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  • 16u Columbia Hoyas are winners of the Rocky Top Spring Showcase
  • 15u Columbia Hoyas are winners of the Rocky Top Spring Showcase

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16U Columbia Hoyas 2017 Hoya Hoopfest Tip Off Runner Ups

March 26, 2017


15u Columbia Hoyas wins the Hoya Fest Tip Off

March 26, 2017

The 15u Columbia Hoyas wins the 2017 Hoya Fest Tip Off this weekend.  We started out slow our first game against CC Force with a 76-68 lost.  We were led by Jarvis McClurkin with 15pts & 8rebs, AJ Knight added 13pts & 4assts, Robert Rodgers chipped in with 12pts & 5rebs, and Jay Wise also had 9pts & 10rebs.  It was a great team effort.  2nd game was a better outcome against the Bluffton Bulls with 58-44 win.  We were led by AJ Knight 16pts, 3stls & 4assts, JonAntheny Washington added 8pts.  Playoff Game against Bluffton Bulls was a win for the Hoyas 56-43.  Jarvis McClurkin led the team with 21pts & 8rebs, Jayden Sweetenburg added 12pts & 7rebs, AJ Knight 8pts, 5rebs & 4assts, and Jay Wise chipped in with 5pts, 3blks & 9rebs.  Championship Game was a rematch with CC Force was Friday night and started out on fire from the 3pt line.  We won the game running away 69-48 and were led by Jarvis McClurkin with 28pts & 9rebs, Jayden Sweetenburg added 17pts & 7rebs, and AJ Knight chipped in with 9pts & 9assts.  The Hoyas are coming together as a team this weekend.  I am looking forward to great year.  GO HOYAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

April 9, 2017

The 15u Columbia Hoyas wins the 2017 Rocky Top Spring Classic in Gatlinburg, TN.  We started off with tough opponent on Saturday against Big Time Bulldogs.  Aj Knight hit a 3 pointer at the buzzer to win a double overtime game.  We were led by Zion Jamison (1st game as a Hoya) with 12pts, Jarvis McClurkin added a double double with 10pts & 10rebs, and Jayden Sweetenburg chipped in with 6pts & 9rebs.  The 2nd game was a little easier against the SC Phenoms due 10-13 behind the 3pt line.  We were led by Jayden Sweetenburg with 17pts, Aj Knight added 16pts & 4assts, Darren Maharajh chipped in with 10pts & 3stls and JonAntheny had 9pts to add to a stellar performance by DEM HOYAS.  The playoff game pitted us against the Big Time Bulldogs (which wanted revenge from the earlier lost) and we squeak out another victory 55-50.  We were led by AJ Knight with 17pts, 6rebs & 5assts, Jarvis McClurkin added 12pts & 7rebs, and Darren Maharajh chipped in 10pts & 3assts.  The Championship Game was against Richmond Heat and it was a good one.  We won 39-36 and were led by AJ Knight again with 15pts, 6rebs & 3stls and JoAntheny Washington chipped in with 8pts.  Jay Wise lead the team in rebounding 25 total & 10 blks.

16u Columbia Hoyas 2017 Rocky Top Spring Showcase Champs

April 9, 2017

The 16u Columbia Hoyas wins the Rocky Top Spring Showcase in Gatlinburg, TN. We kicked off the tournament with an impressive win against East Tenn Revelation 65-49.  We were led by Marlow Gilmore Jr with 16pts, 11rebs & 7 blks, Max Holland chipped in 11pts & Jon Hall added 10pts.  Our next game was against Knoxville Wolfpack with another convincing win at 53-32.  We were led by Marlow Gilmore Jr with 12pts & 10rebs and Isaiah Wright added 6pts & 10rebs.  The Championship Game was against the Metro Wolves on Sunday.  We started out great defensively and cruise to victory with 43-23 win.  We were led by Keonte Gregg with 18pts and Thomas Tyler added 11pts.  Great Job this weekend HOYAS!  I have to give a shout out too my parents as well.  GO HOYAS!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


The 15u Columbia Hoyas flew to Las Vegas with a purpose in mind to win it all.  This was the biggest trip for our kids, parents, and coaches.  We kicked off the tournament against the host team 15u Jam on It.  We won 59-55 and were lead by Keonte Gregg with 25pts and Marlow Gilmore Jr chipped in with 22pts & 11rebs.  This game went by and forth all game long.  The key play in the game was Kameren Stewart taking a charge to win the game for us.  It was great to get the first win under our belt.  Great team effort by everyone!!

