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Letter from MeMaw

I would just like to say
thanks to Coach Corbett and all the parents and players on the Stampede for
letting me "tag" along to all your tournaments over the years.  I have watched
most of you girls since you were in the 6th or 7th grades, although sometimes
not on the same team.  I have seen you develop not only as basketball players
but from young kids to very special young women. You are the epitome of what
good sportsmanship is about and always played as a team.  There have been many
instances when opposing coaches or referees have complimented you on your
unselfish play and positive attitude.  I know that each and every one of you
will be successful in whatever endeavor you chose and wish you the best of luck.
I have truly enjoyed meeting and spending time with all the parents and
sometimes grandparents and there will definitely be a void in my life as this
"era" is over. While the Stampede is over I still have the BE season to look
forward to so "Go Bishops"!  Thanks aga
 in for all the years of fun weekends I
have had the pleasure of spending with all of you.


Team Picture 8th Grade 2015

War Of THe Roses 8th Grade Girls



I first want to thank the parents for making this past weekend enjoyable and an extremely easy weekend! Paige and I had a great time, bonding with all of you.  I also want to say how proud I am of our girls. We had 7 attend this past weekend and I couldn't be more happier with the output from each of them. 
Friday night we played an aggressive and much faster team with a bench of at least 12 girls. We fought hard the entire game, we fell behind just before half and played from behind for a while. We made some good runs the 2nd half but dug ourselves to big a hole to get out of. We lost Friday night 70-61.
Saturday we played at 11:45, we played great, we played together and we played from the first whistle all the way through. winning 47-1.
Our next game mid afternoon was against a very physical team "3D Hoops" 5 mins in the score was 0-0.  We settled in, moved the ball well and found our stride in the 2nd quarter after some first quarter drama.  We will say Coach got a little to involved with the Ref. Not just getting one tech but almost ejected by a Ref that was having a bad day.  The Girls stood up to the challenge pulled themselves together and ended up winning 40-20.
Sunday Morning we played the "3D Hoops" again. This time in a calmer game. Still off to a slow start were no one scored for the first 4 mins. I tried a new defense with the girls this game. 4 of which played man and 1 of which played the center (like a zone). Leaving their weakest player unattended. This giving us a chance for stopping the penetration, a better chance to rebound the basketball and a chance to eliminate any chance of our girls getting beat off the dribble. There was always someone there to stop any penetration. This seemed to work well, we won 47-31. With this win we moved onto the Championship Game.
We had to face the team we lost to on Friday night. Again another physical game. We got down early, but fought hard throughout. We got beat on the boards all game long, and missed a bunch of easy put backs (10-14 pts worth), which would have totally changed the way the game played out!! If we only used the backboard!!!!!  We made a great run with 4 mins to go in the game but our hole again was to much to get out of.  The final score 55-49! We finished 2nd.
I am extremely proud of these girls. We battled injuries all weekend long (Elbows to eyes, sore backs, balls and elbows to the face, and many floor burns) But all weekend long our girls played hard never once did someone want to sit. Everyone scored throughout the entire weekend. It's amazing watching these girls improve with each game as well as seeing how they are learning each other and becoming a team.

Chad Cooke Tournament

 11th Grade took to the floor in an opener at Northwoods Rec and played the Orangeburg Express Friday night. Well, as it turned out, we were not rusty at all and jumped all over a good team. Every part of our game was clicking in the first half and we were able to build a big lead going in to halftime. With a running clock in the second half, the game was over pretty fast. Our leading scorers were Hannah with 23 points, Caroline 15 points, and Christine 12 points. Great Game.


Game Two Saturday afternoon had us against the Upward Stars who seemed to have a complete team with good ball handlers and a big inside presence. However, they caught up to us at a bad time as we were still playing great basketball and the results were the same as the first game as we built a huge lead to create a running clock. Leading Scorers were Caroline with 18 points and 7 rebounds and Christine with 14 points.


Championship Game: We found ourselves facing The Upwards team again, and we thought the first time they were a good team. In this game we were not as sharp and the Stars were playing as well as they could and we were in a dog fight. Our offense was on in the first half but so was theirs as the score at half was 36 to 32 us. We felt good coming into the second half as we practice conditioning for these situations and it paid off again as we were able to hold this very good team back and build a 12 point lead with 4 minutes to play. Then the Stars found some luck hitting a bank- board three and converting on a turnover and it was back down to 7 with 3 minutes to play. The Stars got it as close as three; however, key foul shooting and poise of our team helped us prevail by 9.  Leading Scorers were Hannah with 15 points, Christine with 12 points, and Caroline with a double double with 11 points and 12 rebounds. Anna Marie chipped in with 9 Rebounds.  Great Tournament!





Brandon Clay Peach State Exposure Tournament

Charleston Stampede 10th Grade girls entered their largest tournament of the season playing teams from all over the southeast in an NCAA exposure tournament.  We entered into our first game against the Georgia Elite who was a very well trained team.  We held our composure cutting a 14 point deficit to only one to make it a respectable loss.  Erin Rose and Rhetta Moore led scoring with 14 and 13 points.  Our next game was against Southeastern Trailblazers and was a very evenly matched game who exchanged leads a few times in the first half to finish with us up by one.  As so many tournaments before, Stampede played a high intensity defense which created numerous turnovers and uncontested points resulting in a huge win. Scoring was well-distributed with Hannah and Rhetta leading with 14 each and Ryan and Erin coming in with 10 each.  Our third game against Winston Salem had us playing one of the best halves that we played in the tournament scoring 40 points before half-time.  Again, we looked great having both offense and defense clicking to complete the game with another big win. Scoring was led by Erin 15 and Ryan with 11.  Mckenzie lead the boards with 9 rebounds.  Heading into our final game of the tournament had us facing the Cincinnati Knights. This game also proved to be a great teamwork with high quality play with turnovers being at a very low and ball passing at its best.  This resulted in the game essentially being determined at halftime.  We came out second half and held the lead to finish the game with a great win.  Once again Stampede represented the organization very well with both parents and coaches commenting all weekend about how well the team plays as one.  Hannah lead the way with a double double with 21 points and 13 rebounds.  Erin followed with 17 points and Rhetta with 11.  AMP contributed with 9 boards.  Great job parents and team!  Thanks again for a great weekend!

