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Formerly the SOUTH BAY DIRTBAGS 12U team...but still powered by the DIRTBAGS mentality, philosophy and determination...they are now the CARSON COLTS 12U team.  You will still be able to check out all info on our past teams:  DIRTBAGS, Holly Park Dodgers, Calas Park Cubs, etc...  We would like to welcome you to our site and hope you will support our team.  We are a 12 & under travel and league ball non-profit organization for boys, which gets its funding through a variety of fundraisers (casino bus trips, restaurant percentages, etc...), sponsorship from various businesses, and contributions from parents and relatives. The organization was founded in the Summer of 2011 by a small contingent of players and parents/coaches that have been together for a couple of years.  The team has been through various incarnations/rosters of the club, but have unbelievably been resilient through it all.  In the little time since our inception, we have added to our DIRTBAGS/COLTS family.  Now, that we have recently joined our team with the developmental program at Carson Senior High School, along with giving us a home field and having access to all their baseball facilities, it's sky's the limit for this club.  So, even though the team are DIRTBAGS at heart, we are now going to represent the COLTS of Carson High School proudly.  The team will participate in a variety of leagues; city and travel ball tournaments; and friendlies.  A couple of goals we are looking to accomplish is to try: build more well-rounded ballplayers;
teach our players team work;
teach good sportsmanship;
and teach the fundamentals of the game.
We would like to thank our players' instructors with the Urban Youth Academy in Compton, CA, especially Coach Edmond, for all the great work they have done with them.  Also, we would like to thank the instructors and coaches at Carson Senior High School, especially Coach C-Dogg, Sam and Yaya for all their help.  Definitely can't forget Coach Michael Kline, head coach of the Carson High Varsity team, for giving our coaches and the team this great opportunity to represent our great city of Carson and the high school.  Not to mention, special thanks goes out to the players' parents that have worked with them and showed them a love for the game throughout their formative years.  We are hoping that our lil' COLTS will grow up to be great ballplayers someday, and also to be fine upstanding individuals as they approach their teens into adulthood. We would also like to diversify the organization into other branches of baseball/softball.  We are currently thinking of putting a men's baseball team together again, which a couple of our coaches either play or coach, too.  We also are working on assembling an adult co-ed slowpitch softball team which will consist of the coaches, player's parents, relatives and close friends of the family. Possible future projects would be to add other age groups for boys and maybe even looking at girls' or women's fastpitch softball.  Our current roster has been set with 13 players, but one or two more players might be added or dropped in the near future.  Also, there will be players that will only be part of the practice/reserve squad, and then there will be the players that will actually be playing in tourneys and friendlies.  Here is the roster with the trainee/reserve players having a (
R) symbol by their name.  Inactive players will have a double asterisk (I) by their name:

#3     Julien Ayala R
#8     Timothy
(Timbo) Berube
#1     Sergio
(Surge) Franco
#99   Matthew
(Matty) Guerrero
#66   Jalen Hulsey

#44   Jonathan Largaespada
#13   Dylan
(D.J.) Lina
#23   Ryne
(Ryno) Lina
#32   Francisco (Frankie) Moncada
#42   Andrew
(Sandman) Morales
#18   Zackary
(Zack Attack) Roberts I
#16   Eriberto
(Eri) Rodriguez
#17   Luis Sanchez

Manager:  Nilo (Neil) Lina
Coaches:  Cesar Morales, Leo B. Lina, Luis Sanchez, Sr.

Team Mom(s):   Adriana Lina

 Welcome to the new additions to our family, and to our brothers that have left for various reasons will be missed.  With a new look to our team, we are looking to be a big threat to our age group and the rest of the competition for years to come. God bless and we hope that you will please come out, cheer and support the team.  Also, don't forget to LIKE us on the team's Facebook page, and don't forget to tell your family and friends, too.  You can click on either the icon under the side menu or the link at the top of this page.  If you still can't access the page, here is the link: .







