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Last Updated: October 8, 2015

Arkansas Elite Football Championship

November 21, 2015

The Arkansas Elite Football Championship, hosted by the Cabot Youth Football Association, will be in Cabot, AR (20 miles north of Little Rock) on 11/21/15 and 11/22/15. Entry fee will be $180 with a 3 game minimum - two games on Saturday in pool play and all teams advance into tournament bracket on Sunday. Registration forms, roster and payment must be received by 11/14 or a late entry fee of $20 will apply. Age groups will be 8U, 9U, 10U, 11U, 12U, 13U and 14U depending on registrations.  Age cut-offs for each age group will be August 1 and will be strictly enforced throughout the tournament. Any team registering or playing an ineligible player will be removed from the tournament with no refund. Each team must have a clean copy of each player’s birth certificate, report card and photo. The Arkansas Elite Championship will be a fun, fair, and competitive event!


More information coming soon.

The next CYFA monthly membership meeting is being moved to next Wednesday the 23th of September at the Dakota Hawkins fieldhouse meeting room at 7 pm. 

Football Fields

October 8, 2015


Due to unforeseen circumstances, the new football field complex will not be ready in the month of October. We will keep everyone updated as we get new information. The city of Cabot is making sure the fields are ready soon, but done right, we appreciate their work. Thank you for all your patience in this process.

CYFA Executive Committee


Due to the construction of the new football fields being behind schedule, we will be playing at the High School Field, Youth Softball Fields and Youth Soccer Fields.  If the new football fields are completed before the end of the season, we will switch all games to be played at the new facility.  The current schedules try to keep every division as stable as possible, (dates, times and venues) until we can move to the new fields.  Thank you.


CYFA Executive Committee

Upcoming Games

Saturday,  Oct 10
Raiders @ Broncos 9:00am Soccer Field
Saints @ Jets 11:00am Soccer Field
Steelers @ Cowboys 1:00pm High School
Falcons, @ Steelers, 2:30pm High School,
Raiders, @ Colts, 5:30pm High School,
Panthers, @ Bengals, 4:00pm High School,
Cowboys, @ Jaguars, 7:00pm High School,
Monday,  Oct 12
Mini Campers
Eagles @ Saints 6:00pm Field 1 (Mon)
Steelers @ Bengals 6:00pm Field 4 (Mon)
Cowboys @ Patriots 7:00pm Field 1 (Mon)
Eagles @ Lions 7:15pm Field 4 (Mon)
Tuesday,  Oct 13
Bengals, @ Steelers, 6:00pm Field 4
Jaguars, @ Falcons, 7:15pm Field 1
Cowboys, @ Raiders, 7:15pm Field 4
Colts, @ Panthers, 6:00pm Field 1
Thursday,  Oct 15
Mini Campers
Eagles @ Packers 6:00pm Field 1 (Thrs)
Bengals @ Patriots 6:00pm Field 4 (Thrs)
Lions @ Steelers 7:00pm Field 1 (Thrs)
Cowboys @ Eagles 7:15pm Field 4 (Thrs)
Saturday,  Oct 17
Cowboys @ Saints 9:00am Soccer Field
Raiders @ Chiefs 11:00am Soccer Field
Jets @ Steelers 1:00pm High School
Bengals, @ Colts, 5:30pm High School,
Raiders, @ Jaguars, 2:30pm High School,
Falcons, @ Panthers, 6:00pm High School,
Steelers, @ Cowboys, 7:00pm High School,
Monday,  Oct 19
Mini Campers
Packers @ Saints 6:00pm Field 1 (Mon)
Steelers @ Cowboys 6:00pm Field 4 (Mon)
Patriots @ Eagles 7:00pm Field 1 (Mon)
Lions @ Bengals 7:15pm Field 4 (Mon)
Tuesday,  Oct 20
Falcons, @ Colts, 6:00pm Field 1 (Tues),
Raiders, @ Steelers, 7:15pm Field 1 (Tues),
Bengals, @ Cowboys, 6:00pm Field 4 (Tues),
Jaguars, @ Panthers, 7:15pm Field 4 (Tues),

For a complete schedule listing, click here!

Upcoming Events

Wednesday,  Oct 21
CYFA General Membership Meeting 7:00pm 321 Sports Complex
Wednesday,  Nov 18
CYFA General Membership Meeting 7:00pm 321 Sports Complex
Saturday,  Nov 21
Arkansas Elite Football Championships
Sunday,  Nov 22
Arkansas Elite Football Championships
Wednesday,  Dec 16
CYFA General Membership Meeting 7:00pm 321 Sports Complex

For a complete calendar listing, click here!