AAU 11th Grade 4th Annual Hoyas Invitational Tournament Schedule

Charleston Stampede 10th grade took on an 11th Grade AAU tournament which included the PT Crusiers who won the District 2 AAU Championship the week before. As luck would have it, this would be who we would open the tournament with. We found out quickly that this team won for a reason as they had inside threats along with outside shooters. We played well and was down by 4 at halftime so this gave us some confidence. The second half was played even with the Stampede having a chance late in the game to take the lead; however, we just did not shoot well as a team and we fell by 4. So this let us know we have a chance to compete in this tournament. Caroline and Hannah led the scoring with 14 points  apeice. Game two had us playing very good basketball as we dominated a pretty good team from start to finish. We shot over 50 percent from the field. Jo Jo and Beau led the way with 15 and 11 points.. Well, as luck would have it again, we had to face the Cruisers in the first bracket game. We came out playing very good basketball and held the lead for the whole first half. The second half was good to us for the first 6 minutes as we built the lead to 16. The Cruisers were not ready to roll over and quit and ended up tying the game with under two minutes to play. With all the momentuim with the Crusiers, we had to dig deep and Beau goes to the foul line and sinks two big free throws. The next possesion has the Cruisers bringing it up the court and Hannah getting a steal and goes full court to finish a layup but comes up with a very bad fall and a twisted ankle. However, with the 4 point lead, under a minute to play was enough for us to pull a big victory. Huge game from Caroline with a double double, 20 points and 10 rebounds. Hannah chipped in 13. This leads us to the Championship game against another undefeated team, Aiken Elite. The first was played sluggish by both teams and we took a one point lead into halftime. The first 9 minutes of the seond half belonged to the Elite as they built a 10 point lead with 7 minutes to play. Then we got on a roll with Beau hitting back to back threes. After a time out by the Elite, it was not enough to stop a Stampede run of 23 to 2 to finish with an 11 point victory and our 4th Championship of the year. The scoring was spread with Caroline hitting 11 and Beau and Jo Jo hitting 10. Awesome job! 

Stampede 10th Grade Girls SC AAU District 2 State Title Champs

Game 1 was against the TPA Storm where we found ourselves playing well and going into half time with a 10 point lead.  We came out in the second half and continued our good playing and ended up winning by over 20.  Beau led the scoring with 15 and Caroline controlling the boards with 9 rebounds.  Game 2 was against the SC Sparks and was back and forth up to the last minutes of the game.  The girls proved thier belief in one another by coming from behind and taking the lead with 33 seconds left.  Beau went to the foul line, made crucial freethrows to seal the game.  Beau led scoring with 19 and Erin stepped up big on the boards with 10 rebounds.  Game 3 finds the girls in another championship game against the TPA Storm.  We came out playing our best basketball of the season building a lead of 25 to 5.  However, we may have played our worst basketball to finish the half and held on to a 5 point lead going into the half.  Second half had the game tied at 42 and this is when the Stampede played to thier best potential and went on a 22 to 1 run to win the state championship. Scoring leaders were Hannah 15, Beau 14, and Ryan leading the board with 9.  Congratulations on another Championship!

Dave Odum Invitational Champions - North Carolina!

May 14, 2014

The tournament of GAME HIGHS....William Munoz double doubled twice in Game 1 and the Championship, dunked and had a personal scoring high of 21 points in Game 2.  Austin Guyton had a personal scoring high of 26 points in the championship game and 22 assists in the tournament.  Damian Hurta made 11 of 22 3-pointers this tournament and a scoring high of 18 points in Game 3!  Eric Hayward triple doubled in Game 3 (13 points, 10 assists and 11 rebounds), double doubled in the chanpionship game, double digit scored in each game and had a tournament high of 29 assists with 78% at the Free Throw line!  Omaine Thomas had a game high of 17 points in the championship game with 3 for 3 behind the 3 point line and 88% at the free throw line.  Lester, Anthony, Austin P and Nick were key contributors as well...couldn't have won it wouthout the entire team.  Coaches Terrell & Toni didn't do to bad either!    Our Parental support along with table personnel Lisa Villenponteaux worked the gym the entire tournament!  LET'S GO STAMPEDE!

10Th Grade AAU District Tournament Schedule

The 10th grade girls came into this tournament with 10 other teams hoping to win the Championship. The tournament included many quality teams such as the 76ers and the SC Stars just to mention a few. We opened up against the Future Stars and controlled the game in the first half with as much as a 22 point lead. However the second half belonged to the Stars who cut the lead down to six with a couple minutes to play but the Stampede held on for Victory. We had three girls scoring double digits, Hannah, Erin and JoJo. The second game was against the SCLW who was also a very good team, but we played as well as we have all year in this game as we controlled the game from the beginning. Big game from Erin with 18 and Hannah and JoJo adding 13 and 10 to control the game. The third game against thw Hoopsters was a great game as it was tight throughout. We were able to beat off a tough man-to-man trapping defense for a big win and to move on to the semi-finals. JoJo was on fire to carry the team with 20 points. Now to the semi-finals against the other undeafeated team, the SC Stars Gold. This team was the eventual winners of the tournament and they were as good of a team as we have played over the last few years. We played them close as it was tied up in the second half; however, they were able to hit the big shots when they needed. Beau and Caroline lead the scoring with 15 and 12. Great Tourament and experience for the Stampede.


Once AGAIN.....The 11th/12th Grade Boys are CHAMPS!