July 1, 2014 – 11:39 PM

We have back-to-back birthdays for the month of July that we will be celebrating on the team.  Here are our celebrants:

Sergio (Surge) Franco - July 18

Timothy (Timbo, Timmy) Berube - July 19

The team would like to wish that our birthday celebrants will have a great day, and will have many more in the future.  This also goes for everybody else in our big COLTS 12U family that have a birthday that we don't know of.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! 




January 17, 2014 – 03:34 AM

The COLTS enter into their second tournament with Xtreme Diamond Sports, which is being run by Rick Melendrez Jr.  The tourney is the 2014 M.L.K. Winter Championships...which is also a World Series qualifier.  The 12U division runs through Saturday, January 18 - Sunday, January 19, 2014 at "The Yard" in Fullerton.  The entire 12U division schedule is posted on this site.  You can just check the Menu and look under Schedule, or check at the bottom of this page.

The team is coming off a 4 game winning streak in the Play Ball So-Cal Travel Ball League.  They hope to keep that streak going as they start this important tournament.  So please try to come out, watch and support your team from the great City of Carson...and definitely show your COLT PRIDE!!!





November 23, 2013 – 01:28 AM

The CARSON COLTS 12U team has got their new uniforms...and will be showing them off soon on a field near you.  Along with a new jersey, hat and pants...each player has a personalized bat bag on wheels and a hoodie.  It's taken awhile, but now the team will have a great new look to go with their great play and team work on the field.  The team has shown that they really deserved this.  But, it really wouldn't have happen if not for the great job by the parents, team moms and coaches.  The new uniforms will be displayed on this site soon.  If you don't get a chance to check it out on the site...stay tuned so you can watch them sport their new look at their next game.



November 20, 2013 – 05:07 AM

Since dropping their first 3 games in the PLAY BALL SO-CAL FALL LEAGUE, the team has gone 9-2 in their last 11 games...finishing with a respectable 9-5 record and a spot in the playoffs.  Now the real season starts...and the COLTS should and will be up to task for their first chance in league play to grab a championship.  After starting out slow, the team is playing the way that the coaches envisioned and why this team was assembled...simply to compete, showcase their great talent and just have plain fun playing the game they all love.  The team has assembled the best talent in the 12U divison from Carson...the team also has some really good players from outside their district to round out the team.  There are still things to work on...especially on defense...but the team has definitely shown improvement and that they can compete with the best of them.  It will not be an easy road to the championship, but the team can't wait to get out there...and they definitely welcome the challenge.  On the plus side they have the time to prepare for the playoffs.  Their playoff run is supposed to be scheduled at the beginning of December....but the date, time, teams and locations of their games is still "To Be Determined".  As soon as the league releases the dates, times, teams and will be posted on the team site.  So please make sure to check back on the site from time to time...check the Menu under "Schedules"....or just scroll all the way down on the "Welcome" page for "Upcoming Games/Practices".
So please try to come out, watch and support your team from the great City of Carson...and definitely show your COLT PRIDE!!!





November 3, 2013 – 04:48 AM

Having an unfortunate accident at home, Asst. Coach Joe Roberts (Zack's grandfather) suffered an injury that will keep him on the shelf for at least 8-10 weeks.  Fortunately for his family, friends and the was not a life threatening injury.  And despite still getting injured, everyone is very thankful that he should and will be fine in the long run.  We are sure everyone in the COLT'S FAMILY will be wishing and praying for a speedy recovery for him...and for Coach Joe to be back in the dugout and on the field.



October 23, 2013 – 05:33 AM

Since dropping their first 3 games in the  PLAY BALL SO-CAL FALL LEAGUE, the team has won their last 6 games.  The COLTS started out slow after not playing a game in a month before the season started, but seem to have got their playing legs under them.  There are still things to work on...especially on defense...but the team has definitely shown they can compete with the best of them.
So please try to come out, watch and support your Carson team.  Let's keep the winning streak going.  GO COLTS!!!






