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Newsletter #4, 24 April 2015
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Slideshow: April 23, 2015 vs. Fairmont
Slideshow: April 14, 2015 vs. Beavercreek - Military Appreciation Night
Slideshow: March 31, 2015, vs. Milford
Slideshow: March 30, 2015, vs. St. Xavier
Slideshow: Opening Day - March 28, 2015, Double Header vs. Alter Copy
Coach's Calendar
Military Appreciation Game - 4/14/2015
CBSL Night Rescheduled to 4/23/2015
HERD Night & Staff Appreciation Night - 4/27/2015
Alumni Night - 5/1/2015
Senior Night - 5/5/2015
CHS Baseball Banquet - 5/19/2015
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Welcome to the Centerville Elks Baseball Website

Welcome New Elks Baseball Varsity Head Coach - Jason Whited

"I would like to take this opportunity to express how humbled and excited I am to be selected as the next Centerville Elks Varsity Baseball Coach.  As we all know this is one of the most respected and successful baseball programs in the state of Ohio and I look forward to embracing my opportunity of carrying on such a strong tradition.  I look forward to working with the coaches, administration, support staff, guardians and, most especially the players, to help continue the tradition that Coach Terry Dickten and Coach Tim Engleka have established.  It shows how unique of a program this is when you see that only two head coaches have served since 1964 and am once again unbelievably excited to be named the third in the last 50 years."  
- Varsity Head Coach Jason Whited


Focus of the CHS Baseball coaching staff 

  • Teach Young Men the Centerville Baseball Way via 4 Core Values called: 
  • Teach Young Men Accountability & Responsibility.  Every practice, game, drill, rep can be a way to prove to your teammates you can be relied upon.  Earn the trust of your teammates through your actions and character.
  • Teach Young Men Life Lessons.  Overcome adversity, failure, and never settle.  Life is full of obstacles, Embrace them rather than run.
  • Teach Young Men Discipline.  Self-Discipline is developed through work ethic, habits, and character.  “For what is each day but a series of conflicts between the right way and the easy way?” -Jim Schlossnagle
  • Teach Young Men to Focus on Process Rather than Results.  Process is the focus, not results.  Emphasize the things we can control.
  • Teach Young Men the Proper Way to Compete.  Compete against your opponent, teammates, and most importantly yourself.

Elk Pride, Respect, Commitment and Hard Work are the foundation upon which our Tradition is built.

Thank you for visiting our website and for your interest in the Centerville Elks Baseball Program.

Jason Whited
Head Baseball Coach



Slideshow: April 23, 2015 vs. Fairmont

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Slideshow: April 14, 2015 vs. Beavercreek - Military Appreciation Night

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Slideshow: March 31, 2015, vs. Milford

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Slideshow: March 30, 2015, vs. St. Xavier

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Slideshow: Opening Day - March 28, 2015, Double Header vs. Alter Copy

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Game 1:

Game 2:


2015 Varsity, JV, and Freshman Teams

2015 Varsity Team

Front Row:  Matthew Templin, Spencer Hanes, Matt Stoner, Bryan Luna, Tanner Hamilton, Allen Luna, Quincy Hamilton, Grant Lugo

Middle Row:  Chase Whitaker, Matt Reibly, Matthew Robinson, Clay Erwin, Will Bohlman, Myles Edwards, Bobby Hughes, Joey Hecht, Blake Zeller

Back Row:  Asst. Coach Mote, Asst. Coach Suter, Head Coach Whited, Seth Pritchett, August Eggert, Reese Robinson, Jon Nielsen, Brian Schutter, Asst. Coach Whited, Asst. Coach Walls



Returning Varsity and Team Captains

Returning Varsity:  Front Row:  Brian Schutter, Matt Stoner, Tanner Hamilton, Spencer Hanes, Blake Zeller

Back Row:  Matt Reibly, Chase Whitaker, Reese Robinson, Clay Erwin, Will Bohlman, Myles Edwards

Team Captains:  Whitaker, Hamilton, Zeller


JV Baseball Team

Front Row:  Luke Kruzel, Jake Whisman, Joey Sliger, Kenny Stahl, Alex Firsdon, Caleb Eby, Luke Wuich, Alex Peace

Back Row: Head Coach Reynolds, Daulton Miller, Elliot Swaney, Bradley Anderson, Joey Holiga, Dalton Suter, Max Conley, Troy Wenning, Asst. Coach Ball (not pictured-Asst. Coach Kuzma)



Freshman Baseball Team

Front Row:  Nathan Bartlett, Justin Spencer, Jordan Newkirk, Brad Skinner, Wesley Clouse, Kyle Kraner, Matt Wagner, Dylan Hearn, Tyler Rahe 

Back Row: Asst. Coach Franklin, Trey King, David Shreve, Grant Buzzard, Justin Barthmolew, Jacob Spiewak, Jake Snead, Riley Poulton, Asst. Coach Murphy, Head Coach Gentry



Upcoming Games

Sunday,  Apr 26
Varsity @ POSITION/TBD 12:00pm La Salle High School
Monday,  Apr 27
Northmont @ Varsity 5:00pm Centerville High School
Freshman @ Northmont 5:00pm Northmont High School
Junior Varsity @ Northmont 5:00pm Northmont High School
Tuesday,  Apr 28
Northmont @ Junior Varsity 5:00pm Centerville High School
Varsity @ Northmont 5:00pm Northmont High School
Northmont @ Freshman 5:00pm Schoolhouse Park
Thursday,  Apr 30
Miamisburg @ Junior Varsity 5:00pm Centerville High School
Varsity @ Miamisburg 5:00pm Miamisburg High School
Miamisburg @ Freshman 5:00pm Schoolhouse Park
Friday,  May 1
Junior Varsity @ Butler 5:00pm Butler High School
Butler @ Varsity 5:00pm Centerville High School
Freshman @ Butler 5:00pm Stonequarry Park
Saturday,  May 2
Varsity @ Lakota East 11:00am Lakota East High school
Varsity @ Anderson 2:00pm Lakota East High school
Monday,  May 4
Wayne @ Junior Varsity 5:00pm Centerville High School
Wayne @ Freshman 5:00pm Schoolhouse Park
Varsity @ Wayne 5:00pm Wayne High School

For a complete schedule listing, click here!

Upcoming Events

Monday,  Apr 27
CHS Staff Appreciation Night
HERD Night
Friday,  May 1
Alumni Night
Tuesday,  May 5
Senior Night
Tuesday,  May 19
CHS Baseball Banquet

For a complete calendar listing, click here!