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 KEYS for Soldiers


The Clarksburg KEYS Travel Baseball Team is helping to make sure that the community remembers our Soldiers this Memorial Day.   The Soldier sacrifices everything while the KEYS play baseball and spend time with Family.   When a Soldier is overseas, the Soldier's family is missing a Mother, a Father, a Brother, a Sister, a Husband or a Wife.   The KEYS want to make a difference.   They are sending a message to Soldiers and the Soldier's Family of their appreciation and to say “THANK  YOU !”. 

The Yellow Ribbon symbolizes “Support for Soldiers”  and  “Come Home Safely to your Family”.   The KEYS have asked their Coaches if they could put up 150,000 Yellow Ribbons, one for each Soldier that is overseas.   Instead, the KEYS have hung 1500 Yellow Ribbons on the trees and fences surrounding Ovid Hazen Park, their home field in Clarksburg, Maryland.     

You can also make a difference.   You can send a message to Soldiers and help reach the KEYS goal of $5000 to the Wounded Warrior Project by going to:


Coming to Clarksburg, July 12th and 13th

The KEYS for Soldiers Baseball Tournament.

15 teams from around Maryland play baseball all day Saturday and Sunday to support the Wounded Warrior Project.


Come out and see the Championship games on Sunday, July 13th at 4:30 pm at Ovid Hazen Park.   It's the most competitive baseball in town!   

** See the game schedule at the bottom of this page **

Prior to the championship games at 4:00 pm, the KEYS will host a short ceromony honoring our Soldiers.   Also look out for a special treat from the Rocky Hill Middle School Choral Group.  Bring an American flag to wave.   If someone puts an old Army boot in front of you, please put a $1.00 in it, it will help a Soldier.  

See our list of Soldiers and Heroes:  

Read about the KEYS in the Gazette:


For more information about the Clarksburg KEYS, please email


  The KEYS are a member of the Clarksburg Baseball/Softball Family




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