October 26, 2013 – 12:04 AM

CALAS PARK/CARSON COLTS 12U team, coaches and parents participated in the 45th Anniversary City of Carson Parade 2013....and they grabbed 2nd place in the judging!!!  Great job to our CALAS PARK/CARSON COLTS 12U team, coaches and parents.  Thanks for the great team and parents....and Kenny Harris (Center Supervisor) from Calas Park...for making all of this possible.  We would also like to thank Matt Barber for letting us use his truck...and for Mike Barber for driving our disabled assistant coach, Leo.







September 10, 2013 – 02:36 AM

The CARSON COLTS 12U team enters their first travel ball league, PLAY BALL SO-CAL FALL LEAGUE, which is being run by John Escandon and I.T.D.C.A Sports Baseball Club.  The 12U season will start Sunday, September 8, 2013, but for the COLTS it will start the weekend after that.  They will have their first games on Sunday, September 15, 2013 vs. the Canyon Crushers 12U team at the Azusa National Little League fields.  After one bad and good outing in tournament play in their inauguaration, they will try their hand at league play against other travel ball clubs.  They will play their games in various fields up northeast of Carson.  They should face some stiff competition, but the team should be ready and up to task for the upcoming season.    Despite the Sept. 8th start of the season, the team does not have the full season schedule as of yet.  But, as soon as they are informed of the schedule, the site will have their full schedule posted.  You can just check the Menu and look under Schedule, or check at the bottom of this page.  Here is the final team roster, coaches and team moms set for this travel ball league:

#77   Dylan (Big "D") Alvarez
#11   Carlos Bernal
#8     Timothy (Timmy) Berube
#1     Sergio (Surge) Franco
#21   Angel German
#99   Matthew (Matt) Guerrero
#44   Jonathan Largaespada
#13   Dylan (D.J.) Lina
#23   Ryne (Ryno) Lina
#32   Francisco (Frankie) Moncada
#42   Andrew (Sandman) Morales
#12   Christian Palomarez
#18   Zackary (Zack) Roberts
#16   Eriberto (Eri) Rodriguez

Manager:  Nilo (Neil) Lina
Coaches:  Leo B. Lina, Ivan Rodriguez, Cesar Morales, Carlos Bernal
Team Mom(s): Adriana Lina, Kathleen Rodriguez

Please try to come out, watch and support your Carson team.  GO COLTS!!!