The Stampede Ballers played 5 games in 24 hours and came out CHAMPS in the Lower State Qualifier (Basketball of the Carolinas) hosted by the Carolina Cavaliers this past weekend!  They played great ball, but are convinced they haven't played their best yet!  Next stop is Winston Salem, NC - The Dave Odum Invitational on next weekend!  Let's Get It Fellas!!


11th/12th Grade Boys - Played 5 Games in Less Than 30 Hours in the Cavalier Classic

April 21, 2014

Our 3rd tournament took us to the championship game again!  Our first game was against Christ Our King (COK) with 2 Division 1 signees of which we won......the defense was outstanding.  Next game was against North Charleston All Stars with us winning with 3 players double doubling.  Our third game was the highlight of this tournament with the team scoring "98" points (team record) on the Future Stars....we had 4 players that scored in double digit!  In the semi-finals our guards took over in scoring and rebouding on North Charleston All Stars.  In the Championship game, COK's Division 1 player dominated in the inside in scoring and blocking with us falling to them in the late hours of Saturday night.  Great tournament for our hometown crowd!

Cavalier Classic - Easter Tournament- 10th Grade Girls

A successful Easter Tournament resulted in a championship for the 10th grade girls. The tournament started out Friday with the first game against the Mt. Pleasant Storm. Our press defense was working in this game which set the tone early. The Storm could not recover from the large deficit built by halftime so game one was over. Stampede was led by Jo Jo with 17 points and Beau with 14 followed defensively with Hannah making 7 steals. Game two was against the Queens 10th grade program. A very good team on both sides of the court offensively and defensively that tested our team. Again the press was effective enough to bring home another victory. Beau and Rhetta led the scoring with 15 and 11 points. Amp killed the boards with 13 rebounds. Game 3 was against our sister team which is always going to be tough as the kids have been practicing and playing aginst one another for years. We were fortunate that the older team played only one bad quater which allowed us to steal a victory. Caroline had a double double with 15 points and 15 rebounds. Beau also chipped in 13 points. Game 4 was against the 11th grade Queens who was also undefeated. We were down by 22 at halftime and was able to close to within 6, however this was as close as we could get before losing to a very good team. Caroline led us with 20 points and 7 boards. Rhetta and Beau chipped in 12 and 10 respectivly along with Amp bringing down 11 rebounds. Game 5 had us back in the 10th grade division playing for the Tournament Championship. We would be back up against the 10th Grade Queens. As we thought, it turned out to be a tough game with the lead at halftime only 12. With the 3rd Quarter being played evenly, we entered the 4th up by 10. We ended up owning this quater as we showed no signs of fatigue and was able to add another 10 points to the lead to win by 20. Hannah led the scoring with 12 points and 8 rebounds, and Beau added 10. Great job by the kids.. Again as always the parents came through with snacks and drinks..



11th/12th Grade Boys Made it the Dave Odum Invitational Championship Losing by 2 with 2 Seconds Left

April 14, 2014

11th/12th Grade Boys Take USBA Beach Tip-Off Championship

March 30, 2014

11th/12th Grade Boys won their first tournament of the travel season.  GO STAMPEDE!



10 Grade Girls Win the Cavalier Classic Championship

March 30, 2014

10th Grade Girls went 5-0 to win the Championship of the Cavalier Classic. Great Weekend of basketballl for the girls. Thanks again to the parents for supplying drinks and snacks for the kids during the whole tournament. All five games were won by 30 or more with the girls playing hard on both sides of the ball. Friday we had four girls who had track practice till 5:00 and two girls with a softball game and one with a soccer game and one in the Bahamas with two games to play Friday night. Well the hard practices paid off as we looked more fresh after the second game then the other two teams. After winning our first two games Sunday, it took us to the final game where Beau and Jo put on a shooting show scoring 21 apeice. We had outstanding performances by all the kids during this tournament.










11th/12th Grade Boys Roster:

Dominic DiNovo
Trea Gourdine
Austin Guyton
Eric Hayward, Jr.
Damian Hurta
Randolph Lester
Eric Manigault
Austin McCray
William Munoz
Austin Pfoff
Theron Reddy
Omaine Thomas

Thanks to all that took the time to tryout....we have your information on file and should an opportunity prevail itself we will notify you.  Go Stampede!!


10th Grade Roster:

Caroline McQueeney
Anna Marie Penninger
Beau Faith
JoJo Tompkins
Erin Rose
McKenzey Clarey
Hannah Corbett
Rhetta Moore
Kathleen Griffith
Parker Emerson


11th Grade Roster:

Alexys Patrick
Choral Linhart
Courtney Wood
Allie Stasky
Caliyah Kappel
Chloe Evans
Mecca Murphy
Maddie Tucker
Holly Foscolos
8th Grade Roster to be determined!




Please Follow Stampede Players who are still playing at the next Level



Katelyn Grisillo

Presbyterian College

2012-13: Played 14 games on the season... Sunk her first career free throw at Eastern Kentucky (11/30)... Picked up her first career assist against Duke (11/17)... Made her first career appearance against Georgia (11/14), scoring a season-high two points and notching a steal and rebound... Dished out a season-high two assists in a win over UNC Asheville (2/2)... Grabbed a steal in the team's final game against Lamar (3/20) in the Women's Basketball Invitational.

High School: Starred for Bishop England High School in basketball and track... On the hardwood, was named the South Carolina State 2A Player of the Year as a senior... Earned High School Sports Report 2A All-State honors three times... Was named SC High School Basketball Coaches Association All-State as a senior and captured All-Region honors her final three years... Was named the 6AA Region Player of the Year as a senior... Was named the Post and Courier Lowcountry Assist Leader as a senior... Helped the Bishop England track squad to the 2A South Carolina State Track Championship as a junior and fininishing second in the South Carolina State 4 x 8 relay... As a senior basketball player, averaged 9.6 points, 4.0 steals and 5.9 assists per game.

