Last Updated: April 28, 2017
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2017 Season Under way!


-Official Score books, pitch count books and score board controllers are located in concession stand immediately to the left when you open the door. First teams of the day should gather the items and take them to proper field. Last teams of the day should return ALL items to the concession stand IMMEDIATELY after game.

-First teams of the day are responsible for field preparations including chalking the field. Last teams of evening should rake and water fields. Please help maintain our fields for the duration of the season.

-Remember to respect the NEW facilities! Read ALL posted signs. The new restrooms are cooled and doors should remain closed at all times.

Thank you for your cooperation in making this season the BEST ever!


2017 Concession Stand Work Schedule!

Be sure to review the concession stand schedule and make note of when your team is scheduled to work. We appreciate you help!


Teenage Registration, ongoing!


 Registration fees:  Teenage (league age 13-16 baseball & softball) $75

Registration form, Medical Release form and School Enrollment forms are under the handouts tab to the left.  Please print all 3 and bring completed to any registration.

For more information contact: Cefy Salazar 361-746-5006

Upcoming Games

Saturday, Apr 29
Minor Girls
ATM @ LSU9:00amSoftball Field
Rice Owls @ Longhorns12:00pmSoftball Field
Rangers @ Rays9:00amPeewee Field
Nationals @ White Sox10:30pmPeewee Field
Monday, May 1
Major Boys
nationals @ rockies6:00pmMajor Field
pirates @ rangers7:30pmMajor Field
Major Girls
Red Raiders @ Aggies6:00pmSoftball Field
Minor Girls
LSU @ ATM7:30pmSoftball Field
Diamondbacks @ Indians6:00pmPeewee Field
White Sox @ Rangers7:30pmPeewee Field
Braves @ Rangers6:00pmTee-ball Field # 1 - OLD FIELD
Mets @ Reds6:00pmTee-ball Field # 2 - NEW FIELD
Astros @ Padres7:15pmTee-ball Field # 1 - OLD FIELD
Minor Boys
Tigers @ Rangers6:00pmMinor Field
Twins @ Astros7:30pmMinor Field
Tuesday, May 2
Major Boys
red sox @ braves6:00pmMajor Field
nationals @ indians7:30pmMajor Field
Major Girls
Aggies @ Tigers7:30pmSoftball Field
Minor Girls
Red Raiders @ Longhorns6:00pmSoftball Field
Rays @ Orioles6:00pmPeewee Field
White Sox @ Nationals7:30pmPeewee Field
Dodgers @ Cubs6:00pmTee-ball Field # 1 - OLD FIELD
Diamond backs @ Reds6:00pmTee-ball Field # 2 - NEW FIELD
Padres @ Braves7:15pmTee-ball Field # 1 - OLD FIELD
Minor Boys
Rays @ Rangers6:00pmMinor Field
Yankees @ Twins7:30pmMinor Field
Thursday, May 4
Major Boys
red sox @ pirates6:00pmMajor Field
rockies @ indians7:30pmMajor Field
Major Girls
Longhorns @ Red Raiders6:00pmSoftball Field
Minor Girls
ATM @ Red Raiders7:30pmSoftball Field
Rangers @ Diamondbacks6:00pmPeewee Field
Rockies @ Indians7:30pmPeewee Field
Phillies @ Astros6:00pmTee-ball Field # 1 - OLD FIELD
Mets @ Dodgers6:00pmTee-ball Field # 2 - NEW FIELD
Yankees @ Diamond backs7:15pmTee-ball Field # 1 - OLD FIELD
Minor Boys
Tigers @ Yankees6:00pmMinor Field
Rays @ Indians7:30pmMinor Field

For a complete schedule listing, click here!