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COBA 2013 Junior Champions - BRAMPTON ROYALS



Royals say goodbye to 10 seniors

Matthew Pileggi - OF (13 yrs)

Matthew Forer -  3B (7 yrs)

Andrew Czuchnicki - C (7 yrs)

Nick Anton - 1B (7 yrs)

Brandon Naraine - OF  (6 yrs)

Eric Hammerl - OF (5 yrs)

Arun Persaud - OF (5 years)

Jordan Boston - 3B (4 yrs)

Alex Levy - 2B (3 yrs)

Michael Sinclair - LHP  (1 yr)

Thank you Gentlemen for your hardwork and commitment to the program.  Good luck with your studies, collegiate baseball careers and your future plans.  Forever Blue

Coach Forer with seniors Nick Anton and Jordan Boston




Ruler #7   Don't admire your home run.  Try to act like it's not your first time.

otherwise you might just get this reaction from  the pitcher