August 9, 2013 – 11:47 PM

The COLTS entered the City of Carson 2013 Invitational Baseball Tournament - 2A Division, August 2nd-4th at Dolphin and Scott Park.  The tournament is being held at these parks this year, but it is usually held annually at Carson Park if it wasn't going through some extraordinary renovations.  The team played great and finished in 2nd place to the South Gate Rage, and only being the team's second tournament together showed why they will be contenders for tournaments to come...and eventually champions.  Here are a couple of reasons why those predictions could and will come true.  Having only been together for less than a month, they showed what they can do, and with more practice and's the limit for this team.  With the team still not at full strength, couple of players on vacation or not having our full complement of pitchers, they showed a lot of heart and competed hard out there.
It started in their first game in pool play against a tough Bravos team, going into the last inning in a tie game and picking up two runs to eventually win 5-3.  Then hitting a bump in the road in the second game of pool play against the South Gate Rage.  The team came out lackadaisical, and before you know it they were down 7-1.  The team started picking up steam in the last two innings, but by then, it was too late and they lost 7-4.
So the the team went into playoff Sunday with a 1-1 record, and having to win in the semi-finals against a very tough So Cal Heat team, or go home.  After both teams scored in the first inning, they got locked in a pitchers' duel in a 3-3 tie for the next three innings.  Until the top of the last inning, which saw the Heat go up by one with a back-breaking homerun.  But in the bottom half of the inning, the COLTS rallied to score the tying run and then eventually the walk-off winning run, final score was 5-4...and on to the championship game!!!
The COLTS would face the South Gate Rage in the championship, and hope to avenge an earlier loss to them in pool play.  Both teams started the game with a 1-1 tie in the first inning.  But the wheels fell off for the COLTS in the third inning, giving up five runs to the Rage.  It got worse when the team's bats went cold for four straight innings, leading into the sixth and last inning.  Going into the last inning, down 7-1, the COLTS' bats started really warming up.  Basically, almost a carbon copy of what happened in their first meeting against this team.  They cut the Rage's lead down to three, with a runner on second and third with two outs.  But the game ended on a controversial call on a very close ground ball out at first base, and they lost 7-4.
Despite losing the championship, the coaching staff feels that the team performed great and have nothing to hang their heads about.  They were so close to getting the title, and they've only been together for less than a month.  A MONTH!!!  That's not too shabby for a team that was just assembled, and where the South Gate Rage have been together for at least a year.  Then you have a couple of their regular arms in the rotation missing, and the remaining pitchers having to do more in their absence and really giving their all out there this weekend.  Even though the bats could always be better on any team, they just need to realize you can't wait for the perfect pitch or a walk all the time, and be a little more aggressive at the plate.  But, that shouldn't be an ongoing problem with this team.  The more practice, experience and repetition this team gets, the hitting should improve big time.  But, all in all, the team did great and made it a fun weekend for everybody involved...and like fine wine, will only get better with time.  So don't blink, because this team is going to give us many great and proud moments as we look towards the future, and you don't want to miss it...GO COLTS!!!





"The Baseball Codes" by Jason Turbow

Click Here To Download
Excerpt from the book, "The Baseball Codes", written by Jason Turbow. These are ten of baseball's more obscure "unwritten" rules:

1. Don't swing at the first pitch after back-to-back home runs...
This is a matter of courtesy, respect for a pitcher who is clearly struggling, offering just a sliver of daylight with which to regain his senses. When Yankees rookie Chase Wright gave up back-to-back-to-back-to-back homers against Boston in 2007, the guys who hit numbers three and four - Mike Lowell and Jason Varitek - each watched a pitch before taking a cut. "Let him know, okay, I'm not swinging," said Hal McRae. "I know you're out there trying to do a job, and I have to do a job - but you've just given up back-to-back home runs. So I take the first pitch."

2. Don't work the count when your team is up or down by a lot...
This is true for both pitchers and hitters. Nobody wants to see the fifth guy on a bullpen's depth chart nibbling on the corners in the late innings of a blowout. Similarly, hitters are expected to swing at anything close. It's an effort to quickly and efficiently end a lopsided contest.

3. When hit by a pitch, don't rub the mark...
This one is all about intimidation or lack thereof. It's a hitter's way of telling the pitcher that his best shot - intentional or otherwise - didn't hurt. Pete Rose made a point of sprinting to first base after being hit, to ensure that he stripped all satisfaction from the pitcher. "It's a macho thing, like a fighter who gets clocked in the mouth and shakes his head like it didn't hurt him," said Rich Donnelly. "But believe me, it hurts." Lou Brock was the only hitter Sandy Koufax ever threw at intentionally, and despite the fact that his shoulder was fractured by the pitch, forcing him from the game, never once did he rub the spot. The Washington Post once reported that Don Baylor "was hit by 267 pitches yet never rubbed, even once. Of course, several of the balls had to be hospitalized."

4. Don't stand on the dirt cutout at home plate while a pitcher is warming up...
Just as Braden dismissed A-Rod's attempt to enter his sacred space, the area around the plate is meant only for the hitter, and then only when it's time for him to hit. Should a pitcher be getting loose before an at-bat, it's strictly off-limits. "I stay as far away from the cutout as I can when the pitcher is warming up," said Ken Griffey Jr. "If they could, they should put the on-deck circle in left field to make me happy. I don't want anything to do with messing with the pitcher when he's getting ready."

