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 California Indoor Football League /Arena Football  (Website Currently Under Cunstruction !!)

The "CIFL" Is a "Developmental Arena/Indoor League" designed to give athletes  (WR’s QB’s DB’s OL/DL) an opportunity to move into  other profrssional indoor leagues inluding AF1.


CIFL Action Week-4 Contests @ 1PM # 3 California Bulls (2-0) Vs # 4 Bay Area Fighting Islanders (1-2)....@ 3PM #1 Alameda County Knights (2-1) Vs # 2 Sacramento Brawlers (2-1).....@ 5PM # 5 Modesto Wildcats Vs Contra Costa Rams #6....You There…11327 Folsom Blvd Suite#120 Rancho Cordova, Ca (916) 638-4625 CIFL 2013

Can the California Bulls keep their undefeated season going this week facing a loaded Islander squad…Will The Wildcats Bounce Back and return to their previous top dog form against the Rams…Is this the week the Sacramento Brawlers show that they aim to climb to the #1 spot…and pull off another top dog upset…Or Do the Nights own the #1 spot the rest of the season. Things are getting interesting in the CIFL…Any Given Saturday!!


CIFL Week 4 Power Rankings

#1 Alameda County Knights 3-1  

#2 Bay Area Fighting Islanders 2-2

#3 Sacramento Brawlers 2-2

#4 California Bulls 2-1

#5 Modesto Wildcats 2-2



 Playoff Seedings are Determined by Power Rankings, & CIFL Standings

To Figure Out Playoff seedings you take your power number ranking plus your CFL Standings spot..add them together..then divide it by two..If you come up with a 3 and another team comes our a 3 then the team that gets the 3 is the the team that won the head to head matchup. #1 seed then comes off of their first round bye and plays the lowest semifinal seeded winner...The Number 2 Seed comes off of their first round bye and plays the Second semifinal winner...The winner of those two games shall face eachother for the CIFL Title, Trophy, and CHECK$$. All-Star Game is the Following Saturday.


The Modesto Wildcats stay undefeated at (6-0) After their 34-6 victory over the Alameda County Knights yesterday in Sacramento California. The Knights played A hard Fault game holding the Wildcats to their season-low 34 points. Modesto Wildcats defense is Playing incredible like they have been all season holding the Knights to only 6 points points Right around our season average. In the Wildcats 6 games only 30 points have been scored on them. The Wildcats Know defense wins championships. A championship is one of our Goals but Another important goal is getting players to a higher-level. Wildcats defenseive lineman James Reddey#52 Has a 3 day work out with the San Jose Sabercats this Wednesday they will be Paying for his travel and hotel for 3 days, I'm so proud of James, everyone wish him luck! 


Modesto wildcats #52 James Reddey Has his First practice of his 3 day try out with the AFL San Jose Sabercats today. James Got into San Jose yesterday where the Sabercats will be housing him for 3 days, he will be Jumping right into action like he has been there. He has 3 practices to show Coach Arbet live and direct What he can do on the football field. This is what it's all about opportunities everyone wish James luck!                      


I just got an call from James Reddey During my work out he said the first practice with the San Jose Sabercats went good he can't wait for the next One, Sabercats next practice is tomorrow morning at 8 AM


The CIFL Would like to welcome Mr. Rodney Bryant to our staff. Mr Bryant will serve as CIFL                            

Director Operations/Pro Player Personnel Director


 California Bulls Practice: Cordova Senior Activities Center In Rancho Cordova 6PM-8:00PM Thurs,Fri.. Bring Your fees to practice for game and Jersey $10/Game (916)-604-1598 

California Bulls 2014/CIFL


Week-1 Attendance was 150 + people.                        



Charles Howard (916)-604-1598


CIFL  (California Indoor  Football League)   July-Nov 2013


AFC Teams

Sacramento Brawlers

Alameda County Knights

Contra Costa Rams


NFC  Teams

California Bulls

Modesto Wildcats

Bay Area Fighting Islanders


CIFL Bylaws and league structure 


Top  2 Seeds Gets 1st Rd Bye


Winner Of Championship Receives All Profits and Proceeds Of Championship Game


3 Referees/Each Game


Trophies For Div Winners & League Champion


All Star Game At End Of The season   /  Leagues MVPS Off/Def


Owner/Team Fee: $550

Player Fees: $140/Season + Uniform Costs


Uniform Requirements: Matching  Jersey  &  Pants must Have Decals.

Players may not wear "Shorts" Must have complete gear or will not be allowed on the field


Game clock will start on time regardless of wether your team has arrived or is ready for play

it is up to each team owner to have his or her team ready by kickoff time.


Democratic Voting System on all league issues including Entry to League and  removal

from CIFL.


Roster Moves: Open Until Wk 5  2 IR Roster Spots 1 Playoff Roster Spots

Roster Maximum: 35-May Not exceed

Gameday Roster: 35-May Not exceed

Roster Minimum: 21-May be under at any time


Rules: AIFL/ 2 Players Can Be In Motion


Schedule: 10 Games + Playoffs & All-star Game


Pro Roster Exemptions: Team Does Not Lose Player Who Goes To Higher Level/Can Replace Player With Exemption. Roster Can Not Exceed 35 @ Any Time


Mandatory Film Xchange with opponent & Stats are due no later Than Wedn. 12AM



Players can be traded from one team to another. Team must pay CIFL a $50 Transaction fee.

(Payable to CIFL)


Once a player has been traded he can not be sent or traded back to original team. Team must carry the traded player for the remainder of the season.


Any Player added to a roster after week-2 must pay CIFL $25/ Roster Add Fee


If A Team Does Not or Can Not Play It Automatically becomes a Forfeit and results in a score of   28-0.

 Zero Tolerence on Fighting. 1st offense is a 1-10-Game suspension or suspension from CIFL      


Taunting will result in a 15-Yard unsportmanlike penalty.


Players may celebrate as a team or individually. "Showboating" is allowed as long as it is not directed at an opposing player or team.


Any racial slurs or use of negative ethnic phrases will relult in a warning and subsequent violation

will result in a 15-yard unsportsmanlike penalty.


 Players can be suspended for conduct detrimental to the league. This includes social media.


Must Be 18 Years Of Age To Participate


Actives & Inactives List Due : Thurs.


All Games played outside of "Metro City" venue carry a 25% Sir Charge on Gate & Concessions

(Paid to CIFL)


Venue Deposits Due: Each Tues.  by 6PM


Revenue Sharing: 25% to CIFL..Balance equally divided up among participating teams

(Each week)


California Indoor Football League /Arena Football 2013