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March 22, 2015 – 10:00 PM

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Junior Lions Lacrosse

- "Don't be late, don't be on-time, be early" - BB

Quotes from Duke's Coach John Danowski:
"We won't recruit a kid who only play lacrosse and nothing else".

"Our guys are starting to believe in the system. The key to our success has always been being unselfish, playing team defense and sharing the ball on offense. I think you saw some of that on both ends of the field today."

Quote: Dan Burns - Team USA Lacrosse Member -

“Enjoy the process of becoming a better player and more importantly, a good teammate. The games will end someday but the
friendships will last a lifetime."


Quote: St. John's Coach Jason Miller

- "Coaches love this type of athlete. First here, last to leave. Always shooting extra. Does everything right. Very reliable. Rarely makes mistakes. Quality kid.”

This game is a gift from the Creator," says Leo Nolin, who played lacrosse for Syracuse from 1968-70, but grew up playing the game as a member of the Onondaga Nation in upstate New York."For us, it's a medicine game, a healing game, a community game and a spiritual game. It's really our national sport. But it's not just a sport for us, it's a way of life."

Rich Prakopcyk was inducted into the NJ Lacrosse Hall of Fame - Class of 2012 on January 27, 2013.

On-Line Registration - PLEASE REGISTER ASAP!!!!!
On-line registration is opened, please go to the Skyland Lacrosse Club webpage.

See attached link for on-line registration:

Jake Kastrud
- Current NHHS Junior, Warriors Alum is providing Stick Stringing Service. See Stringing Flyer in Handouts tab for additional information and pricing.

See Upcoming Events schedule at bottom of page and/or click on Calendar tab on left hand side of page or at the bottom of the page. 

Practice Schedule
- 2015 Practice Schedule - See Jr. Lions Webpage
- Arrive 30 minutes prior to scheduled practice time!!!!!!!!!

Game Schedule
- 2015 Season Game Schedule - See Jr Lions Webpage
- Arrive 45 Minutes prior to game time!!!!!!!!!
- Please take note of game times - See Calendar for times + directions - click on event for details.

Welcome to Junior Lions Lacrosse!

Skyland Lacrosse Club is proud to continue to offer the Junior Lions Lacrosse program! Jr. Lions mirrors the philosophy and strategies of the North Hunterdon High School lacrosse program. Junior Lions helps foster a stronger sense of community, commitment, pride and healthy relationships between players, families, coaches, and alumni.

We will field teams at the 3/4th grade combined, 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th grade level for players in the North Hunterdon High School sending district. Through our First Shot program, beginning players, ages 4 through 8 will have an opportunity to learn the game via a clinic format. The 3rd through 8th grade teams will compete as an independent recreation team playing teams in our local area. The players will receive the same outstanding coaching as in the past supplemented with contributions from the North Hunterdon High School staff and players.

We are looking forward another successful season of the Junior Lions Lacrosse! 

Jr. Lions Alumni Currently in College
Nick Bologno - Richard Stockton
Jordon Stone - Messiah
Pierce Hyldahl - Fairfield U.
Mike VanSycle - Birmingham
Zack Martin - Mercer University
Chance Weinberg - Stevenson
Callen Hogrebe - West Chester
Jake Keefe - Richard Stockton
TJ Marron - St. John University
Kyle Stenberg - Merrimack College
Tom Fitzpatrick - Richard Stockton
Brendan Ulrich - Villanova University 
Hank Joyce - Colorado
Matt Kursar - RPI
John Ramalho - Ithaca
Ben Prakopcyk - Kean University
Patrick Bartnett - Kean University
Connor Baucom - Kean University
Liam Pearson - Wheaton College

Jr. Lions Alumni - College Commitments
Rob Marron - Rutgers University
Jake Moss - Princeton University
Griffin Westlin - John Hopkins University

Jr. Lions College Graduates
Ryan Pearson - Randolph
John Pearson - Roanoke
Colin Marsh - Montclair State
Matt Bologno - Richard Stockton
Dan Prakopcyk - Stevens Tech
Colin Hutchinson - Susquehanna
Josh VanHart - DeSales
Jeff Greig - Springfield
Ian Burgess - Stevens Tech
Sean Bobal - Kean University
Dave Crawford - Moravian
JW Green - Stevens Tech
Jon Bieler - Marywood
Billy Gottas - Salisbury U
Conner Hogrebe - Millersville

Support NHHS Lacrosse - NHHS schedule is on the Warriors calendar. Link to NHHS Varsity Lacrosse Schedule - NHHS Lions Varsity Lacrosse Schedule. Warrior players wanted to be on NHHS Varsity sidelines during games!


