee all aspects of the handling of spirit merchandise that is sold by the Bradfordville Pop Warner Organization, exclusive of the items considered as football/cheer uniforms. The duties of the Spirit Merchandising Coordinator include but are not restricted to keeping an inventory on stock, ordering stock (upon Treasurer/President/VP approval) and selling ordered merchandise.

Fundraising/Events Coordinator. It shall be the duty of the Fundraising/Events Coordinator to plan, organize, and supervise all fundraising events. He/She shall present all fundraising ideas to the Executive Board for approval prior to event taking place. He/She shall keep accurate records of events and deposits and work directly with the Treasurer. He/She shall ensure the appropriate fundraising paperwork per Big Bend Pop Warner is completed for each fundraising activity.



Fonvielle Lewis Foote & Messer