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Spring Soccer!
     Returning players from the Fall season 2016 $60.00
     Others  $80.00. 
     on eayso.org to open Dec 1st
     (returning players click on Other programs to sign up for the $60.00)
Walk ins are at Chaparral Jan 26th and 27th 6pm to 8:30pm,
guarantee placement ends Feb.4th
Practices can start March 1st,  
Games start March 18th end May 20th 2017.
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Playoffs Begin This Saturday!


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U10: 20 minute halves in pool play, Quarter Finals
         25 minute halves in semis and finals.
U12: 25 minute halves in pool play
        30 minute halves in semis and finals
U14: 35 minute halves in pool play
         35 minute halves in semis and finals.


Points are awarded as follows:


6 points for a win

3 points for a tie

1 point for each goal up to 3 goals

1 extra point for a shut out*

-1 ejection (player, coach, spectator)

*No shut out points for a 0-0 tie

*Forfeit is scored 1-0 for 7 points


Each team will play the other teams in its pool and the winner of the pool will be decided by total points earned. In the event a tournament division has an insufficient number of pool winners to conduct the semifinals or finals, any additional team(s) may be chosen by a process specified prior to the start of the tournament.


Tiebreakers for pool play will be determined as follows:


Head to head

Goals scored against

Goals scored for (up to 3 goals per game)

Head to head – League play

Total Points – League play




Should a tie exist at the end of regulation play, two 5 minute overtime periods will follow.

There will be a 5 minute break at which time a coin toss, as done at the beginning of the game, will be used to start overtime. At the end of the first 5 minute period there shall be no break. Teams just switch sides. There are no substitutions during the overtime period except in the case of injury. The coach may play someone in goal even


though they were goalie during the game. There will be no golden goal. Whichever team is winning at the end of the second 5 minute period becomes the winner. Should a tie still exist at the end of the overtime periods, a "shootout" will determine the winner.