Personal: Katelyn Elizabeth Grisillo was born in Charlotte, N.C., on July 12, 1994... Daughter of John and Kathy Grisillo... Plans to major in pre-pharmacy

Ashley Cox Signs to play softball

Columbia College

COLUMBIA, S.C. - Head Coach, James Morrison announced the addition of the Ashley Cox to the Fighting Koalas Softball Program.

Cox is orignally from Charleston, SC and has competed for Hanahan High School each year. She was a four sport athlete for Hanahan competing in basketball, track, softball, and volleyball. Cox excelled in softball being named to the All-Region team in back to back years in 2011 and 2012. She was honored as the Golden Glove award winner in 2011 for Hanahan and was a team captain.

Coach Morrison is excited about the addition of Cox stating, "Ashley will be a great addition to our program. She is a competitor and will take our program to the next level." The Columbia College softball program will debut the addition of a JV team this year as the program continues to grow under Morrison's leadership.



Stacy Fairey

Johns Hopkins University

2012-13: Started all 27 Games averaging team high 27.7 mins.; first on team in 3-pointers (29), 3-point percentage (.296), free-throws (74), free throw percentage (.779), second on team in points (9.4/g),made first collegiate start against York, PA, had 12 points and 7 rebounds against Gettysburg;  notched 15 points against Dickinson; posted career high 17 points against McDaniel; matched career high with 16 points against Swarthsmore; had 14 points and career high 8 rebounds against Washington College; had 15 points, five rebounds and 4 steals against Dicksinson.

2011-12: Saw action in 19 games off the bench; averaged 5.1 minutes and 1.3 points; made collegiate debut in victory versus York (PA); dished career high 2 assists in loss to Haverford; tallied career high in points (8) and steals (4) in victory against Bryn Mawr. 

High School:  Named Rookie of the Year her freshman year; team advanced to SCISA State Playoffs all four years; named team MVP and team captain Sophomore through Senior years; totaled 1,460 career points. 

Personal:  Stacy Madison Fairey; born July 22, 1993; daughter of Robert and Diane Fairey; father, Robert, played football and basketball for Clemson University; majoring in public health.

Colleen Leung

Denmark Tech College

Denmark Technical College is a member of the National Junior College Athletic Association, the sports organization for two-year colleges and technical schools. DTC is one of the 36 colleges in Region 10, which covers North and South Carolina, Virginia and West Virginia. 

DTC boasts two competitive teams; its men’s and women’s basketball teams.

Eboni Ross

North Carolina At&T

Enters the season as key contributor on the boards...Sat out last season to focus on academics...Enters this season with the expectation of earning playing time at the center position....Has the reputation of being a tremendous leaper.

2011-12 Season: Did not play

High School: Attended Richland Northeast High and Eau Clair High...Named to the all-region team for three consecutive years and played varsity basketball for all four...Also competed in soccer, volleyball, cross country and track.

Personal: Full name is Eboni D. Ross...She is the daughter of Kisa Q. Ross...Majors in sports science and fitness management and plans to play basketball overseas...Has two siblings, Terrell and Essence and was born on Feb. 28, 1993...Plans on playing basketball overseas...Other interests include dancing...Her favorite television show is "Scooby-Doo" and her favorite food is corn.  


Tinsley Hallman

Anderson College

  Position: OH    Ht.: 6-0
  Hometown: Mt. Pleasant, S.C.
  Previous School: Wando H.S./Gardner-Webb University


Helped  lead  Alexis Glover’s Warriors to a 33-6-1 overall record and a top-10 ranking in the state of South Carolina during her senior season ... Two-time CAWS All-State selection, a two-time VII-AAAA All-Region honoree and a CAWS 2011 All-Star selection ... Also named to the Post and Courier Low Country Team as a senior, as well as the 2011 Wando Invitational All-Tournament Team ... Named All-LowCounty Athlete of the Year as a senior ... Named a 2011 Wendy's Heisman Female Athletic winner and a AAAA North-South All-Star game participant ... A 2011 Bojangles Scholar-Athlete Award winner and an AVCA All-Academic Team honoree ... Named to the 2010 Tournament of Champions All-Tournament Team as a junior ... Three-year letterwinner in basketball ... A 2011 All-Star selection in basketball ... Played for the Charleston Juniors Club Team ... Was a member of the Beta Club and the National Honor Society.

Born on November 11, 1993 … Daughter of Treg and Regina Hallman … Undecided on major

CONGRATULATIONS to the 10th Grade Girls Team - 3rd Place(Bronze) in the Gold bracket at "Great Smokies Shootout"!  While they were there, they even tamed a bear!


9th Grade wins AAU D2/D3 Championship!  Over the last 7 years we have won quite a few championships but this tournament will always remain as one of the most memorable with 7 players playing their hearts out through injuries and extreme situations.  Game one had us playing the Brittani Allstars with Erin Rose on fire putting in 20 points to lead the game.  Game 2 was the closest game of the weekend and the game where we found out how dedicated the players are to the game.  We had Hannah, Amp, and Erin play through injuries to complete the game.  Hannah Corbett led the scoring with 16 points and 8 rebounds and Anna Penninger had a double/double with 14 points and 12 rebounds to achieve a 3-point win.  Game 3 put us in the championship again against the SC Starz Navy.  The game was exciting from beginning to end with Hannah Corbett scoring the first 17 points of the game and with everyone contributing on both sides with our defense enabling us to get a 20-point lead.  The second half brought the Starz back into the game with the injury of Caliyah and AMP fouling out with over 9 minutes left in the game leaving only five players to finish the remainder of the game playing through injuries.  McKenzie Clarey was one of the five coming back for the first time since her injury.  The game lead was cut to 4 points with the Stampede then showing their determination to win with Kate Cornelly hitting a major shot and JoJo Tompkins handling major full-court press.  Erin Rose stepped up and played big underneath filling in at post and contributing major rebounds. Congratulations to one of the best championship wins in Stampede 7 year history.  Hannah Corbett led all scorers with 28  points.  Rebounds were led by Mckenzie Clarey with 9 rebounds and Anna Penninger with 8.  Thanks to all the parents for making sure all the girls have drinks and all the contributions you make during the whole weekend of tournaments!

