Last Updated: April 19, 2014

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Raffle & Updated Information!
Welcome to the home of the
Central Forsyth Youth Lacrosse


Go to our Facebook page and find out!   While there like us!

Practice Schedule

Raffle & Updated Information!

CFYLAX will be having a raffle this year to help raise funds.  Being a new organization we have had to purchase a lot of things and in order to offset these costs we must raise some funds.  We have tried to come up with a simple raffle where every family (multiple players)  is asked to sell at least 10 Raffle Tickets.  They will be $5 each, so it should not be hard to get friends and family to purchase them.  Of course if you can sell more than 10 that would be wonderful. 

We have the Raffle Tickets and Karen Carr will be working with the Team Mom’s to get them distributed.     All ticket money will need to be turned in by March 26th.


The prizes are very nice as well. 


1st  Place:  New iPad Air

2nd Place: $50 Gift Certificate From Academy Sports

3rd Place:  $50 Gift Certificate from Academy Sports

Additional prizes include: Freshly Baked Cake from Creations Bakery, Lax Gear from Boomerang Sports


Game Schedules:  They are being sent out today to coaches and you should receive them soon thereafter. 


Donate your old Lacrosse Shafts and Mesh!     We received a gift of 100 new lacrosse heads and will be slowly getting them strung and assembled as we get the additional materials needed.  These sticks will be used in our organization for future Free Play events.  If you have any used shafts/mesh please give them to your coach.




Goals of CFYLAX

1. Help grow Lacrosse within our community

2. Have a Top Notch Lacrosse Program:

  • Having Trained Coaches
  • Solid Communication
  • Positive Parent Involvement
  • Organized Programing
  • Fun & Safe environment for our youth
Pup Stix Program

Do you have a Little One who wants to learn how to play Lacrosse?  For ages 3 - 6 we have the Pup Stix Program.   These fun sessions teach the very basics of lacrosse.  This is a great way to introduce the sport and prepare them for U9.   Register today!   Cost is only $40 for the season.  

What gear do I need to play?

For Boys Lacrosse you will need the following Gear:

  • Helmet
  • Shoulder Pads
  • Elbow Pads
  • Gloves
  • Mouth Piece
  • Cup
  • Mens Lacrosse Stick


For Girls Lacrosse you will need:

  • Eye Gear / Goggles
  • Mouth Piece
  • Womens stick


Pup Stix you only need a lacrosse stick.  The Fiddle Stix will work.



Frequently Asked Questions

Since we are a new organization we get asked some of the same questions.  So, we thought it would be good to put them out here with our answers.


Q) When will practices start?   A) We plan to begin the first week of February

Q) Where will practices be held?  A) Field space has not been handed out by the county yet.  For Boys we HOPE to have Central Park as our practice field.  For Girls, NOFOLAX is hoping to have Coal Mtn. Park.   But nothing is certain at this point.  We should know more near the end of December.

Q) How often will we practice?  A) Twice a week for most teams, U13 and U15 might have three to start and reduce once games begin.

Q) When will practices be held?  A) Once we have field space we will determine the schedule.

Q) Why are Girls playing out of NOFOLAX?  A) We have partnered up with NOFOLAX because we currently do not have enough players to field teams and we have an excellent history with their Girls Program.  

Q) Who is CFYLAX?  A) We are a group of Coaches and Parents who have been part of other local lacrosse programs with the desire to create a feeder program for Central High School.  Prior to this, all other Forsyth County High Schools had feeder programs and the Central Based youth did not have a home.  We Partnered with NOFOLAX for the past two years and they helped get us on our feet.  We owe a lot of thanks to their leadership and the Forsyth County Youth Lacrosse Association Board. 

Q) Who will we play against?  A) For U9 we will be playing in county games (North, West and South/Lambert).  For all other teams we will be playing in the Newtown Park Rec. League.  This is the same as all of the other Forsyth County Rec. Teams.  We will not be having a Select Team this season.  



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