Watch Lacrosse on TV - DVR/TiVo the games and WATCH + LEARN.
Added great video regarding FACEOFF FUNDAMENTALS by Alex Smith - check the LINKS tab.

Added link for THE FACEOFF CLUB...great instructional videos.

1. Encourage your friends to give lacrosse a try, they'll love it!!! Invite your friend to our practices to experience it first hand.
2. Attention Warriors Lacrosse Players - Please review this video - see Links Tab for Invert Midfield hyperlink - NEW LINKS ADDED - Crease play; Feeding + Vision; Shooting; Lacrosse Video collection!!!!!!!!! There are other informative links in the Links Tab for your veiwing.
3. KEEP YOUR STICKS IN YOUR HANDS ALL THE TIME!!!!! This is only the beginning of great things.

Wall Ball Drills
• Quick stick – 50 right, then 50 left (no cradle)
• One hand quick stick - 50 right, then 50 left (no cradle)
• Quick stick - change hands each time you throw the ball while the ball is in the air- 50 right, then 50 left ( no cradle)
• Both hand catch and cradle - 50 right, then 50 left (one quick cradle)
• One hand catch and cradle – 50 right, then 50 left (one quick cradle)
• Face dodge - catch-face dodge-throw-50 right, then 50 left
• Split dodge - throw right, catch right, split dodge to left hand, throw left, catch left, split back to right hand- 50 right, then 50 left
• Cross handed - 50 right, then 50 left-“cross handed” means stick in right hand on the left side of body, or stick in left hand on right side of body (one quick cradle each time)

TOP TEN Things ELITE Athletes DO
1. Elite Athletes say: “I create my playing time by working hard all the time.” Regular Athletes say: “Coach owes me playing time because I am here all the time.”
2. Elite Athletes play every possession like it’s their last. Regular Athletes play like there will always be another chance.
3. Elite Athletes focus on opportunities for success. Regular Athletes focus on obstacles to success.
4. Elite Athletes admire other successful athletes. Regular Athletes resent successful athletes.
5. Elite Athletes listen to criticism, analyze it, and learn from it. Regular Athletes get upset over criticism and reject it, losing the opportunity to learn from it.
6. Elite Athletes focus on being a complete player. Regular Athletes focus on one facet of their game.
7. Elite Athletes are confident during any situation, thriving in pressure situations. Regular Athletes lack confidence in the clutch.
8. Elite Athletes demand perfection of themselves and their teammates. Regular Athletes are satisfied with mediocrity.
9. Elite Athletes put fear out of their mind and focus on the task at hand. Regular Athletes let their fear stop them from performing at their highest level.
10. Elite Athletes constantly learn and grow both on and off the field. Regular Athletes already know everything.
Excerpted and edited from an article written by Rashad Devoe in the July 2009 issue of Lacrosse Magazine.


Team Goals/Philosophy
To teach the basics of lacrosse and the fundamentals of game with emphasis on team and sportsmanship. Our goal is to have fun while being instructional and competitive and to demonstrate our passion and love for the fastest game on feet. This will be the Junior Lions fifteen year. Our schedule will consist of a minimum of 10 games. For game and practice schedules please view the Calendar tab. A normal week includes 2 practice days and 2 games.

The program includes teams from 3rd grade through 8th grade as well as a K, 1st and 2nd grade instructional clinic with participation in several festival format game events. Protective equipment is provided by the lacrosse program, if required. Players must have their own stick.

Call Chris Kastrud - President, 908.238-1647, Rich Prakopcyk - Boys Commissioner 908.735.5255 cell 609.577.6309 or Bob Bartnett cell 973.714.8095 with any questions.