The 2nd game we played AG Elite and won 56-21 and were led by Keonte Gregg with 17pts, 4stls, 5asst, and Marlow Gilmore JR added 16pts & 10rebs.  The defense played well this game as a team.  I was very pleased with the overall effort of this game.

The 3rd game was against Texas Tigers in bracket play.  We won 55-32 and were led by Thomas Tyler 15pts, Marlow Gilmore JR added 12pts, 19rebs, 4stls, and Keonte Gregg chipped in 12pts.  Our defense won this game.  They were all over place on defense and just pleased with the effort from my bench players.

Championship Game was against Holiday Elite and we won 67-56.  We were led by Keonte Gregg with 19pts, Jonathan Hall added 16pts, Marlow Gilmore JR chipped in 13pts & 12rebs to win a big game for our program.  Even though my other players did not score a lot of points this weekend, but they were major factors in this championship for the Hoyas.  I want to give a shout out to Isaiah Wright ( avg 5 rebs per game), Miles Greene (Defensive Stopper on there best player), Max Holland (contributed 7pts & 6rebs in championship game), Kameren Stewart (Does all the little things to help the team win), and Thomas Tyler ( 3pt specialist) .  Thank you for your hard work and determination to win 15U Columbia Hoyas!!!!!!!!!

My parents I cannot express how thankful I am to have you guys in my corner.  It has been a great ride so far over the years.  I want to give a shout out to my parents that have been with for a long time Theresa & Robert Holland (5yrs), Stacy & Tarence Tyler (5yrs),  Shondala & Mike Hall (4yrs), and Kathy Stewart (2yrs).


May 29, 2016


The Columbia Hoyas 15u team did not waste anytime getting back on the floor to claim 6th Annual Hoyas Invitational trophy this year.  We were just in Aiken, SC on May 14-15, 2016 taking care of business.  We kicked off our tournament on Friday night against Lake Murray Flight with a 66-53 win.  We were led by Jonathan Hall with 16pts, Marlow Gilmore Jr 13pts & 10rebs, Max Holland added 10pts & 8rebs, and Isaiah Wright chipped in with 7pts & 8rebs.  We were trailing most of the game until 2nd half and turned up the defensive pressure to close the game out.  On Saturday, we played Charlotte Jets and won 65-46.  We were led by Keonte Gregg & Marlow Gilmore Jr with 16pts & 8rebs, Jonathan Hall added 12pts, and Thomas Tyler chipped in with 9pts. .  Hoyas started Sunday off as the number 1 seed and was facing the Charlotte Jets team in the semi-finals and I know they want some revenge.  We started out flat and the Jets took advantage of our slow play and were leading at the half by 2pts.  The Hoyas regrouped and turned up the defensive pressure to win 54-50 and were led by Keonte Gregg 20pts & 12rebs, Jonathan Hall 15pts, and Marlow Gilmore Jr 13pts & 10rebs.  The Championship Game was classic battle between two teams that know each other pretty well.  The games was a close game that ending up going into overtime with the Hoyas pulling it out with a 71-61 win.  We were led by Marlow Gilmore Jr 25pts & 18rebs, Jonathan Hall 24pts & 4stls, Keonte Gregg 13pts, and Isaiah Wright adding 7pts & 5rebs.  This was a great team effort by the entire team.  It has been a great ride so far. Keep up the hard work!  GOOOO HOOYYAASS!!!!!



2016 9th Columbia Hoyas USBA War in the Garden IV CHAMPS

May 15, 2016


The 15u Columbia Hoyas went into Aiken, SC this past weekend to claim rights to the War in the Garden IV Championship.  The Hoyas started play on Saturday, May 14, 2016 against Atlanta Celtics.  We won the game 55-29 and were lead by Keonte Gregg 13pts, 5 stls & 6 asst, Thomas Tyler with 10pts, and Jonathan Hall & Marlow Gilmore with 8pts each.  This was a great team effort by the entire Hoya team.

The 2nd game was against the host team Aiken Warriors and beat them 81-53.  We were lead by Keonte Gregg with 27pts & 3asst, Marlow Gilmore 24pts , 7rebs, 4 dunks, and Jonathan Hall with 19pts and nice dunk on top of player.  Isaiah Wright chipped in with 6pts & 7rebs.  I really enjoyed this game, because USCA Head Men Basketball Coach Mark Vanderslice was in the house watching my players.

The semi-final game was against Elite 2020.  We won 65-40 and were lead by Keonte Gregg with 28pts, 3stls, 3asst, Jonathan Hall chipped in with 12pts & 4rebs, and Max Holland added 8pts.  The defensive performance was outstanding by everyone of my players.


