2015 Little League Rules

Each year there are some rules that get added, changed, or removed. We try to enforce the standard rule set as governed by Little League. You, as parents, coaches, and fans, can help by understanding the same rule set so everyone can enjoy and learn this evolving sport.  You can purchase the official rule book from Little League. Parents and fans, please do not argue calls. If you feel there is a rule being broken, please provide your coach with the findings from the official rule book. The children are looking to us as examples on how to settle issues so we should do so in a calm manner. Knowledge of these rules will help everyone. No one is a complete expert in all the rules and all of us are volunteering to make it the best experience possible for everyone.

Facebook Group - Get Involved

This year we have a Facebook group setup to get quicker feedback and news about anything related to Cedar American Little League. This group is a great open forum to discuss what's going on. Click here and join the group.

2015 Online Registration Closed

You can still register, but you'll need to do that in person at the tryout time.  Please fill out a registration form and have a check for $53 payable to C.A.L.L.


For any questions, you can email cedaramericanll+website@gmail.com and your message will be directed to the proper person.

Upcoming Events

Monday,  Apr 20
Season Starts
Friday,  Jun 5
Regular Season Ends
Monday,  Jun 8
Baseball Tournament
Tuesday,  Jun 9
Baseball Tournament
Wednesday,  Jun 10
Baseball Tournament
Thursday,  Jun 11
Baseball Tournament
Friday,  Jun 12
Baseball Tournament

For a complete calendar listing, click here!