8th Grade Girls played in the AYBA State Qualifier in Greenville.  We got four quality games that were very competitive. We lost game one to the Lady Chargers.  Nikkie Foscolos had 11 points and Rhetta contributed 12 to lead the team. Game 2 had the Stampede on top with a well balanced scoring game of Nikki Foscolos and Rhetta Moore both scoring 13 and Lyndsey Ellington scoring 10.  The third game against the Running Rebels we had a hard time finding our offense.  Allie Tucker produced 11 rebounds.  Game 4 put us in bracket play where we were in a dogfight with the Lady Chargers losing by 4.  Lindsay Ellington had a double/double with 12 points and 11 rebounds and Erin Slowey chipped in 10 rebounds. We were short a few players and appreciate Rebecca and Kelsey Locke stepping in and playing with the team. Every tournament is more game experience so good job.


Congratulations to the organization for a very well represented weekend!  The 11th Grade boys won their third tournament in a row bringing home another championship!  Great job! Charleston Stampede 11th Grade boys are rated #1 in USBA 11th/12th Grade Division!

10th Grade girls also represented the organization well with another championship at the Myrtle Beach USBA tournament this weekend.  Good job!

8th Grade Green played very well playing up in the JV bracket and falling just short after making it to the Championship game.

Congratulations to 8th Grade White for getting their first win this weekend!

All-tournament players for the weekend:

10th Grade:  Choral Linhart with 15 pts; Courtney Wood with 16 pts; Holly Foscolos with 14 pts; Alley Staskey with 14 pts. and 9 rebounds;

Courtney Wood with 18 pts; Anna Penninger with 17 pts.

8th Grade: Hannah Corbett with 20 pts.; Hannah Corbett with 28 pts.; Lexi Mummert with 29 rebounds for the weekend averaging 10 per game.

Lyndsey Ellington with 11 pts.; Rebecca Locke with 10 pts. 

Good Luck to the 9th Grade girls competing this weekend in Columbia and the 8th grade girls in Greenville.






Congratulations to the Hometown Champions this past weekend!

Congratulations to the 11th Grade Boys for winning their tournament this past weekend in Durham!  Check out the tournament photo on the Bulletin Board!

Orangeburg Super Regional Tournament MVP

Super Regional AAU Tournament of Roses Champions!  Congratulations 9th Grade Girls!

Outstanding Performances of the Weekend
9th Grade: 
Garris Grant 14 Points and 20 Rebounds for a double/double against the Augusta Metros.
Garris Grant 12 points and 16 rebounds for a double/double against Seacoast.
Hannah Corbett 10 steals against Seacost.
Hannah Corbett 14 points 7 steals and 7 rebounds against the Augusta Metros.
Garris Grant 11 points and 16 rebounds for her third double/double against the Augusta Metros averaging 16 rebounds per game for the weekend.
8th Grade White:
Rebecca Locke 13 Points against Brittani All-Stars.
Daja Lamar 11 rebounds again Carolina Forest.
Lexi Mummert 10 points against Brittani All-Stars.
7th Grade Green:
Sara Misroon 9 rebounds.
MVP for the weekend:  Garris Grant
Co-MVP:  McKenzie Clarey
9th Grade Girls won the Super Regional AAU Tournament of Roses to qualify for AAU State Tournament.
8th Grade Girls lost a tough battle in the semi-finals against a very talented Ballers team who was the eventual winner of the tournament.
7th Grade Girls made it to the finals.

Summary for the Week of 3/11/2013:

All teams will be registering for the tournament in Charleston Easter weekend with games being played only on Friday and Saturday. Our goal for the season is to register all teams in a minimum of five tournaments.  A tentative schedule for the season will be posted within the next week.

Weekend Tournament Results: Both 9th and 10th Grade girls played in the SC Hornets Shootout in Columbia. 9th Grade Girls represented the Stampede organization with hard-fought effort and beat a very good team in the SC Stars twice and coming in second against the Dillon Intimidators, which was a very well-disciplined and talented team.  This was a great early tournament with good talent to help us determine in which areas we need to improve.

10th Grade girls also represented the Stampede  organization very well finishing in 2nd place against the Intimidators.  They also showed a no-quit and no-fear attitude.  We are very proud of both teams!

The 7th Grade girls played in the local Jammers tournament to get an early experience of what travel competition is about. They played hard and Coach Burns stated that the team did a lot of good things and is very optimistic for the season.


Northwood Academy junior basketball standout Amber Campbell is poised to become only the fourth player in SCISA history to score 3,000 points in a career. Campbell is averaging 31.8 points per game and needs 20 points tonight against Pinewood Prep to join the elite club.

Nancy Derrick of Wardlaw and Ashley Scott of Northwood both scored more than 4,000 points and went on to play college ball. Derrick played at Auburn and Scott played at the College of Charleston.

Heathwood Hall’s Brionna Dickerson, who went on to play at the University of South Carolina, scored more than 3,400 points.

Derrick and Scott played on the varsity team in the seventh grade.

But SCISA changed its eligibility rule and Campbell couldn’t play on varsity until the eighth grade.

Dickerson’s bid for 4,000 points came up short when she missed her senior year with an injury.

Campbell has led the Chargers to a 24-3 record. She is averaging 31.8 points, 9.0 rebounds, 5.3 steals and 2.8 assists per game. The Chargers conclude the regular season with a home game on Tuesday and begin tournament play next weekend.