The Championship Game was against the #1 team in the State of South Carolina the SC Ballers Elite.  We beat them 77-71 and were up by 17pts at one point in the game.  We were lead by Jonathan Hall with 28pts, Marlow Gilmore & Thomas Tyler chipped in with 11pts each, Isaiah Wright had 8pts & Max Holland added 7pts & 12rebs.  Great Team effort!!!!  GO HOYAS!!!!!


The Hoyas are rolling right now, we are 8-1 the last two tournaments and looking forward to continue our success for the upcoming tournament on May 27-29, 2016 (6th Annual Hoyas Invitational).

April 25, 2016


The 15u Columbia Hoyas were taking a road trip to Greensboro, NC to play in a College Exposure Event.  We started play on Friday night against a good NC Spartans team and won 84-69.  We were led by Marlow Gilmore Jr. with 27 pts. & 9rebs, Keonte Gregg added 24 pts., 5 asst & 7rebs, Jonathan Hall chipped in with 15 pts, 5 asst, 6rebs.  The team came out ready to play tonight.  We had a chip on our shoulders on the defensive side of the ball.  I was very pleased with the team effort tonight.

Game 2 - The Upward Stars Corn 15u was our next opponent on Saturday morning.  We won 66-52 and were led by Keonte Gregg with 21pts, Marlow Gilmore Jr. added 19pts, 4blks, 7rebs, and Jonathan Hall chipped in with 17pts.  Another great performance by the Big 3 and Mob Squad.  I have 8 total players and all contribute differently to allow the team to win vie scoring, rebounding, boxing out, hard fouls, toughness, and just all out defensive effort.  I am so proud of my Mob Squad and allowing the Big 3 to carry us offensively this year.


Game 3 - The Team 1 on 1 Elite was the best team in the tournament I thought.  They gave us fits all game long, but we pulled it out by winning 46-40 and our unsung hero was Kameren Stewart with his defensive effort.  He changed the outcome of the game by taking a couple of charges and scored 4pts down the stretch.  We were lead by Jonathan Hall with 17pts and Marlow Gilmore Jr. added 12pts & 8rebs.  This game decided our fate in moving on to Sunday, by winning this game allowed us to win our pool.  Great Job again my Mighty Hoyas!!!

Game 4 - Playoff Time - Our Semi-Final Game was against Cross-Over Randolph team and they had some shooters.  They would spread you out and spot those 3-point shooters up ready to fire.  The Big 3 and Mob Squad was ready for them and it showed with a 72-55 win.  We were lead by Max Holland with 14pts & 9rebs, Keonte Gregg added 17pts, 3stls, 4rebs, Jonathan Hall chipped in with 14pts, and Marlow Gilmore Jr had quiet 12pts, 5blks & 7rebs.  I cannot express it enough about this team will to win.  GO HOYAS!!!!

Game 5 - CHAMPIONSHIP GAME was against Team Cobras and had no time to rest.  Soon after we won the semi-final game we had to rush to a different court to play the championship game.  NO EXCUSES MADE!  Bring it on and were down at the half 34-23.  2nd half we brought our a game and took the lead by 6 with less than 2 minutes left.  When I tell I still don't know what happen to us in that 2 minute stretch that caused us to lose 65-60.  GO FIGURE!  We were lead by Marlow Gilmore Jr. with 23pts & 9rebs, Keonte Gregg added 22pts & 5stls, and Jonathan Hall chipped in 11pts as well.  I don't give my son enough praise, but he does all the dirty work for the team.  For example, he rebounds, box out to allow other teammates to get the rebound, scores when needed, one of our better passer on the team, and like my assist coach has a nick name for him THE HYBID.

In conclusion of having a great weekend, I want to take the time to give my parents all the praise in allowing me to coach their kids, teach them life lessons, and be role model as well.  GOOOOO HOYASSSSS!


17u Columbia Hoyas wins the Warriors House Pre-Nationals Invitational

June 8, 2014

The 17u Columbia Hoyas are on a roll of late.  The hoyas have won three tournaments in a row.  This past weekend the hoyas beat AMC Raptures 59-54 to win the Warriors House Pre-Nationals Invitational.

4th Annual Hoyas Invitational was a success for the Hoyas Teams

June 1, 2014


It was a great weekend for the Hoyas camp.  We had a total of 42 teams signed up for the 4th Annual Hoyas Invitational and my 17u, 13u, and 12u won there age divisions.  The 14u team finished 2nd to the SC Knicks.  I want to take this time out to thank my coaches, players, parents, and my sponsors as well.  I am looking forward to an even better tournament on May 29-31, 2015.  GO HOYAS!!!!!!!

