Last Updated: April 29, 2016

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TEENAGE Baseball and Softball REGISTRATION is underway for league ages 13 - 18 

Come to the Little League Ballpark Concession Stand across from the Fair Grounds to register on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday or Friday from 6 - 8 pm.  Last day to register is Friday April 15th.  

Registration fee: $70

Questions contact:  John Cardona (Baseball Director) 361-935-3344, Tony Tidrick (Softball Director) 361-482-9705, or Eloy Bonuz (Player Director) 361-550-5701



2016 Season Under Way!

Opening day was a HUGE success! We were blessed with GREAT weather and GREAT participation! Thanks to all the volunteers who helped pull it off. And, of course, none of this would be possible without the kids, coaches and all you fans! Remember to cheer on your favorite teams and show sportsmanship whether we win or lose.

Good luck, everyone!

Concession Stand Work Schedule

Please be sure to check the schedule for your team's concession stand work times. Thanks for all that you do!

To view Concession Work Schedule, click here!



Upcoming Games

Monday, May 2
Major Boys
Diamondbacks @ Tigers6:00pmMajor Boys Field
Rangers @ Rockies7:30pmMajor Boys Field
Major Girls
Texas A&M Aggies @ Texas Tech Red Raiders7:30pmMajor Field
Minor Girls
Texas Longhorns @ LSU Tigers6:00pmMajor Field
Pirates @ Angels6:00pmPeewee Field
Mets @ Braves7:30pmPeewee Field
CUBS @ RAYS6:00pmTee-ball Field # 1 - OLD FIELD
Reds @ ASTROS - ORANGE6:00pmTee-ball Field # 2 - NEW FIELD
Indians @ PIRATES7:15pmTee-ball Field # 1 - OLD FIELD
Minor Boys
Redsox @ Rangers6:00pmMinor Field
Giants @ Astros7:30pmMinor Field
Tuesday, May 3
Major Boys
Astros @ Redsox6:00pmMajor Boys Field
Padres @ Royals7:30pmMajor Field
Major Girls
Rice Owls @ Arizona Sun Devils6:00pmMajor Field
Arizona Sun Devils @ Rice Owls7:30pmMajor Field
Astros @ Nationals6:00pmPeewee Field
Diamondbacks @ Rangers7:30pmPeewee Field
Indians @ RANGERS6:00pmTee-ball Field # 1 - OLD FIELD
Mets @ White sox6:00pmTee-ball Field # 2 - NEW FIELD
RAYS @ RED SOX7:15pmTee-ball Field # 1 - OLD FIELD
Minor Boys
Pirates @ Cardinals6:00pmMinor Field
Peewee Girls
Texas Longhorns @ Arizona Sun Devils7:30pmMinor Field
Thursday, May 5
Major Boys
Royals @ Diamondbacks6:00pmMajor Boys Field
Rockies @ Astros7:30pmMajor Boys Field
Major Girls
Arizona Sun Devils @ LSU Tigers7:30pmMajor Field
Minor Girls
Texas A&M Aggies @ LSU Tigers6:00pmMajor Field
Nationals @ Diamondbacks6:00pmPeewee Field
Mets @ Rangers7:30pmPeewee Field
ASTROS - ORANGE @ Mets6:00pmTee-ball Field # 1 - OLD FIELD
RANGERS @ White sox6:00pmTee-ball Field # 2 - NEW FIELD
RED SOX @ BRAVES - NAVY BLUE7:15pmTee-ball Field # 1 - OLD FIELD
Minor Boys
Astros @ Pirates6:00pmMinor Field
Peewee Girls
LSU Tigers @ Arizona Sun Devils7:30pmMinor Field
Friday, May 6
Major Boys
Redsox @ Padres6:00pmMajor Boys Field
Tigers @ Rangers7:30pmMajor Boys Field
Major Girls
Texas Tech Red Raiders @ Texas A&M Aggies8:30pmMajor Field
Minor Girls
LSU Tigers @ Texas Longhorns7:15pmMajor Field
Angels @ Braves6:00pmPeewee Field
Astros @ Pirates7:30pmPeewee Field
PIRATES @ Reds6:00pmTee-ball Field # 1 - OLD FIELD
BRAVES - NAVY BLUE @ CUBS7:00pmTee-ball Field # 2 - NEW FIELD
Blue Jays @ Rangers6:00pmMinor Girls Field
Minor Boys
Redsox @ Cardinals6:00pmMinor Field
Giants @ Rangers7:30pmMinor Field

For a complete schedule listing, click here!