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CIYSA Players Attend tryout's at Queens Park Rangers FC


 Coaches are often frustrated early in the season that players do not have the strength and stamina to execute specific drills and maintain physical and mental focus during practices, games and tournaments early in the season because their early season fitness does not match the demands of the practice and competition. The usual reaction to this is simply to have them run more in an effort to quickly increase their conditioning but this quick-fix approach does not address athletic development and does not tie the conditioning level directly to the development of the sport skills.


Central Island Youth Soccer Academy is now offering a Soccer specific fitness program:


Insure that your players are getting a full fitness program once a week and freeing up practice times to focus on team development, dynamic’s and set plays.

Don’t waste valuable practice time running laps or wind sprints trying to get your players into game shape.

This session will be a challenge to any and all players; focus will be on both aerobic and anaerobic conditioning.

Sessions will be done with and without a ball to make them soccer specific.


Checkout the "importance of Fitness" article under headlines top right of page.


CIYSA Spring/Summer Sessions for 2016 


AcAcademy Training U13 – U20 Boys and Girls

 Session – April 18th, 2016 - June 27th, 2016

 -          Mondays 5.30 - 7.00pm at Second Turf - $135.00

-       Tots:

3 - 5 yr olds from 5.30pm - 6.15pm Second Turf - $60.00

6 - 8 yr olds from 6.15pm - 7pm Second Turf - $60.00

4.       --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Mail Registration forms and payment to:

Central Island Youth Soccer Academy

1568 College Dr, Nanaimo, V9R 7A7


Printable registration forms online.

Please feel free to email us if you have any questions


Central Island Youth Soccer Academy Inc

Primary objective of Central Island youth Soccer Academy Inc.

To promote and foster the development of superior soccer skills for youth players.

The Academy will focus on individual skills as well as strategic team play. Participants will be taught respect for the game, its rules and Officials. Participants will be required to abide by the principles and regulations of the bodies governing soccer in B.C. including FIFA, the CSA and BCSA.

Player development:

The Academy will follow, where possible, the long term player development plan outlined in the Wellness to World Cup document. The Academy will concentrate on quality practice sessions with a high practice to game ratio.


The Academy will not participate in league nor provincial cup play. The Academy will participate in games with other academies and in tournaments to test and reinforce the skills we have practiced. The Academy will focus on performance and progress rather than results.


All coaches will have annual criminal record checks in keeping with BCSA policy. Continuing education for coaches will be promoted and sponsored.