15u Lady Hoyas wins there tournament in Atlanta, GA

13u Columbia Hoyas finished 2nd Place

April 19, 2014

The hoyas had another great performance this weekend.  We participated in one day tournament in Charlotte, NC.  We should have won the tournament.  We gave the game away to CC Force 71-69 in overtime.  We missed 22 free thhrows and had 27 turnovers in the game.  I take my hat off to CC Force they did not quit, they applied enough pressure on us to win the game.  We are 8-3 since first tournament, So keeping grinding Hoyas.  GO HOYAS!!!!!

13u Columbia Hoyas are Runner Ups in Tobacco Road Tournament

April 13, 2014

The hoyas had a great time in Greensboro, NC.  We finished 4-1 and lost to the SC Hawks in the championship game.  Since the first tournament we are 6-2 and playing so much better overall.  I am proud of there growth individual and as a team.  Keep working hard hoyas!!  GO HOYAS!!!

Coaches needed for the 2014 Season

We are looking for dedicated coaches, men and women to join our organization to coach boys and girls basketball. We are growing each year and there is a need for more coaches. Individuals wanting to be a part of the Columbia Hoyas need to be able to pass the criminal background check.

If you are interested, please email Terry Wright at TLW33@BELLSOUTH.NET.

4th Annual Hoyas Invitational Tournament Schedule

2015 Columbia Hoyas - Fly with the Force Tournament

March 13, 2015


14U Columbia Hoyas kicked off the season with a Runner-Up finish against the SC Heat.  We played well all weekend against some good competition.  Our first opponent was against CC Force n Friday night.  We won 60-33, were led by Jon Hall with 19pts & 6 asst, Thomas Tyler chipped in 18pts, and Bandon Wilson closed out the deal with 10pts & 9 reb.  The 2nd game we played against a upbeat Sumter Rockets team that kicked our butt 57-49.  We came out flat and could never catch up and make a game out of it.  Playoff run begin with a win over SC Hornets 51-47, were led by Brandon Wilson with 20pts & 12 rebs and Jon Hall chipped in with 11pts.  Championship Game was against SC Heat.  We lost 49-40, were lead by Brandon Wilson with 16pts & 11 rebs and Thomas Tyler chipped in with 9pts.

13U Columbia Hoyas had a great weekend as well.  The finished off the tournament with a 2-1 record.  The first game was against SC Hornets on Friday.  We won 55-31, were led by Tyrik McDaniel with 16pts & 8 rebs, Jarell McCray 12pts & 11 rebs, and Darren Maharajh chipped in with 9pts.  The 2nd opponent was against the host team CC Force on Saturday morning.  We led by Jarvis McClurkin with 15pts & 10 rebs, Jarell McCray 8pts & 24 rebs, Elijah Lewis 10pts, and Tyrik McDaniel chipped in with 9pts & 8 rebs.  That was a team effort win by the Hoyas.  That put them in to the payoffs against CBC Elite.  That was a tough lost for the Hoyas 65-51.  We led by Jarell McCray with 12pts & 17 rebs and Tyrik McDaniel 11pts.

I am so proud of the support from my Columbia Hoyas fans, coaches, players, and sponsors.  Thank you for a great weekend!  GO HOYAS!!!!!!!

2015 Columbia Hoyas Players

March 1, 2015

Columbia Hoyas 13u Players

JonAntheny Washington is our only returning player from last year's 22-3 Team and we have added 8 new additional players.  Starting with Tyrik McDaniel, Khalil McDaniel, Darren Maharajh, Christian Jamison, Jarvis McClurkin, Jarell McCray, Elijah Lewis, and Justin Harts.  The coaching staff is lead by Stevan Bowden, 1st year coach Russell Lewis, and Bench Personnel Tami Washington.  I am looking forward to great season this year.

Columbia Hoyas 14u Players

This year's team has a lot of new players mixed with veteran players that can help get us over the hump this upcoming season.  My returning players are Isaiah Wright, Jonathan Hall, Thomas Tyler, Brandon Wilson, Joe Suber, Chris Gardner, Max Holland, and my new players are Miles Greene, Kameren Stewart, Zac Spain, Oka Emmanwori.  My coaching staff consist of Terry Wright, Carmen Wright, Chris Gardner, Robert Holland, and Bench Personnel Theresa Holland & Shonda Hall.