5. Don't walk in front of a catcher or umpire when getting into batter's box...
This is respect, pure and simple. If the line from your dugout to the batter's box takes you between the pitcher and the catcher, walk around. Like the A-Rod incident, you'll likely never hear about this one until a player is called out for brazenly violating it...

6. Don't help the opposition make a play (bracing them from falling into the dugout, etc.)...
In 1998, Dodgers left fielder Matt Luke braced Arizona's Andy Fox as the third baseman staggered into the Los Angeles dugout while chasing a pop fly. He knew the Code, but he had also been Fox's roommate in multiple levels of the Yankees' minor-league system, and was so tight with him that Fox had served as an usher in his wedding. Even then, he had his limits. "I waited until he made the play," said Luke in the Riverside Press Enterprise. "I wanted to prevent an injury. We're competing out there, and not for one second do I want to help the opposition."

7. Relievers take it easy when facing other relievers...
The caveat to this piece of the Code is that for the most part, relievers don't step to the plate in close games, which gives their counterparts on the opposing team some leeway in their approach. "You'd probably give them all fastballs," said Dave LaRoche. "It was just a professional courtesy type of thing. Here it is - I'll give you a chance to hit it if you can."

8. Follow the umpire's Code when addressing them on the field...
This is a book in itself. How one talks to umpires goes a long way toward getting favorable calls, or at least not getting thrown out of a game. ("That call was horse----" is generally acceptable; "You're horse----" is never acceptable.) Some savvy teams go so far as to post headshots and bios in the clubhouse for the umps working that day's game, so that players can butter them up a bit. Still, there are ways to express anger without getting tossed. After umpire Shag Crawford called Dick Groat out on a play at second base, Groat told him, "You're still the second best umpire in the league." Then he added that the other 19 umpires were tied for first.

9. Pitchers stay in the dugout at least until the end of the inning in which they get pulled...
This is purely about respect for one's teammates. "I know you're having a tough day, but give your teammates the respect to stay out here until the end of the inning," said Sean Casey. "You don't want to show that you think the game's already lost."

10. Pitchers never show up their fielders...
This doesn't happen frequently, but when it does, players notice. One pitcher who made a habit of excessive body language on the mound was Gaylord Perry, who would put his hands on his hips and stare down fielders who made errors behind him. "That bothered me because nobody glared at him if he gave up a home run or something like that," said Dave Nelson, Perry's teammate on the Rangers. "I always felt like I deserved the same respect because I'm out there busting my butt just like he is, and if I make an error, it wasn't because I was doing it on purpose." Perry's teammate in Cleveland, Oscar Gamble, had a different take: "If you don't do right, if you miss a ball you should have caught, you expect the fans to boo you," he said. "And this fan, Gaylord, was a player. That's the way I looked at it." Perry, however, was occasionally able to find his fielders innocent of wrongdoing. Once, after shortstop Todd Cruz fielded a grounder and air-mailed the ball into the stands, Perry withheld judgment. "Too much stuff on the ball," he said after the game.

Upcoming Games/Practices

Thursday,  Jul 31
Chicanos @ Aztecas 6:00pm Gonzales Park - Jackie Robinson Stadium
Saturday,  Aug 2
Dodgers (B) @ Sentinels 9:45am Gonzales Park - Jackie Robinson Stadium
Aztecas @ Dodgers (A) 12:00pm Gonzales Park - Jackie Robinson Stadium
Chicanos @ CARSON COLTS 13U 2:00pm Gonzales Park - Jackie Robinson Stadium
Tuesday,  Aug 5
Aztecas @ Sentinels 6:00pm Gonzales Park - Field A
Wednesday,  Aug 6
Dodgers (B) @ Chicanos 6:00pm Gonzales Park - Field A
Thursday,  Aug 7
CARSON COLTS 13U @ Dodgers (A) 6:00pm Gonzales Park - Field A

For a complete schedule listing, click here!

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