Campbell is only a junior but is getting recruited by SEC, ACC, Big East and Atlantic 10 schools.


Caulder reaches 1,000

Corey Caulder, a sophomore on the Palmetto Christian Academy girls basketball team, scored her 1,000th career point in Tuesday’s 59-49 victory over Dorchester Academy.

She currently has 1,013 points going into tonight’s game against Calhoun Academy. She is completing her third year on the varsity team and has accumulated 351 rebounds, 305 assists and 245 steals.

Porter-Gaud basketball standout K.J. James admits he wants to follow in his father’s footsteps and play college basketball at Michigan State.

His father, Kurt James, was considered one of the top high school players in Michigan his senior year and played for Michigan State in the early 1980s.

“I went up there a couple of years ago, toured the campus, practiced a little in the facility and met the coaches,” James said. “I hear stories about Michigan State all the time from my dad. It’s pretty neat.”

James, who was born in New York and moved to the Lowcountry 11 years ago, seems to have the talent and the shoes to follow his dad’s path. He’s 6-5½, weighs 215 pounds and wears a size 17 basketball shoe. His coach, John Pearson, thinks James could still grow two or three more inches.

“He has a high ceiling for improvement,” Pearson said. “He could grow a couple more inches, which would make a huge difference in his recruitment. He’s right on target with his development. He’s going to leave here as one of the top players we’ve ever had.”

James, a junior, is averaging 19.3 points and 8.8 rebounds a game for the top-ranked SCISA Class AAA Cyclones, who enter tonight’s game against Northwood Academy with an eight-game winning streak and a 16-3 record.

Michigan State isn’t the only school in the recruiting picture. James says he will consider any school that shows interest in him. “It’s too early to close the door on any school,” he said.

Some of the other schools that have been in contact include Cincinnati, College of Charleston, Clemson, Georgia, VCU, Wake Forest and App State. The list continues to grow every day.

Deciding on a college might be as hard as finding a pair of size 17 sneakers.

“It was very difficult to find shoes after I reached size 15,” James said. “But I learned how to order online, and now it’s pretty easy. You just have to be patient until they arrive.”

College isn’t James’ top priority right now. He and the Cyclones are setting their sights on a state championship. Porter-Gaud hasn’t won a state title since 2005, when they won their third straight.

“Winning a state championship is very important to me,” James said. “It’s the team’s No. 1 priority. All the individual stuff takes a back seat. We want to get back to the state championship and bring back the trophy.”

SC Hornets Shootout & AAU District II Tourney (May 18-20)

Great Weekend for the Stampede Girls. I would like to thank all the help that was available this weekend which allowed me to stay in Charleston to watch Dillon play in a local tournament. Thank you to the coaches Pressley,Alexa,Steve,and Laura who represents our program with plenty of knowledge of the game. For Carla,Kristy,Scott,Peggy keeping stats. Thanks for the pictures sent in from parents and the team parents keeping coolers full and for the parents who help carpool from game to game makes our program successful.

The 9th grade white played up an age group and was still able to bring home the gold. Game one had us playing the SC Stars and with a balanced attack we won big. High scorers were Katelyn who had 18 and Corey who had 15. Game two was the most exciting game of the tournament which had us down 12 at halftime. Corey came out in the second half with a scoring frenzy and and hit a 3 pointer at the buzzer to force overtime and with big foul shots by Katelyn and Corey we pulled out a big win. Another reason for the win was Alley dominating the boards with 11 rebounds. Game three was the Championship. We came out to a quick start and held the lead the whole game. Great job to Corey for scoring 18 in the championship game.

The 7th grade girls played extremley well this weekend. Game one had us against an 8th Grade team. We got off to a quick start and never looked back. Hannah chipped in with 19 and Alley had a double double with 10 points and 10 rebounds. Also, Nikki had 10 points.Game two we continued to play well with the press working effectivly. We jumped to another quick start. Christine dominated the boards with 12 rebounds and Hannah had 18 points and Alley also with 10 points.Game 3 had us scoring 40 points in the first half with a balanced offensive attack. Hannah 19 and Nikki chipped in 10. Game 4 the Championship game maybe had us playing our best all weekend as we crushed a very good team for the win. Hannah 27 points Nikki 12 and Lindsey controlled the boards with 10.

9th Grade Green was on the short side of all three games losing all three by a combined point total of 11. With the team split of half 8th grade and half 9th grade we competed very well. All games could have went either way. Garris had a double double with 10 and 10. Maddie had a good weekend chipping in 12 against the Hornets. Game two had Garris with 13 rebounds. Game three had Garris again dominating the boards with 10. So all three games had Garris with over 10 rebounds for a great job.

AAU Hornet Shootout Tournament Co-MVP: Corey Caulder with an average of 19.34 points for the weekend, hitting a three pointer to send them into overtime after trailing the entire game and winning by four against the Carolina Jazz. Corey had 25 points in that game vs the Jazz. She also averaged 3 steals and 4 rebounds per game for the tournament.
Honorable mention goes to Katelyn Powell with two games scoring 13 and 18 and Allie Stasky pulling down 11 rebounds.
AAU Hornets Tournament Co-MVP is Hannah Corbett averaging 20.75 points for four games and scoring 27 points in the Championship game. Honorable mention goes to Nikkie scoring double digits in two games with 12 points in the championship and 10 points in bracket play. Allie Tucker came through with two games in double digits scoring 10 points against and 8th grade team and 10 points in pool play. Christine Egede had 12 rebounds and Lyndsey Ellington pulled down 10 rebounds in the championship game.
Honorable mention for the 9th grade goes to Garris Grant with a double double with 10 points and 10 rebounds and 13 rebounds and 10 rebounds. Maddie Tucker scored 12 points against the SC Hornets.
Amber Campbell was the MVP for the high school team in the Palmetto State Classic averaging 25.75 points per game and scoring 35 in the Championship game. Honorable mention goes to Alyssa Kinsey with a double double in the Championship game with 14 points and 10 rebounds.


Congratulations to both the 8th grade and High School Girls for winning another tournament this year.

For the 8th grade it was the best basketball we have played all year as there were ten teams in the tournament and we dominated all four games. The scores will not do the other teams any justice however the four games we played were against pretty good teams who have probaly won their fair share of games this year. We were able to score big numbers this weekend and again were able to play some man to man defense also with us pressing and giving teams a fit on the defensive side of the ball.

The High School girls may have not had as many teams in their division however we had to beat a pretty high quality team twice. We had some big moments in some games where we would go on 10 to 12 points runs which enabled us to be up by as much as 25 in the championship game.
Tournament MVP was Hannah Corbett. Hannah had a big weekend leading the 8th grade team to another championship. She had a 33 point game along with a 26 point game and two games with 7 and 8 steals. Weekend totals
24 Point Average
6 Steals
4 Assist

Honorable Mention
McKenzie with two games of rebounds of 10 and 11
Caroline with 14 points and 9 rebounds in the finals
Amp with 13 points in the semi finals

Although we came up on the short end with our 9th grade white team against a very talented team in the Ballers, we were in a position for the game to go either way at the end. With a win over the Carolina Crusdaders who had us on the ropes late in the game, we found out we have a special team that did not quit and pulled a big win. Great job this weekend.

The 9th Grade green team played well all weekend with a nice win over a quality AAU team. Also, we played the 76ers to the end with this game in question the whole way. Nice Job.

High School Team went 2 and 1 and was eliminated by a point system. With three teams in a tie for advancement and only two spots available, the team with the highest margin of victory moved on. Tough way to get eliminated from tournament.
Our Standout player for this weekend was Katelyn Powell who earned the Most Valuable Player for the weekend. Katelyn stepped up in the big games this weekend by averaging over 20 points in those three games. Not only was her scoring on, but she was an overall player in the tournament with good ball handling skills and very aggressive play on the defensive side. Great job this weekend.

Honorable Mention to Caroline McQueeney and Garris Grant for a Double Double on the 8th Grade team. For the High School Team we had Michele Boykin with 25 points in a game and Rhetta Moore with 17 points in a game for the 7th grade. Nice job Stampede!


Congratulations to the 8th Grade girls for another tournament championship going 5-0 beating two 9th grade teams in the process.
We played very well with 4 of the 5 games in a running clock situation.

The Aiken Tournament Most Valuable Player was Alyssa Kinsey. She ended up with a Double Doubles in all 4 games we played. Also leading the way in the Finals with 20 points and 14 Rebounds.

Most Valuable Player:
Alyssa Kinsey averaged 16 points and 12 Rebounds a game

All Tournament Players:
Michelle Boykin averaged 21 points a game
Corey Caulder averaged 23 points a game
Katelyn Powell averaged 22 points a game
Caroline McQueeney averaged 14.5 points a game
Hannah Corbett averaged 11.5 points a game

High School Girls win another tournament. Going 4-0 in Aiken gives the High School girls thier second Title on this early year. This win also gives the girls an automatic bid to the AAU Nationals. Game one featured three girls in double digits Michelle 19 points 7 steals ,ZiZi 12 points ,Alyssa 12 points 10 rebounds for a double double. Game 2 Highlights were again Michelle leading the way with 19 points and Alyssa with another double double 13 points 10 rebounds. Game three had three girls with double digits Michelle 25 points Mary Harriett with 10 points and Alyssa with another double double 19 points 12 rebounds. Game four had us a little short handed with some players having to leave however we still had enough man power to pull off the championship game. Ayllsa finished with her forth double double of the weekend 20 points 14 rebounds and with Eden chipping in with 10 points for a solid performance to seal the game.

The 9th grade girls had thier first two games cancel from a forfiet. We were able to pick a game up against the Statesboro Swarm which was a good challenge as we fell down 8-0 in the first minutes of the game. However we were able to stay in the game and build a lead going into halftime by 11 points. We built the lead by as many as 20 in the second half but as we all know most leads in travel can quickly change as did this game did. With 50 seconds left we were up by 5 with Katelyn stepping to the line and sinking two foul shots to take a lead by seven. With a defensive stand we were able to hold off the team and pick up a win. We had two girls with 23 points a peice Katelyn and Corey. Game one in the Bracket had us against the best team in the tournament with the score tied at the end of three. The ball or shots did not go our way in the fourth with us coming up short by 13.

The 8th grade girls also had a forfeit to deal with. Then our first game was against a younger team that seen the Stampede again in a running clock situation. Even with the running clock we had Caroline ending up with 19 points. Game two brought us up against Palmetto Lightning which is a very good team and organization with a good fan following. We knew this would be the team we would need to beat to win this tournament. With both teams struggling to score thru out the first half we were sitting on a 13 to 11 lead at halftime. By the end of the game we were outplayed in most all areas. We ended up with 29 turn overs and only 4 steals so they protected the ball much better then we did. Also with 26 missed offensive shots we were able to only get 4 offensive rebounds for put backs. Of course with the amount of turn overs and the lack of second chance points we were not able to generate enough offense to win this game. This was a good learning expeirence for the girls as we know we have to play every possession harder then the oppenent to beat good teams. You will see a different attitude the next time we take the floor as I expect the girls to come out to prove something in the next tournament. Hannah with 14 points and Caroline with 10 points were the two who had double digets in this game.

Charleston Stampede update for the weekend of the Columbia Invitational AAU Tournament. Our 8th Grade girls went 4-0 winning the Championship game in big fashion. Three out of the four wins were over 25 points. With an average of 55 points per game with running clocks in three out of four games should speak loudly for the first tournament.

9th Grade Girls White Team had a record of 4-0 also. The highlight of this weekend was the win over 10th/11th Grade High School Team by 17 points. Nice win with our first Championship of this early year.

We also had our High School team at this tournament. We dominated first three games and was the team to beat. The Championship game was a back and forth game with us falling short at the end. We feel strongly this team will win some championships this year.

Our Most Valuable Player this weekend was off the High School Team. Congratulations to
Michelle Boykin.
26 Points Per Game
6 Steals Per Game
5 Rebounds Per Game
2.7 Assist Per Game

Our All Tournament team:
Katelyn Grisillo
Alyssa Kinsey
Corey Caulder
Katelyn Powell
Hannah Corbett
Caroline McQueeney

Go to Bulletin Board for steps to follow to register your girl for AAU.

Bishops Win 2A State Title
Perfect Season 28-0

Congratulations to Amber Campbell on a great season!
She is averaging:
27.2 points per game
8.2 Rebounds
5.4 Steals

SCISA Division 2 Regional Player of the Year.

Congratulations to Corey Caulder on a great season!
She is averaging:
17 points per game
5.5 Rebounds
4.5 Assists
3.7 Steals
To cap off her successful season, she was unanimously voted SCISA Division 1 Regional Player of the Year. Go Corey!

Follow your Stampede Players thru off season
Stampede High School Girls

Amber Campbell Northwoods Varsity
Amber Corbett Bishop England Varsity
Katelyn Grisillo Bishop England Varsity
Mary Harriett Moore Bishop England Varsity
Mia Kiernan Bishop England Varsity
Erin Artigues Bishop England Varsity
Michelle Boykin Bishop England Varsity
April Newton Bishop England Varsity
ZiZi Archambault Bishop England Varsity
Tinsley Hallman Wando Varsity
Ebony Ross North Carolina ATT
Colleen Lueng Converse College
Stacey Fairey John Hopkins University

Stampede 8th Grade Girls
Holly Foscolos Bishop England JV
Anna Marie Corder Bishop England JV
Maddie Tucker Bishop England JV
Gabby Pinillos Bishop England JV
Nicole Loftis Bishop England JV
Allie Staskey Wando Varsity
Corey Caulder PCA Varsity
Choral Linhart Academic Magnet
Jo Jo Tompkins Laing
Stampede 7th Grade Girls

Katelyn Powell Northwoods JV
Caroline McQueeney Northwoods JV
Hannah Corbett Blessed Sacrament 8th Grade
Anna Marie Penninger Blessed Sacrament 8th Grade
McKenzey Clarey Blessed Sacrament 8th Grade
Nikki Foscolos Blessed Sacrament 8th Grade
Erin Rose Christ our King 8th Grade
Ashley Burns Christ Our King 8th Grade
Beau Faith Porter Gaud Varsity
Rhetta Moore Christ Our King 7th Grade
Charleston Stampede High School Boys
KJ James Porter Gaud Varsity
Ty Solomon Charleston Collegiate Varsity
Dillon Corbett Bishop England Varsity
Griffin Herbert Bishop England Varsity
Tucker Moring First Baptist Varsity
Shaquille Richardson First Baptist Varsity
Dexter Doyle Ft. Dorchester Varsity
Alex Frasier Stall Varisity
J. T. Waters PCA Varsity
Johnny Birch St. Johns Varsity
Wesley Welborn Academic Magnet
Michael Preddy Porter Gaud Varsity
Ernest Heyward West Ashley Varsity

North Charleston Tournament

A recap of the three games we played today. We started the tournament against the North Charleston Sparks where we started out a little rusty from lack of practice time and only built a three point lead at halftime. With the girls warming up and a few adjustments we added to our lead by out scoring the Sparks by 23 in the second half. Great second half of basketball by the Stampede. Moving to the second game against an older and very good Hawks team we found our team down by as many as 10 in the first half and went into the first half down by 5. And then our shots started falling and we played a very solid second half where we outscored the Hawks by 19 to win the ball game by 14. Great job Stampede girls of getting mentally tough and not looking for excuses but just flat out playing the game to win. This led us into Sunday for the Championship game where we had to play the North Charleston Kings. We started this game on a 9-to zero run and never looked back as we only had two turn overs in the first half and we were playing well. Not much changed the second half as continued to play well and built on our lead by as many as 28 points. Great job on another tournament win.
Katelyn Powell CO MVP of the Peach Slam AAU Tournament
All Tournament Players selected for the Peach Slam AAU Tournament
Peach Slam AAU Tournament Summary

The Stampede Girls went into Atlanta and made a huge impact on the travel basketball circuit. We started out with our first game against an Addias sponsored program the Atlanta Celtics. A very well respected program and we came out and played our game and shocked everyone there with a convincing win. Game two was Saturday morning where we played the Geogia Elite. We were in a game for the first half as we were up 25 to 12. But the second half was probaly the best half of basketball we played this year by adding 44 points in one half to our total. We then moved to our third game where we had to play the Geogia Hoopstars who were the best all around team that we have seen this year. We fell down by as many as 17 in the first half and was down 14 at halftime. This is where we found out alot about our girls as instead of quitting and getting blowed out we brought the game to a 4 point deficit late in the contest. As the out come was not in our favor it did not take away from the fact that we have deveolped a group of winners. We did with the two wins make it to the finals where we again were faced with the huge challange of the Hoopstars. Though out this game we won over the fans and had everyone pulling for us to win. We were again in the game the whole way and fell short at the end however this out come does not in any way take away from the success we had at this tournament. I have already received an email from the director wanting us to come back and saying that we made a name for our program and we should be proud.The tournament coaches and the Director picks an All tournament team and the Stampede had several girls to make the team.

CO MVP of the tournament went to KATELYN POWELL
All Tournament Team Went To COREY CAULDER

All stats are posted under teams and rosters Chareleston Stampede AAU